How You Can Use Amazon To Start Your Business?


Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry today. Whether it is the ease of shopping online and availing products at the doorsteps or providing customers with endless options, eCommerce has emerged into the ideal mode of shopping today. Not just buying your favorite products from the comforts of your home, you can even make money on Amazon by selling your own products. The rise of online business has radically grown in the past few years. Everyone is taking their business online and selling their products and services to their online customers.

In order to avail the ease of shopping, customers largely rely on eCommerce sites, which provide the seller with a reformed way to flourish in the market. The eCommerce has empowered hundreds and thousands of vendors to spread their business on a large scale. Amazon is one of the strong names in the eCommerce industry that is continuously encouraging merchants to sell their products on their site.

If you intend to make money on Amazon, then you can seek the services of Amazon sellers and get global recognition for your products. All you need to do is list your products on Amazon, and the e-commerce giant will take care of shipping and delivering the product to your customer.

Want to start a business online and make money on Amazon? Then take a look at the below guide that will help you run your business as an Amazon seller.

How To Use Amazon In Different Ways?

There are majorly two ways to make money on Amazon by selling your products. While these two forms may look similar and often seem interchangeable, it is not the case with Amazon. At Amazon, you can either be an Amazon seller or Amazon vendor, and both are quite different from one another. Take a look at both the forms in detail:-

Amazon Vendor

Vendor Central platform of Amazon is used by distributors and manufacturers who supply products directly to Amazon. And it is Amazon that helps these manufacturers and distributors by marketing their products under its own brand image. In this case, Amazon gets all the rights of products such as royalties, modifications, derivatives, etc. If you want to make money from Amazon and without worrying about the marketing, shipping, and logistics of the product, then being an Amazon vendor is the right choice for you.

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Amazon Seller

Seller central is considered as the best way to make money on Amazon. Being an Amazon seller gives you the authority to access Amazon’s platform to market and sell your goods in the best way possible. This way, you can decide what to sell, at what process, and deploy your own marketing strategies as well. You can also go for the Fulfilment By Amazon program, i.e., Amazon FBA, under which Amazon fulfills your order on your behalf. They take care of the packaging, shipping, processing returns, and even the returns. When Amazon takes over all the heavy jobs, you get to focus on other core components of flourishing your business online. All you need to do is send your products to Amazon and relax. You need to pay Amazon FBA fees that cover all the services provided by Amazon.

Amazon Vendor Vs. Amazon Seller

They are the two primary ways to flourish your business and make money with Amazon. Both the platform come with their own set of pros and cons in terms of their services and profits. It depends on merchants and manufacturers to decide what works best for them. For some, the Seller Central may be a viable option, while others might find Vendor Central more beneficial. It totally depends on the perspective. To further streamline your decision-making process, take a look at the below comparison:-

  • Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only program, while Seller Central is open to all. If you want to make money on Amazon ASAP, then Seller Central is the ideal choice for you.
  • When it comes to the business model, Vendor Central has a more simplified model compared to the Seller Central. As an Amazon Vendor, all you need to do is fulfill the purchase order yo8u get from Amazon.
  • If you are selling products to the Amazon portal directly, then you would have to take care of a few things like sales, advertising campaigns, inventory management, etc.
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Amazon Seller Customer Support is Something Worth The Appreciation

When you decide to make money from Amazon and start your business, Amazon makes sure that you get the best selling experience. When it comes to customer support, Seller Central has the best services. As an Amazon Seller, you will get round the clock assistance from Amazon regarding any issue. Amazon makes sure that their seller gets what they need while flourishing in the market. Being an Amazon seller will give the comfort of selling your products on Amazon without any hassle, even if you find any glitches, Amazon will always be there to help you out.

Online business has to become a popular option to flourish in the industry. Every other person is taping into the multiple benefits of taking their business online. Amazon has played a significant role in providing the merchants with an opportunity to get wider exposure in the market. Allowing them to sell their products, Amazon has increased their chances of productivity.

As mentioned above, there are two major forms of business that will help you make money on Amazon, it depends on you as a merchant to decide what best suits your preference. You would need to gauge the benefits and drawbacks of both types before reaching a decision.

There’s no doubt in asserting that Amazon is a credible platform to start your business. But you need to make the wisest decision when it comes to making money from Amazon.

The above mentioned was a guide for how Amazon helps in starting a business. Take a look at the comparison between Amazon vendor and Amazon seller and decide what best works for you and have a higher potential of getting you higher profits.

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