Get To Know About The Farthest Throw From Giant Tower That Wins

The Farthest Throw

Dude Perfect is one of those popular Youtube channels that is known for its crazy challenges. Each of their videos gain millions of views and likes from all their subscribers and fans. In their latest video, the guys from the Dude Perfect posted a video on their Youtube channel about the farthest throw, from a giant tower in COTA (Circuit of the Americas). The members of Dude Perfect challenged each other to see who can throw their plane the furthest. 

Things you need to know about the competition

The Farthest Throw

The competition took place in Austin, Texas and their Farthest throw video gained over 24-million views within 24-hours. Everything starts when the members start explaining about their ultimate glider battle, while they stand on the top tier of the COTA, where they will be flying their planes to test who goes the farthest. The wind is minimal, and they revealed their excitement about conducting this particular competition. The rules of the competition are pretty simple, the farthest toss from the tower is the winner. The members are equipped with their range finder that will help in measuring the range of the plane on how much far did it travel.

Experimenting with various types of plane

Before the members of Dude Perfect started their challenge, they tested out several types of planes first, which can travel well when released from the tower. To win the Farthest throw competition, each of the members started to build and create various types of homemade planes from paper, plastics, tin, and even garbage bags. The testing was pretty crazy, as they set a record of destroying numerous planes made from different materials. But the experiment was worth as they found the materials to make their plane that will fly well during the competition.

The beginning of the competition

The first challenger is all set to release his plane for the Farthest throw challenge and once the plane was released, it flew pretty far than they expected. All the members were screaming and shouting with excitement as the plane kept flying further and further. And, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them. There was a moment, where they thought it was all over, but it was not the case. The plane kept flying and circled over one of the areas and then finally landed in 370 yards and that’s a huge record. The members cannot believe it but it is a good way to start a competition.

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Farthest throw: Round 2

Once a record was set by one of the members for the Farthest throw, the next member has to break that particular record. This means he needs to make sure that his plane lands beyond 370 yards. This is the first recorded distance. The wind was pretty strong and the next competitor had a lot of confidence that his plane will beat the first record. Once he released his plane it started to fly well and changed some directions and started to fly furthermore. Just when the members thought that it will be at the first record, it bumped into one of the huge gates that surround the COTA and landed in just 352 yards. He thought that the plane will fly much further but it just stopped abruptly. 

Round three begins!

For the 3rd round, another member was all geared up to gain the first place as the ultimate Farthest throw winner, and without wasting any more time he started with the challenge. As the plane started to fly, the guys couldn’t believe it, the plane traveled way further and simply broke the record as if it was a piece of cake. As it beat the record of 370 and 352 yards, the plane kept flying further away. The members were amazed and if you watch the video, you will be surprised as well. The record was incredible as the plane landed in 490 yards, and it is like a third of a mile. Now that’s what is called competition and it was pretty amazing. 

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The 4th competitor

As the guys kept taking turns to release their planes for the Farthest throw challenge, the competition started to become pretty tough. The next competition was so confident that his lane will fly over 500 yards. He declared it before even releasing and being overconfident will lead you to nowhere and that’s what exactly happened. He released his plane with full force but rather than flying in a distance it went straight down. The funny thing was, it kept turning and tossing as it went further down right into the ground. The competitor was pretty disappointed but the entire situation was funny. The record was 36 yards.

The final challenger

The Farthest Throw

Now, it’s time for the final challenge, the fifth competitor is ready and fired up to fly his plane. The plane looked in a good condition with the ability to beat the 490 yards record. But everything depended on the plane and the wind. As he launches the plane, it started flying but everyone thought it will not go any further. To their surprise, the plane went higher into the air and started to fly further. Some of the members even said it will land on the road. And many of them said it will go much further than that. Finally, it landed after setting a record of 667 yards, which is almost half a mile.

Final words

So, the competition ended and the members from the Dude Perfect Youtube channel did have a winner. It was the fifth competitor, to set a record of 667 yards, and it was incredible. The challenge was complete and there’s no doubt that viewers enjoyed the video to the hilt. The entire video was exciting, thrilling, and fun to watch. If you are interested to watch this particular video, you can take a look at it on their Youtube channel and stay in touch for more challenges and competitions! The regular updates on their channel will bring great excitement for avid viewers.

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