Things You Can Expect From The Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo smart clock

The Lenovo smart clock was the first smart clock that was launched by Lenovo in the year 2019. It comes with a smart display, which is effectively a clock. Is Lenovo smart clock worth your money? Come; let’s find out. Among all the Google assistants, the one that is quite popular is the smart clock launched by Lenovo. It can be controlled with your voice and can do more than alarm clocks. A person can use it for controlling gadgets at home, play music, get exact sports scores. He can also know the weather condition, and so on. Here is all you need to know about this device.

A tiny device! 

Lenovo smart clock

The device is a perfect 4-inch Lenovo smart clock, which comes with a power cable along with the instruction booklet! It comes with two places where you can insert the microphones at the top and a Lenovo logo at the bottom and top of the device. At the back, you have a power cable slot and mute microphone buttons. You can turn on and off depending on your needs and with a USG slot. The USB slot helps in charging the device with a phone. Below, it has some rubber pads so that it does not slide while being placed at a single destination. 

How to setup?

First, proceed to the Google home application from your smartphone as you do for any other Google assistant device, and move to the slot that says discovered a new device. When you click on that, you will see that a notification will pop up that says that you have connected with a new device, which is the Lenovo smart clock. Click on the button to complete the setup process. You will proceed to the next page that says connect to the Lenovo smartphone where you must click on the “yes” button. You can also connect the device via Wi-Fi if you wish to do so. A code will be shown on the smart clock and also in the smartphone, check whether it’s the same or not. If yes, you can proceed further. The setup process is completed here. But if you want to try some new features or do some updates, you can do so. 

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The setup process of the smart clock

Well, for that you will receive a notification and you need to proceed just like the process that you can see on the screen. And you can also ask for voice matching. This means the Lenovo smart clock will understand when you are talking and when a different person is talking. There are 64 different types of voice setup that are available in the device. Wait for the smart clock to finish all the updates so that you can try using it. It has a quite small footprint but allows you to read the screen from a long distance also. 

A perfect bedside table!

Lenovo smart clock

If you wish to have a perfect clock for your bedside table, you should definitely purchase this clock. It comes with a top bezel that is pretty large. It comes with a number of sensors that help in keeping the display overly bright. You can also adjust the time display on the Lenovo smart clock. This helps in displaying the time how you wish to. You can also change the color and background of the device and adjust it to your requirements. You can also update the temperature button so that you can receive updates regarding the temperature. 

A smart display! 

The Lenovo smart clock has a small display that allows you to watch videos, pictures along with the timer on one side. You can also watch a YouTube video in a low resolution and enjoy music at any point. The sound of the device is quite good and also has a volume button that helps in regulating the volume as well. 

Other features 

The smart clock has a 3-watt and a 1.5-inch tweeter, 2 passive radiators that provide more volume compared to the Echo Spot. It has a resolution of 800×480 and also comes with an LCD panel. Along with that, it also comes with a 1.5GHz MediaTek SoC, as well as a gigabyte of RAM. It will respond to your voice and will follow the instruction that you say when it comes to regulating the smart gadgets in your home. 

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More information about the features

Lenovo smart clock

You also must know that you can access the device only through the touch screen. Setting alarm with the options that are available on the screen is quite easy. It also allows you to select 6 different alarm sounds. It has a sunrise alarm that makes the screen brighter first before the alarm starts ringing. 

You can also set the alarm with your voice command and you can stop the alarm clock with the touch screen button or you can simply say “stop”. In case, you want to spend 5 minutes more in the bed, you can simply say “Hey Google, snooze after 5 minutes”, by touching the screen instead of saying “stop”. 

Quality of the speaker

Compared to the investment you do, the volume, and the speaker’s quality is of top-class. You will be satisfied to spend any amount on Lenovo smart clock. At times, it can get quite loud to wake you up from sleep. On its own, the gadget is quite fine and allows you to add traffic conditions that can guide you while traveling. It can show date, week and month along with the good volume and sound. 

The best bedside gadget! 

When Lenovo announced that it is going to launch its first smart clock, buyers of this brand were quite excited. The price of the product allows the buyer to purchase it without investing much. It is a great tech to bring up recipes, playing YouTube videos, a lot of other things while serving the purpose of a clock. That is why; it is considered to be the perfect device that does not consume much space and also better to be kept on your bed. 

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