Dude Perfect: How Apex Legends Battle Royale Became a Worldwide Phenomenon?

dude perfect

Starting from PUBG to Apex Legends, it has become one of the most popular PC gaming. The famous game has eventually become one of the most popular mods to mainstream gaming within a few years. Apex Legends has achieved a massive place in the world of gaming. It comes with a different style and does help in keeping it different from the competition. The high graphics and the content of the gaming have made it one of the popular and most raved about gaming among people who are mostly into PC gaming. Just like PUBG and Fortnite, the concept of battle royale gaming has become one of the most preferred gaming genres for gamers. Keeping in mind the popularity of gaming, dude perfect made efforts and brought the innovative idea to play the game in real life.

Dude Perfect

The American sports entertainment group successfully made airsoft arena along with the supply boxes present in the game so that everything seems to look alike. But, if you want, then you can certainly play the game by simply translating it to real life. The sports entertainment group with their idea and information on the game efficiently showed the custom arena. It efficiently described the different characters of the game and how it can be played throughout. The whole group has set up the game in such a way since the competition becomes easy.

With Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends did come to life with the game. Apex Legends do come to life with the help of the airsoft battle. Dude perfect has come with a banner as well as the supply boxes, which can be easily featured that EA games have included in the game. But, apart from all those, various other features are there that have made the game effective enough to convert it into real-life gaming.

Main characters of Apex Legends

dude perfect

The game has many characters and you can certainly make your squad from the lineup of soldiers, misanthropes, outlaws, and misfits. These characters come with many skills and you have to survive the game throughout if you want to become a legend. Dude perfect has efficiently played the characters in real life so that you can get an idea about how the game can be played. The main characters of the game that makes it a complete stunner are listed below.

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She is a military soldier who belongs to the home planet of Gridiron. Named as Anita Williams, she has some amazing abilities, which have made her one of the legends of the game. She has the tactical ability to smoke launching, a passive ability of double time and the ultimate ability to roll thunder. With the smoke launcher, she can easily fire smoke canister at a high velocity, which when impacted upon turns into a smoke wall. When it comes to double time, she can fire while sprinting, which will make you move much faster in the game. With rolling thunder, artillery strike calls can be made, which will slowly grow across the landscape.


Bloodhound is popular throughout Outlands since it is one of the biggest game hunters, which frontier has ever witnessed. If you know about the game, then Bloodhound is mainly a force popular throughout the Apex Games. The tracking skills of Bloodhound are something that will benefit any squad it joins. The skill will help in finding out the hidden enemies and can keep an eye on the movement of the enemies. The tactical ability of Bloodhound has an eye of the Allfather, passive ability to track enemies and ultimate ability of beat of the hunt. Dude perfect has efficiently included Bloodhound in their real-time Airsoft Battle Royale gaming.


This is yet another significant character of the game known as ‘toxic trapper’. Caustic comes with immense abilities in the game and including him in the squad will certainly make fighting easy. He belongs from home planet Gaea and has many abilities like Nox Gas Trap, the passive ability of Nox vision, and the ultimate ability of Nox gas grenade. All these abilities of the character will make your fight with the enemies easy. Dude perfect has played this character as well in the real-time arena.

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dude perfect

He is a surveillance expert and has special powers of keeping secrets and has knowledge of uncovering it whenever necessary. Throughout the game, he utilizes many aerial drones so that the enemies and their activities can be located throughout the arena. He has the tactical ability of surveillance drone, the passive ability of neuro link and the ultimate ability of drone EMP, which is extremely necessary to locate enemies and their activities.

Dude perfect has effectively nailed the game in terms of the look as well as the feel of Apex  Legends. They played the game in real life and the viewers were being instructed to relate it to the real game. The health was marked by balloons instead of hit points. Even though the players did not dress up as the actual characters in the game as a result of which the viewers did not get any kind of Wraith, which can tear up the entire battlefield. With the skills and the expert thinking, they did set up the entire Apex arena, which is perfect for playing the game.

One of the characters from the community did not wear the outfit of Caustic, which did not make any such difference in the game.


As soon as the battle got over, the text mentioning ‘You are the Champion’ flashes across the screen. This mostly happens when any player acquires the top position in the game, and dude perfect did the same thing as well. The genre of battle royale games has always remained in good compatibility or airsoft. But, you will not see any such crossovers like this game. EA has completely sponsored the game, which has made things easy. It might end up becoming popular among gamers. If the games turn out to be a success, then Apex might come up with more of such airsoft wars, which are Apex themed.

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