How To Grow The Taxi Service with Uber Clone App


With more and more people looking forward to taxi-hailing services, applications like Uber have become popular than ever. This popularity is the sole reason why more and more enterprises are looking forward to creating an uber like app for themselves to grow the taxi service.

You can read full article to develop uber clone app here which will be a definitive guide in your journey of developing the application. So what makes the uber app different? How are they the most prominent and popular applications in the market? The features that Uber offers and every little detail about the specifications have to be understood to develop an application similar to it. 

Here we are going to discuss the app Uber, its features, and uniqueness that helps in standing out from the crowd. That has to be decoded for you to curate an application similar to it. 

The uber application is a global phenomenon. The fact that it caters to all the needs of their target audience, encompasses special features that are needed makes this feat possible. The strategy for the application along with the correct and apt implementation of the unique features is what makes it the best in the market. Making an application competent and reliable for everyone using it is extremely significant and they have narrowed it down for themself.

Basic work principle

The application has become a popular one with this basic work principle of catering to people’s needs. They have successfully solved the modern-day trouble of finishing rides to and from places. The customers are happy as the issue has found a competent solution and for the drivers, there are more opportunities and a regulated network of regular rides. This healthy balance was created and maintains for time and tide ad this is what has made the application such a popular choice.

How does the app work?

  1. The customer requests a cab giving in the information of their location along with the destination. The amount is shared on the screen which is an estimate. The downloaded application from the customer’s end will be sent in a notification regarding the driver’s details.
  2. The driver has to download the app from their end. Once the initial registration is done, they will be getting the details about rides near their location. With the option of accepting or rejecting a ride, they can choose the one they want and then connect with the customer in due time. 
  3. The ride arrives at the exact time and with the notification and driver’s details, the ride could start and by the end of the ride, payment could be through various payment gateways provided by the application.
  4. The final feedback could be given which keeps a tab on your overall experience and any suggestions you have if at all.

Features of the application

Any app becomes the best with its features and the uniqueness that it can provide when compared with its competitors. The aspect of functionality is very significant in customer attraction and satisfaction. So here we will discuss the different features that the Uber app encompasses and understand their importance.

Features for customers

  1. Registration: The initial step of making an account with all the details will help in knowing you and for privacy guidelines. This step can also be easily achieved by connecting your social media platforms.
  2. Booking the cab: having your destination and current location filled out, you will be given an option to choose from different types of cabs and available ones in the area and finally a booking will be done in less than a minute time.
  3. Fare estimation: The fare is calculated by estimating it with the destination and current location distance measured. This gives the passenger an idea of what they might be paying beforehand so the payment is easy and comfortable.
  4. Details of the cab and driver: With this information, it becomes easy to spot the vehicle and also the driver details make the setting of security a little better. The option of live tracking available adds to the secure and safe feeling of the entire ride.
  5. Payment gateways: The presence of various payment platforms will add to the level of comfort and ease for passengers. This also increases reliability and trust among the people.
  1. Ride later option: this is extremely useful when you have to schedule a cab for times later on in time. This is extremely easy as the cab will reach in the booked time and details will be shared almost ten minutes before the time. 
  2. The option to cancel: Sometimes you might decide not to hire a cab once you have booked, with this cancel option, if you cancel it within time, there will be no money deducted from you.
  3. Previous ride history: This feature will help in saving some of your favorite rides as the name itself, so it is easy for you to travel back and forth. Saves some time and is easy. 

Features for drivers

  1. Registration: This is a way of creating a profile for a driver with all his details along with the vehicles for better understanding.
  2. Trip notification: Whenever a person in your location books a ride, along with the requests all the notifications are kept on for you to choose the ride or not.
  3. The navigation integration: the application having navigation software integrated helps the driver with any location and the level of comfort is higher. 
  4. Messaging and calling option: the drivers can make a call to you once they have reached your destination and this helps in having pristine information.

The next element in the application is the presence of the admin panel. They are the center point of the overall functioning of the app. Everything in the app is controlled from this central base. We will discuss some of their features that help in this smooth and streamlined channel.

  1. Customer and driver satisfaction: the constant monitoring of both of the involved parties helps in keeping a tab on the satisfaction levels and any issues that may arise. Understanding how both the parties involved are feeling is extremely important in the smooth functioning of the application. If there are any issues found out, that can be sorted out through conscious deliberation.
  2. Bookings: the bookings made by the passengers are taken care of and then connected with accurate drivers in the Geo-location as and when required. The time for booking is extremely less and then the driver is connected with who accepts or rejects the ride accordingly. 
  3. Notifications: sending in the right notifications at the right time helps in giving in the right information to both the parties involved. At times it is these notifications that help in knowing both the people that the service has reached their doorstep.

These are the different features included in the Uber app for better functioning. The popularity of the app is hence the presence of these features. When you have to create an app similar to uber be sure to include the features discussed above. You can read full article to develop uber clone app here so that the entire process of development will be much easier than anticipated. 

Let your process and application be similar to the much successful Uber application, but it should encompass some of your unique features. It is such elements that make the app different and attractive to people. Be sure to curate and develop the best of functionalities as the customers are in need of it ad catering to what they need is going to bring you success and more revenue.


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