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Everybody looks for different ways to earn money, and many online programs are there for that. You can find plenty of ways to make money if you are ready to explore them. The giant online retailer, Amazon, provides many opportunities for people to make money. Here, we will specifically discuss the Amazon influencer program, which is an easy way to get money.

People from across the world know about the giant online retailer, Amazon. If you are a savvy entrepreneur, you can find excellent business opportunities with this online retail giant. Amazon offers successful affiliate programs for people who want to earn money. The new program is more advanced and exclusive with excellent features.

You will get the White Glove treatment if you are a part of this program. Amazon provides a vanity URL, and you can earn commissions for each purchase through it. Social media influencers can earn good commission from links within different social media platforms.

What is the Amazon influencer program?

Amazon is a giant company that realizes the advantages of social media. They know social media celebrities can help them to promote their products. Social media influencers can partner with different brands through the influencer program so that they can monetize their popularity.

Amazon created this program as an expansion of its affiliate program. It is a monetization method from this online retail giant that allows people to create a storefront on their e-commerce site. Amazon has unique tricks and strategies to market their products, and the Influencer program is one among them.

If you are hot on any of the social media platforms, you can try this program to make money. It is truly a great initiative from Amazon, which helps influencers to get a commission on each product that they sell. One of the great features of this program is that it is a cost-efficient way of marketing.

Sellers adopt a more focused approach in this program than spending too much money on Amazon strategies. The retail giant chooses the right influencers on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to sell their products.

Amazon is among the first who realized the power of social media influencers. They know that influencers on social media platforms can attract people and sell their products easily.  The reason is that famous personalities on social media already have a large audience, and their fans trust them.

How Amazon influencer program works

Amazon runs an affiliate program for social media influencers, which helps famous personalities to earn a commission. They can a cut of sales generated from through the Amazon URL within social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The working of the Amazon influencer program is similar to its affiliate program.

Amazon affiliates build links and shopping ads and integrate them on their blogs or websites to get commissions. Anyone can sign up and get started to be a part of the Amazon affiliate program. But its influencer program does not allow commoners to join. People with a large fan following on social media platforms can apply to be a part of this program.

If you are a social media influencer, you can do searches on how to find Amazon influencers on different sites. Amazon looks for people on social media platforms with the potential to influence their large audience and sell their products. You need to meet certain conditions for acceptance like huge followers, how they engage with fans through posts etc.

How to be on the Amazon influencer list?

  • A large fan following: Amazon looks for social media influencers with a large audience.
  • No. of social media platforms: The online retail giant considers the number of social media platforms that you engage in.
  • How you engage followers: The way you engage your fans through posts. You must have a noticeable presence on social media and have the potential to influence them.
  • High-quality content: Your social media account has high-quality content. Amazon does not look for people with their social media account who have only comments.
  • There must be relevance: Amazon prefers the influencer that they choose also benefit through the program.

Requirements to join the Influencer program of Amazon

Get an idea about the Amazon influencer requirements before you join the program. This monetary program does not need a website or blog to participate as it is only for social media influencers. You need to provide only one link to the storefront where you can add all your recommendations and favorites.

You need a website to earn money through the Amazon affiliate program. Besides, you need to provide links to individual pages on Amazon for each product. Amazon does not allow its affiliates to share affiliate links with any other place other than their website. But you can share your Amazon Influencer vanity URL anywhere, be it your website, or mailing list.

The Influencer Program is an invitation-only monetization method at present. You can apply for getting the invitation to be a part of the program if you fulfill the criteria to join. A person with huge followers can apply using any one of their social media accounts. Influencers on any social media category can apply for the program.

A large number of followers on any one of the social media platform is the main eligibility criteria to be a part of this program. It does not mean you need millions of followers, as Amazon even accepts people with fewer followers. But they must satisfy the required engagement metrics for the acceptance.

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How Amazon choose social media influencers

Social media presence on different platforms is an advantage to join the Influencer program. But you can apply by filling the details of one social media account with the number of followers. You can be a part of the Amazon influencer list only if you qualify for the same.

Amazon chooses people with ample followers in their social media account to become influencers. You can see the success stories of popular influencers on the qualification pages Amazon. Some of the early influencers of this program include Mark Cuban, Felicia Day, and What’s Up Mom’s, and you can read their stories.

The eligibility rules of the Amazon Influencer program are more relaxed now. But, they still consider how the potential influencers engaged the followers on the site and other metrics to choose them. Amazon also considers nano-influencers and micro-influencers to become the influencers of their program. They know the power of social media influencers and can increase their sales through them.

A successful program

The influencer program of Amazon is a successful initiative from the e-commerce giant. It is a win-win monetization method for both the Amazon and the influencer. As a part of the marketing strategy, Amazon offers numerous tips on social sharing on all platforms, which include Snapchat and podcasts.

Nowadays, this online retail giant plans to open to the influencer program to the general public as well. The commission rates of the Influencer program range from 1% for video consoles and games to 10% for the private-label fashion line.

Require a social account to qualify

Everybody gets excited once they hear about the Influencer program of Amazon as it is a money-making program. However, it is not for everybody. To be a part of the program, you must have a social media account. You need to open an account in different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, apart from an Amazon account.

You need to link one of your social media accounts with Amazon to be a part of this program. Amazon will approve the accounts instantly without any delay. But it may take up to five days to get approval for a Facebook or Instagram account.

You can name your store once your social media accounts verified, and you became an Amazon Influencer to sell their products.  Complete your contact information and name your storefront once you are a part of this program. It is time to create a list of the recommended products on the store and sell products. Now you are eligible to earn money through commissions.

Setting up Payment for the Influencer program

As a part of the Influencer program of Amazon, you need to customize your store with your bio and photos. Share your content on the social app of Amazon, Spark, and include the link of the store in various social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Arrange your store in such a way that once you type a keyword, the list of items to link to the store must-see.

You must also provide your payment and tax information to receive payment as commissions. Amazon makes the payout as a gift card, check, or direct money deposit. You need to make at least $10 to get access to your funds.  Earn money based on the commission rate of each item that you sell as an influence.

An efficient way to make money

Once you check how to find Amazon influencer, then you try to become one to make commissions. The commission rate is varying from product to product. As an influence, you can earn 10% for the private-label fashion level while you get only 8% for selling furniture. They pay a commission at the rate of 6% for beauty products.

Bounties are also a great way to earn money for Amazon influencers. These are the programs and services from the e-commerce giant. Social media influencers need to promote bounties on their online storefront. Influencers can earn a different amount for each service and program that they promote.

If a person purchases the Vanity Link an influencer linked to his or her social media account, he get a commission. Influencers acquire a cut of sales during such purchases. A reporting tab is there within the Amazon stores which help to track the sales of products and bounties of an influencer.

Amazon influencer
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Ways to promote the Influencer program

Once you approved by Amazon, they will give you a vanity link to set up your store. You can make money with the Influencer program by promoting the products through the following ways.

  • Optimize Your Storefront: Upload a thumbnail photo and a catchy cover photo to optimize your storefront. Create a list and give a name and description to it before adding all the products to the storefront. Include bounties also to the store.
  • Share your vanity storefront link everywhere:  Your vanity link is for social media and email and share it everywhere. Apart from your social media platforms, you can share it at your website and bio.
  • Strategic list creation:  Creating strategic lists helps you to promote your products in the storefront. Create lists at the time of sales periods and holidays for better results. Share the links by keeping a specific strategy in your mind helps more its promotion.
  • Increase Your Social Media Audience: The best way to promote the products as an Amazon influencer is to increase your social media audience. You can invite your friends and their friends to like your pages. Running ads on the social media channels is also a good way to increase followers.
  • Post frequently on social media: Post everyday on social media is not necessary, but you can do that frequently for the promotion of your products.
  • Create Useful content on your website: Create attractive content on your website and share its link to your Amazon storefront for its promotion.
  • Make lists relevant to your audience: You must create the list relevant to your website for the promotion of the products. If your website is about travel, create a list of products relevant to that.

Final thoughts

Amazon knows the power of social media and realizes that they can sell products to customers through social media personalities they trust. Social media celebrities can influence their followers and sell products by using their fame and celebrity status. Realized this fact, they introduced the Amazon Influencer program.

Amazon provides a vanity URL to its influencers so that they can earn commissions by selling the products of the online retailer. As a storefront owner, you can choose a name for their storefront and rate the products of different categories. You refer people to the storefront and receive a commission if any of your referrals makes a purchase.


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