How the Stellar Engine and the CaplanThruster works?

how to move the sun

Everybody knows that nothing in the universe is static. In the Milky Way, billions of stars orbits around the galactic center. Some stars like our sun are pretty consistent keeping a distance of 30,000 light-years from the galactic center completing an orbit every 230M years. This is how to move the sun. This task is not at all an easy task. It is more like a skating rink that is filled with toddlers. Because of this, the galaxy becomes dangerous.

About the solar neighborhood

Our solar neighborhood is constantly changing with the start which is moving at 100 kilometers per second. The distance of vast objects those act as a protector from the dangers out there is 5 Light Years. But we might get unlucky in the future. At some point in time, you might discover that the star is going supernova or massive objects passing by our Earth which is showering asteroids. By this, you might now understand how to move the sun. If something like this happens we would likely to know about it at least 1000 years in advance if not 2 million years.

Moving the solar system

 how to move the sun

Even though after having the information it is not possible for a person to do something. The only possible way to save us from this is by moving the whole solar system out of the way. To move the solar system out of the way, a stellar engine is required. A stellar engine is a megastructure that is used to cover the star through the galaxy. This is possible with the advancement in technology as well as in civilization. Making such things indicates that you are thinking about the future millions of years ahead of time. But how is it possible to move hundreds and thousands of objects that are there in the solar system.

Moving the objects of the solar system

The good news is it is not required to move each and every object individually. You can simply move the sun and all other objects will start moving with the sun due to the gravitational force. This is the process of how to move the sun begins. All the objects will follow the sun wherever it decides to go. There are a lot of questions regarding what is a stellar engine and how will it work?

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About the Stellar Engine

To understand the study behind the Stellar Engine which is involved in the process of how to move the sun, we will make you understand in two categories which are in a passive method and active method. In the massive method, the simplest kind of stellar engine is known as ShkadowThrusterwhich is a giant mirror. It works the same like the principle of Rocket where the rocket fuel and the photons release radiations and carry momentum. For example, if an asteroid turns its flashlight on then the light would move it back very slowly. A stellar engine will also work in the same way. But it would be better than the slash light of the asteroid. This is because the sun produces a lot of photons which is about 10^45 photons per second.

Idea of ShkadowThruster

The basic idea of the ShkadowThrusteris to reflect half of the radiation of the solar system to create thrust so that the sun can be shifted to a different place. In order for the ShkadowThruster to work properly, it needs to be kept in the same place as the sun. The sun’s gravity will try to pull it down and the Sun’s radiation will try to balance it. This radiation will try to mirror in a proper position. This means that the mirror needs to be quite light which is made up of micro-thin reflecting foils from materials like aluminum and alloys.

Like the mirror

The shape of the mirror is also an important factor. Enveloping the sun in the giant circular shell will not work because this will refocus the light back to the sun heating it up and creating a lot of unpleasant problems. Instead of that a parabola shaped mirror is used which helps in sending most of the protons around the sun and in the same direction which also maximizes the thrust. To prevent accidentally burning or freezing of Earth with too much or too little light, the only way to place the ShkadowThruster is to place it over the Sun’s pole. This means that it is possible to move the Sun vertically in the plane of the solar system and in one direction only. This also reduces the trouble options as well. This is how to move the sun process continues.

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For a civilization that is capable of building such a wonderful system is not complicated but relatively hard to build. Through this, the solar system can probably be moved by light years over 230M years and over a few billions of years, it gives complete control over the sun’s orbit in the galaxy. But in a short time, this process must not be fast enough to stop a deadly supernova. That is why we thought of doing something better.

Formation of CaplanThruster

 how to move the sun

We asked our astrophysics friend if he could make something which is bigger than this. We require the fastest stellar engine compared to this. He did and wrote about this in a journal. The name of the new stellar engine is the CaplanThruster. This works a lot like the rocket. It consists of a large space station that gathers matters from the sun to perform the nuclear fusion. This consumes the matter and releases a lot of radiations in the opposite direction that helps in pushing the Sun out of the solar system. And the process of how to move the sun continues.

Requirement of fuel

While pushing the sun out of the solar system the CaplanThruster requires a lot of fuels which is millions of tonnes per second. This uses the fuel and forms a large electromagnetic field to transfer hydrogen and helium from the solar wind to the engine. The helium is burnt in the explosive fusion reactor. A jet of radioactive oxygen whose temperature is quite high is eliminated. To prevent the engine from just crushing into the sun it needs to balance itself. To do this the jet is first opened and the accelerated hydrogen is taken out from the particle accelerator with the electromagnetic field and put the jet back again in the same position. This helps in balancing the thrust. This engine can move the Sun by 50 light-years.

With the CaplanThruster, it will be easier for us to turn the complete solar system.

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