Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Flagship Model To Know

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung has announced the launch of its flagship model in the S series. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is considered as Samsung’s game-changing model that features the company’s best camera. The phone is the most advanced fifth-generation phone as of now and is the biggest Android phone ever to be released by Samsung.

From display to the camera, Samsung has completely revamped the old models to bring about the best the company has ever made. The phone, as of now, is released in three colors. Samsung has added that there are plans to add more exciting colors to the line. The camera of the phone is a feast to behold. Not just in appearances but in features as well. The phone can be termed as the prettiest model ever in the S series.

Unique Features

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features three unique features that make it stand out among its competitors. The smartphone has a huge display that is 6.9 inches and is 120hz. The rear camera features a quad-lens that makes the camera zoom to an insane level and finally the video recording that can capture a resolution that is nearly has a width of 8000 pixels.

The 8K resolution provides high-quality videos and photos, which would be of much clarity, (almost double) when that compared with the 4K resolution camera installed phones available in the market. The AI used helps to capture picture-perfect shots. The big sensors and the anti-rolling stabilizers help to capture pictures with clarity and avoid blurry pictures.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera is of 108 megapixels. The details captured by the camera needs special mention, and you can crop out any part of the picture, and still get a quality picture from it. The telephoto lens with 48 megapixels hep to get close to faraway objects with the help of the 100X super digital and 10X optical zoom. The previous models from Samsung just had a 2X optical zoom and a much less 10X digital zoom. Thus, Samsung has come a long way in enhancing the zooming capacity of the phone’s camera.

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The camera of Samsung’s S20 and S20 plus has an entirely different specification when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The S20 and S20 plus used a telephoto camera with 64 megapixels and also the individual pixels are much larger, while the Ultra’s camera feature much bigger sensors. It is because the bigger the sensors, the more the light is absorbed.

More About Camera

The camera app of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra solves the most significant dilemma faced by the users, “Should I capture a video or just click a snap?”. The single-take mode helps the users to take both videos and photos at the same time. A variety of shots are taken in a short duration of 10 seconds. The shots taken would be in different formats. Thus you do not have to worry about the hassle of taking another shot. All you have to do is select the best from the snaps taken that best captures the vibe of the moment.

When there is low light, the camera captures multiple shots and bend them in to provide a single snap that is clear and very low in noise and blur. It means, in Night-mode, you can shoot your video and photos just like in the daylight, and to enhance the quality, the sensors are made much bigger.


The 120Hz display is sure to capture the heart of gamers. The technology improves the touch screen functionality and provides a smooth screen transition. Thereby diminishing the time required for the screen to react to the touch input. The display also helps to reduce the strain imposed on your eyes while using the phone, and the sleep disturbances are minimized by minimalizing the blue light of the pixel and, at the same time, not compromising the color or display quality.

User Interface

The One UI2 is being realized in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that takes up minimum space for notifications, thereby keeping you updated without taking up much space on your screen. By default, the notifications will be set to the maximum size. It is up to the user to adjust the size of the notification.

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The dark mode of the UI offered by Samsung is one of the coolest ever. You can use your phone with ease at night, and the display gets softened when you switch to dark mode. Turning on dark mode can also help to prolong the battery charge. The menus, as well as the features on the home screen, are darkened to help you use your phone without causing any discomfort.

Internal Memory And Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features a RAM of 16GB with a ROM of 512GB and 7 nm chipset. You can even expand the internal storage up to 1Tb using a micro SD card. It means the performance showcased by this model can challenge that of a Laptop. You do worry about the 5G signal that is battery-intensive, eating up all your battery charge. The phone features a battery of 5000mAh. The AI helps to adapt to the use pattern and supports the battery to last way longer than that in the previous use in a single charge. Just like the previous model, The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features an on-screen sensor for fingerprint scanning.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can attain a speed of 2.00Gbps in LTE mode, and you do not have to worry about compromising your experience while playing games, online streaming, or while using social media.


The security features of the phone have been enhanced. Like the previous models from Samsung, you can set pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint as an authentication method. Apart from this, you can also set up a blockchain private key as well. Due to the collaboration with the Knox platform, the security features are made double string. Both the hardware, as well as the software, are made foolproof. Thus, your private day will always stay private, no matter what.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is indeed a phone that focuses highly on the camera and associated features. When compared to the previous model in the S series; the price of the S20 series has been hiked a bit more. When you consider the features that Samsung has incorporated; the price is apt for the performance it has to offer. Before the release of the phone; the price of the previous models in the S series has been slashed to a large margin.


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