Here Is a Guide to Know How To Clean Nespresso Machine

How to clean nespresso machine
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Don’t you know how to clean Nespresso machine? This article has explained two methods to clean your Nespresso machine like a pro. Bot these methods have essential steps to follow, you must know about them. We advise you not to skip any step, or you won’t achieve the quality of cleaning. Of course, anything that makes your task easy must be treated well, and one of the best examples is the Nespresso machine. So, if you don’t know the cleaning process of the Nespresso machine, don’t worry. Please follow this article, and learn how to do it.

What Is A Nespresso Machine?

This machine is a convenient mechanism that works on single-serve pods. There is no need to hassle with using this machine. However, it would be best to clean the Nespresso machine regularly to keep it functioning the same as a new machine. Let us point out the essential things you must know about this machine.

Clean the drip tray, change the water, and empty the capsule container every day. You can also try descaling this machine every three months to ensure you can do its deep cleaning. It will make the machine as fresh as new and work perfectly.

How To Clean?

The upcoming sections will explain two methods to clean your Nespresso machine at home. With these two methods, you can clean your machines like a pro, and there will be a sense of satisfaction with your quality work. Of course, no one wants to compromise while cleansing the home and things within it. So, the cleaning quality is a must, and you can achieve it by following these two methods.

How to clean nespresso machine
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Method 1:- Do Your Routine Cleaning Of Nespresso Machine

The following steps are a must to apply this method to your Nespresso machine.

  • It would be best if you cleaned your drip tray every day. So, please remove it from your Nespresso machine and clean it by washing it. You can try dish detergent and dry clothing to clean it. Remove all buildups by scrubbing them and using warm water to make it easier. Similarly, clean its capsule container. If you don’t clean the drip tray properly, it may develop and grow bacteria or mold.
  • The next step is to clean the water tank daily. While cleaning your drip tray, remove the machine’s water tank and lid. You can wash them with dishwashing detergent and warm water to remove all stubborn suds. However, if you think water tank and lid cleaning is somewhat hard and if you can’t do it regularly, try to clean at least twice or thrice a week. Once you have cleaned them both, let the water tank and lid air dry, and then reassemble them. If water is present, it may grow bacteria and mold.
  • Wipeout its capsule detector lens, but use only a soft cloth. You can take a soft dry cloth to clean the capsule detector lens. You don’t have to use warm water or water or even soap. The aim is only to remove only smudges on the lens. Do you know where you can find this detector lens? They’re available inside the machine. If you want to remove it, remove the maintenance module first and then get it. You can find it attached to the drip tray because it holds the cups.
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Cleansing External Part:

The best thing to understand how to clean Nespresso machine is to understand the thorough cleaning process. The fourth step is to clean the external parts. It would help if you wiped them regularly and every day. It would help if you cleaned the coffee outlet, the cover of the machine, and the top parts every day. You can also do it multiple times a week if you don’t want to clean it every day. The cloth must be clean damp, and dry while cleaning the machine. The coffee outlet drains the coffee into the mug, and it needs more cleaning every day. It would be best if you also cleaned the outside edges and inside walls that fit the capsule holder.


  • You should be gentle with the Nespresso machine and avoid its strong cleansing. It would be best not to use any abrasive or a strong cleaner. Also, the clothing has to be soft. Do not use hard and rough clothes to clean Nespresso machine.
  • Please do not keep the parts submerged in the water because no parts need it. Only use water to clean the parts instead of rinsing them.

Method 2:- Descale Your Nespresso Machine

  • The best cleaning is descaling your machine quarterly (every three months). You can descale your machine every three months. However, if the machine consumption of coffee in your home or office is more and you make more coffees, descaling is a must after using three hundred capsules. Do you know that some machines come with blinking light that shows you need to descale the machine now? Some machines have the feature of connecting it to the online app; then, all tell you if the machine needs descaling it or not. Nespresso website also lets you buy the descaling solution.
  • The steps involve making the machine ready for the process. The first thing is to ensure that all capsules are removed from the container and that it is empty. Also, empty the drip tray. Replace all things go the machine and start it again.
  • Once you and the machine are ready, put the Nespresso machine on the descaling mode, but remember that the process depends on different models and types. You may need to press some buttons to start the descaling process. It will blink the buttons and beep that tell you to go. Also, it proves that you are on the descaling mode. Some machines have only a single machine that needs a long press. Hence, the process depends on the model.
  • Fill out the tank using a descaling solution. You can use one container of descaling solution made by Nespresso and add it to the water tank. Also, mix half a liter of clean water with it, close the slider of the machine and use a large container to collect all the water from the water tank with the solution.
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Next Step:

If you don’t have bought a descaling solution from Nespresso, you can make it yourself. You can use any homemade solutions, but don’t forget to check the given instructions in the manual. You can also contact the manufacturer to ensure that the solution you use is safe for the machine or not.

Do You Know How To Make It?
  • Citric acid is the best thing to make a homemade solution for your Nespresso machine. For example, you can take a tablespoon of citric acid and twenty tablespoons of water. So, the exact ratio is 1:20 for citric acid and water. If you don’t have citric acid, to can use lemon juice or vinegar, but they must be equal in proportion to the water.
  • Whenever you have used citric acid or lemon juice, you must clean the machine twice with clean water after cleansing it with the solution. When using vinegar, you have to clean the machine five times before making the coffee.
Start Descaling Process:
  • Press one of the blinking coffee buttons, and the Nespresso machine will pass water through itself, and it will get collected in the container under the coffee outlet, and once all of the water stops coming out of the machine, it’s ready to use for the coffee again.
  • Repeat the process by pouring the collected water into the tank again. It will descale again to clean again.

Rinsing The Parts & Machine:

  • Collect the solution passed through the machine and remove the drip tray, water tank, and cup supports. Rinse them into the warm water to ensure descaling has finished perfectly from the inside also. Once the parts are clean, reassemble them.
  • Also, rinse the machine in the water. Fill its water tank with clean water and put a container at the outlet. Click the blinking light to pass the water into the machine. It will rinse any particles of the solution used to clean the machine. Also, use clean water in the water tank and repeat the process to ensure that the machine is safe for use.
How to clean nespresso machine
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Exit From Descaling Mode:

Do it after ensuring that the machine is clean and you have run the clean water twice from the machine. It’s how the descaling process finishes. It would be best to press all the blinking buttons, and the machine would give beeps. That proves you have done descaling and existed from the descaling mode.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to clean Nespresso machine? We have shared two methods to clean your Nespresso machine. If you have more use of this machine, try descaling after every 300 capsules. You can also clean the machine regularly to increase its life and maintain the quality of output and machine functioning. Do you want to know the cleaning process of other machines? Let us know what you would like to know further and share it with others if you learned something.

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