Outstanding Games In 2020 To Watch Out For


In the video’s beginning, the YouTube channel, which is operated by Prateek Singh will review some of the best and most games in 2020, which are available in the Android version. These games are not just any games, they are hand-picked to be the best ones among the others, and the developers made the best decision to make it available for all android smartphone users.

Before going providing his thoughts on the games in 2020, he briefly told all his viewers that they find this particular video to be satisfying, then they leave their likes and also subscribe to his channel. The subscription will allow the new viewers to watch all his latest videos, and the notification bell will help in notifying them, every time Prateek uploads a brand new video.

The top games of 2020 

  1. Apex Legends

Prateek starts is reviews with Apex Legends, which is a game that many of you have played through the help of consoles and PC as well. The games very popular and everyone plays and the main reason why everyone loves playing and also tops the games in 2020 category is that for it is a battle royale. People who love playing Pub-G and Call of Duty, which falls under the “battle royale” category will come to like Apex Legends as well. Apex Legends is completely based on the same concept as the games mentioned above. Furthermore, Prateek also said that this particular game has its own set of features and abilities.

In this game, you will come across various types of characters who have their separate powers and abilities, which can use during a certain time for a when they are experiencing trouble. Later Prateek says that it will depend completely on you how you wish to use the characters, and the type of character you wish to play as well. Being one of the most awaited games in 2020, you will come across numerous other qualities you will come across on this game like the high-quality graphics, along with new weapons, armors, characters, and storyline as well.

  1. Project Cars Go

The next game, which Prateek labeled it to be “interesting” is none other than Project Cars Go. This game you all are very familiar with as you have heard and played in the consoles and PCs, now it is available in android. The best thing about this game is the graphics. The graphics in this game will allow the vehicle that you will drive to be much more realistic. The game will also provide you with super-cars, trucks and will appear as if they are picked from the real world. Whether you drive from the inside or outside, it will give you the feeling like you the on the race tracks.

It doesn’t stop there; the game developers have kept their focus much more on the in-game physics. This means when you drive to drift the car, turn it and hit on the brakes on the racetrack, the feeling, and the action will be very realistic, as the effects will be similar just like the real world. It is guaranteed that you will definitely enjoy playing this particular game, and it also carries a lot of controls and you can even attach a controller as well. Due to its heavy detailing and graphics, Project Cars Go earned a place in the best games in 2020 list.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Prateek starts with the third game on the list and started by saying that the games provided in his video can be played in both the PC and consoles. This is because they are related to a well-known franchise or it is already having its PC-version. When it comes to Tom Clancy, is one of the most popular franchises of all time. You have already played many of its games and you must have played in your consoles as well. Standing at the 3rd position in the best games in 2020 list, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is one of the most awaited games of this year as well.

The developer of this game, have also kept their focus on their details, and the best part is you will find all the main lead characters from all the games under Tom Clancy. This means you will come across many similar characters in this particular game, and they will also be packed within this RPG game. You will come across new weapons, armors, equipment, abilities and also sniper, yes you will get sniper as well. This game will help you experience a great deal of fun.

  1. Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

The Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is currently ranking in the 4th position of the games in 2020 category. Devil May Cry is one of the most famous video games of all time, even if you didn’t play, you have definitely heard it and now it’s available for android as well. This is because, the game has a superior-quality graphics, along with the detailing, texture quality and the characters everything is neat and clean. The game also opens up new locations, weapons and the best thing is when there will be a “boss fight”, you will get the chance to receive combos that will be super powerful. These combos will help you defeat the boss in the game.

  1. Game of Thrones: Beyond the walls

Coming at the 5th position in the ‘games in 2020’ list is the Game of Thrones: Beyond the Walls. You have already watched this popular franchise on Netflix and read the book as well, so there is no way you cannot be familiar with the game. Now, the game will be available on the android platform for you to play. The game was on hold in late 2019, and the beta users were waiting patiently to test it out. You will come across all the characters of the franchise, along with dragons, beautiful graphics, armors, and weapons as well.

Final Note

The information mentioned in this document covers all the best games that will be a must play in 2020 for all android users. They belong to one of the best franchises, and you will experience a whole new level of fun.


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