Flaunt Your Wealth With The Use of These Emojis

Cutest Emoji

We all know that there are times where we have something new that we just bought, and there is an urge inside of us where we would like everyone to know about emoji. Or maybe not everyone but some of the people you wanted to show with that thing you just bought.

Here are some examples of the Emojis you can use whenever that time happens. These examples are the top 3 Emojis that are being used all over the world. If you are interested in knowing them or having something to show off and want to make sure what is the best Emoji to use, this will genuinely help you. 

The Gem Stone Emoji

This is one example of an Emoji you can use whenever you feel like flaunting. The GemStone Emoji, mostly known as the diamond emoji, is a precious gem that is most commonly used in jewelry. It radiates a beautiful sight, and if you have a diamond in your jewelry, this only means one thing. Luxury. 

The diamond emoji embodies wealth and luxury. This means it is also being used by people to express and show how expensive their items are. Though it is not as rare as other stones, this is the most classy and dangling looking one. You can genuinely say that diamonds are forever. 

Put a Ring on it

Another example of an Emoji you can use is the Ring Emoji since it symbolizes infinity and endlessness. The ring is an emblem of loyal companionship. If you topped it up with the GemStone Emoji, this Emoji would become associated with proposals, engagement, and married life. 

This is the most commonly used Emoji of women who are newly engaged or men planning to propose emphasizing and boasting how much this is worth whenever they post it since it will most likely cost a fortune, especially when it is partnered with a big diamond.

A Crown for a King/Queen Emoji

Third of the most commonly used Emoji by people flaunting their wealth and riches is the Crown Emoji. Since it represents Royalty, we all know that all Royal Families have the craziest means in the world. Even before, in the old days, all Kings and Queens and Royal Families are being bowed down and respected due to their power and wealth.

This means you can use the Crown Emoji whenever you feel like the ruler of the world with the item that you just bought due to its beauty or how much you paid for it. We will always have that weird feeling of satisfaction whenever we buy something expensive, and other people acknowledge them.

Nowadays, crowns are not as common as we think since there are only a few countries left under the Monarchy system. But, there are still many people buying them for design or collection purposes, especially those decorated with a lot of precious stones. 


Most people like all the attention to be put on them. But if you are just a person who happens to buy a unique and expensive item or if the love of your life gives them as a gift and you wanted to let some people know, make sure to use one of these Emojis on the caption of your post to emphasize and highlight how beautiful they are.


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