How To Save Yourself From Getting Shadowbanned On Instagram?


Instagram is one of the best platforms for social media marketing because promoting profiles on it is easier than any other platform. That is why you can find most brands and celebrities on Instagram. But in 2017, an algorithm update of Instagram left everyone in shock due to the introduction of “Shadowban.” When people came to knew about this feature, they started creating a fuzz over the internet. However, this did not stop Instagram from continuing with its functions. If “shadowban” is a new term for you, then you need not worry. This article will cover everything about shadowban along with how you can save yourself from getting shadowbanned on Instagram.

What Is Shadowban?


As the name suggests, Shadowban means banning someone from a particular platform, without informing them about the ban. Earlier, when Instagram blocked any of its users, it notified the user about it. So it was easy for people to follow further procedures. But with shadowban, they will only know if they are banned or not if they keep track of their profile’s audience engagement.

Creating accounts on social media platforms and sharing information on them is as easy as clapping, which means anyone can do that. That makes it necessary for them to ban those who create troubles for others so that they can keep their users safe. Almost all platforms inform their users when they are forbidden. But this gives the user liberty of creating the same problem again from a different account. With shadowban, half the people would not even know that they are banned, which makes the procedure of banning more efficient.

Also, Instagram is not the first one to implement shadowbanning. Before this, platforms like Reddit and Twitter have also shadowbanned many of their users and content. People came to know that their content was shadowbanned when it went missing from the platforms.

How People Get Shadowbanned?

The word shadowban is not as scary as it sounds because Instagram will not ban you for small mistakes that you make unknowingly. When someone breaches the rules and regulations of Instagram, then they get shadowbanned. The rules that you need not break if you want to keep yourself safe from being shadowbanned are:

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Do Not Use Unethical Methods

Increasing the reach of your posts and profiles on Instagram can be a lengthy and hectic process. Also, not everyone can gather an audience for their content. That is why people opt for unethical ways of making their profiles more popular. Some of these unfair ways are:

  • Instagram Automation: Regular update is an essential part of getting better audience engagement. But it also requires a lot of time investment. Most people keep Instagram promotions as a side-job, so they do not want to waste their time on uploading new content now and then. What they do, they automate the process of uploading content, commenting, and messaging, which reduces their time investment and provides them with the same results.
  • Buying Likes Or Followers: It might take people months in getting just a few followers. And for promotions, they need thousands of them. To get results faster, they buy followers and likes from various services.

Instagram keeps track of all these activities and shadowban users who take the support of such methods. So if you want to keep your profile safe, then use only the ethical techniques for promoting your Instagram profiles.

Do Not Use Banned Hashtags

When a hashtag is used only by the spam users, Instagram bans that hashtag. It does this to make sure that no inappropriate content is shared on the platform. If you use any of those prohibited hashtags, your posts will get shadowbanned. If you continue using those hashtags, there might be chances that your profile will be banned as well.

You Should also check your previous posts’ hashtags, to make sure none of them got banned. So that your previous posts will also remain safe and so will be your profile. To see if a particular hashtag is forbidden or not, you can search it on Instagram and see if the posts are visible. With this, you can easily avoid using any banned hashtag.

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Do Not Break Activity Limits


You might try to engage in as many activities as possible, to get your profile recognized. But too much activity on Instagram is also a problem. There are certain limits specified by Instagram that you need to follow. These limits define how many likes, comments, and follows you can perform in an hour’s duration. If you end up showing more than these limits, then Instagram will recognize your profile as spam and shadowban you.

You can read Instagram’s terms and conditions to know more about these limits.

Do Not Get Reported

Getting reported by other users can instantly get you shadowbanned on Instagram. The platform provides its users with the facility of reporting a spammer. Because when someone reports you, your profile gets highlighted in front of Instagram. Then they notice even the smallest of rule violations on your account and that increases your chances of getting banned. Also, if many people report your account, then you can get banned instantly.

To avoid getting reported, you should always follow all the rules and regulations of Instagram and make sure you do not hurt anyone’s sentiments through your posts. When people love your profile, they will never report you.


By taking care of all these things, you can avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram. If your profile gets banned even after following all the rules, then you can report it to Instagram that you have not violated any pre-defined rules. They will look after the matter and remove your profile’s ban soon.

Social media can be more tricky to handle than you might have thought. But if you will follow all the ethical methods of promoting your profile, then it can also benefit you in many ways. So remember to read all the terms and conditions before using social media to avoid any future troubles.

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