Elderflame Trailer: Excitement, Fun, And Exhilaration Galore 


Did you see the Elderflame trailer revealed by Riot Games? In the fantastic trailer, you can see how a weapon will turn into a dragon. It is a visually stunning game; that shows the transformation of a weapon into a beastly dragon. The launch of the trailer has created a boom in many social media portals. Many of them have already expressed their views regarding the trailer, and each of the reviews will explain how happy they are after watching the trailer. 

Get excited to experience the surprises


Like any other Valorant’s gaming trailer, Elderflame also comes with various updates that can be unlocked one after the other. It is an elaborate game and is quite complicated, and the upgrades include different sound effects, new animations, etc. It looks pretty intense, and while unlocking the update, you will come across a lot of surprises. Each of them is exceptionally different from one another, and all the operators, Frenzy, Judge, Vandal, knife, have their dragon weapon.

An innovative game

The game is unique and quite different from the previous ones and has a lot of features. It gives a new feel and is pretty creative. It’s quite obvious that you haven’t come across such games earlier. Valorant has raised the bar this time after launching the Elderflame trailer. In the trailer, you can see how they have incorporated MMORPG elements in an FPS PVP. It is not easy to create such an innovative game, but Riot games have done it brilliantly. The sheer magnificent weapon with the beautiful new characters has successfully stolen everyone’s attention.

Where is the trigger?

Everyone has their viewpoint regarding the trailer, but one point asked by many of them is about the location of the trigger. If you watched the previous version, you might understand what trigger means? But the new feature of a weapon turning into a dragon is pretty cool, and the knife of Elderflame is the cherry on the top. The popularity of the game is increasing because of all such surprising features.

Unique features

The new dragon-themed game has high dynamic effects, and it is Valorant’s first Ultra skin. The bundle has one knife with four gun skins, which is a perfect weapon. It is an ideal weapon for all the Phoenix mains present there, and every skin has a unique feature to reveal. The black-scaled fire dragon is created in an appealing manner that looks real. It is a truly fantastic work done by Valorant, making it amazing for the players. The new skin bundle also shows a lot of animation effects while reloading by the user. Surprisingly, even the knife also has some fire particles. The dragon destroys the enemy after the player makes a round-end kill. 

Dynamic cosmetics

The team of Valorant has tried their level best to bring a new touch in their game by including the dynamic cosmetics. Many of them seem quite happy watching the trailer as it serves the need of a player. The tiny details of the game make it more interesting for players to unlock a new update. Like any other game, Call of Duty or PUBG, Elderflame is not the same. The dragon or a weapon breathes fire, and it is the first “Ultra-Edition” skin. It has awakened a fire within the youth, and many of them also feel that it looks like a lizard.

The ultimate edition!


Valiant has also revealed different skin versions previously, but the first ultra-skin weapon turned dragon grabs a new clip. It shows how Valorant is trying its best to develop high-end cosmetics to keep the players or users entertained. The ultimate edition looks dramatic and is over the top. The animated dragon is created exceptionally well, and all thanks to Valiant. The ferocious dragon can spike fire to defuse your enemy. It looks like they are alive and giving a pretty look. Interestingly, each weapon has a different firing sound you won’t believe that the dragons can also spread their wings. 

Beautifully designed

They are designed in a detailed manner and look clean. It looks like an original dragon, and it is referred to as “competitive integrity”. This dragon will help you win your game, and you will be astonished to see how beautifully you can unlock each update. At the same time, the living dragons look like a usual weapon so that players do not feel difficulty identifying it. Elderflame trailer challenges everyone to come and play the game and know more about it. You will be thrilled to see what each upgrade has to offer, which is pretty challenging.

An authentic look

The team has tried their best to come up with something that has never been featured till now. They have also gone through a lot of trial and error to ensure that no one dislikes it, and also everything looks authentic. Extensive testing was also performed to ensure nothing is wrong. 

It would have been quite heartbreaking if players had not loved the trailer. But the reaction the audience showed to the trailer was amazing. Even after days of the trailer launch, a section of the people are still talking about the Elderflame. It encouraged Valorant, and they are ready to come up with something more unique in the future. With that, the players or the audience will be more excited for the new version. Till then, you can enjoy unlocking Elderflame. 

Watch the trailer!

Did you watch the Elderflame trailer, yet? Do you wish to purchase the game? If so, you can get it from any game store. It might seem that the price is a bit expensive, but the experience cannot be compared with the price. Once you purchase it, you will be satisfied to pay such an amount. The animation effect, the weapon turning into a dragon, the knife spiking fire are a few things to explore. To experience more, you need to easily purchase and complete all the complicated level with the dragon. To experience the thrilling effect, do not forget to take a look at the trailer, though!


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