The 5 Crazy Tech Inventions That You Should Give a Try

crazy tech invention

The future is about to change and the present is already coming up with many extremely innovative innovations. The upcoming technologies, as well as the gadgets which are being daily invented, comes with many advantages that can not only make life easy but also can add a touch of innovation. Undoubtedly, technology has gone through a lot of transformations. And indeed, people these days cannot imagine spending a day with their smartphones. Apart from smartphones, many other gadgets have been invented. These are equally useful for making things quick and easy. Such crazy tech inventions have brought about some mindblowing advancements in the field of technology. And you might not be ready for the innovations yet.

With the New Year 2020, people who contributed to the invention of these technologies are believed to be living in the ear of 3000s. This is certainly something unusual. The world has come up with many crazy inventions that have certainly blown minds. Here are some of the crazy tech inventions, which has some unique features and specifications. These are necessary to make things easy in daily life. Here are those inventions that have certainly left people awestruck.

Earin M-1 Wireless Earbuds

This famous wireless earbud looks similar to that of the Apple AirPods. This is something that you can certainly try out for some amazing wireless sound experience. It comes in a small yet compact size, which is certainly useful for getting unmatched sound experience whenever you put them on. Apart from that, it is also lightest as well as true wireless. This has become one of the necessities when it comes to getting true wireless sound experience.

This is one of those crazy tech inventions that offer some amazing audio experience. This due to the advanced noise cancellation features. Also, it offers 12 hours of continuous playback and the charging method includes three playback every time you charge along with three hours of charging in the capsule itself. If you want to enjoy some breathtaking audio experience, then these earbuds are certainly one of the best choices. The earbuds work with Bluetooth and apart from that, a dedicated Earin app is also there. This will help you to easily customize the sound experience. Earin M-1 earbuds are compatible with Andriod, iOS as well as Windows 10 devices.

Bite Helper – Bug Bite Itch Neutralizer, Bug Bite Relief Solution

crazy tech invention

Bug bites are certainly discomforting and therefore, it is necessary to neutralize it within a minute. This is yet another one of the most innovative and unique crazy tech inventions. That have acquired the top position in the list. It works with heat vibration and is designed with solid science. This will help ion healing the bites and soothes the skin in return. Female insects when bites inject a bacterial mixture into the skin. This in return irritates the skin due to which the inflammation occurs.

When you use the bite helper, it generates a heat that helps in destroying the bacteria and eventually the itching reduces. This crazy tech invention comes with the innovative technology of thermo pulse. When used, the device creates heat and vibration, which helps in calming the irritation as well as itching. Apart from that, it also helps in maximizing the blood flow as well as circulation, which is

Atlas Wearables Wristband

Most of the fitness trackers available are mostly for the runners. The smart pedometers do the job of tracking the normal steps as well as the quick steps easily, which are is bound to happen while in action. Atlas Wearables Wristband is one of the most famous crazy tech inventions that have gone far beyond just doing the work of pedometer and is appropriate for all the gym rats.

The innovative design is something that makes this wristband unique with the central module on the top of the wrist, which lies perpendicularly giving a blocky look. You have to charge the wristband with a hidden micro USB port. It comes with some unique features such as exercise guidance that can help in walking towards your goals much faster. Apart from that, it also comes with wrist-based heart monitoring. Also, the Adaptive Motion Tracking technology helps in auto-detection, which helps in depicting the exercises that require repetition.

Female Urination Device

crazy tech invention

Outdoors can be fun, but for females, hygiene is one of the most crucial concerns. Due to this reason, FUD is extremely important. This is one of the most innovative crazy tech inventions, which has helped many women, especially those who have to stay outside most of the time for work or traveling. It comes with a unique design that offers a leak-free experience. Apart from that, it can be easily worn with pants as well as various outdoor clothing.

It comes with a wide mouth that gives enough room for peeing safely without spilling or splashing. After using it, you will have to wash it with water and soap and instantly dries it. It is portable and comes with a secure pouch which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. The design and the size of the device are perfect for backpacking girls. With this, you can avoid any harmful diseases, which are quite common to happen with frequent usage of public toilets.

Jakcoma R3 Smart Ring

Smart rings have become one of the most innovative and smart answers to the bulky
smartwatches as well as the fitness trackers. Due to the size as well as the bulkiness, people tend to avoid wearing fitness trackers due to this reason. The best alternative to this is undoubtedly smart rings, which are one of the most mind-blowing crazy tech inventions since it comes with many benefits as well as functions.

This smart ring is certainly efficient enough to improve human performance. Few functions include bringing betterment in health, lack of exercise due to work pressure and stress is something, which affects the overall body health, and smart rings help in bringing betterments. It helps in strengthening healing power as well as better physical fitness, etc.
Hence these are some of the five crazy tech inventions that have brought about mind-boggling innovations. These can help in making life much easier and better.


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