Step by Step guide to cancel twitch prime subscription without losing Amazon Prime


Twitch prime is one of the incredible premium services that you can enjoy with a twitch account. With twitch prime, you can enjoy several other features such as channel subscription, bonus game, and many more. However, some people think twitch prime is not as they are looking to experience with this. So, they look several ways to cancel twitch prime subscription over the internet.

Is the subscription a lengthy process and complicated or not?

Twitch Prime is a free subscription to Amazon prime members and Prime video subscribers. It is available for premium members and non-premium members both. To do this, you have to sign up and avail of all the available features. In this guide, it is clearly explained what twitch prime is, how to subscribe to twitch prime, How to cancel it, various ways for canceling the prime subscription, and finally, what are the pros and cons of deactivating Twitch Prime membership.

Let us understand what the Twitch Prime is?

If you are on the list of those people who are not aware of Twitch Prime, then you should know about it. As we know, the twitch is one of the live streaming platforms that enable you to broadcast live streaming and provide you with an opportunity of earning money.

As per the latest news, one of the people has broadcasted his sleeping time live streaming over the twitch platform, and, when he woke up in the morning, lots of dollars had been credited in his account. This is the power of this digital platform, and this streaming platform is serving more than two million users every month, and it is accessible across more than ten countries worldwide. If you want to purchase it, you can have it by Amazon because Amazon has all the rights.

Now talk about Twitch Prime what it is? It is a premium exercise that is bundled with prime video and Amazon membership, and with Prime membership, subscribers will get exclusive games and other bonus games at no additional cost.

There are some other extraordinary features included in Twitch Prime, like color chat option,

chat badge, other channel subscription, and game content, etc. if you are a game lover, this streaming platform gives you an amazing experience, updated information, and earning opportunity as well. 

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There are some extraordinary features of Twitch Prime given below.

  • You can enjoy interruption-free streaming by subscribing to the Twitch Prime service
  • You are free to subscribe to any channel as per your wish for one month
  • If you are a Twitch Prime subscriber, you are free to access the latest games content which is free with no hidden cost
  • You will experience a new Prime chat Badge on subscription
  • You will get many of the latest updates for a smooth functioning free basis
How to Subscribe to Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is available in several other countries to include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Netherland, and Singapore; It comes with Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscription. If you have an Amazon account, it will be much easier for you. You only have to connect the Amazon Prime account with Twitch Account.

If you have an Amazon account with No prime subscription then, you should sign up for Amazon Prime to link twitch with Amazon. If you are using a Twitch Turbo account, you have to follow the below steps to link with each other.

  • Firstly, unsubscribe Twitch Turbo account to avoid a collision for using the same service(to
  • avoid paying double for accessing the same service)
  • To do this, Go to Setting then Go to Turbo
  • Select the Do not renew option, which is next to the billing schedule
  • Tap on the Don’t renew option on the next page

Now you sign up for Turbo Prime using your Amazon Prime account. Amazon Prime will give you a free thirty days trial period to access the same and, you should have a valid debit

card/ credit card to get an Amazon Prime subscription. Once you enter all the necessary card details, now you deserve to use the free trial period. You need

to pay the amount only after the end of the trial period.

In some other cases, what if you have an Amazon Prime membership, and you do not live in the specific countries? You need to follow some other steps to link your Amazon Prime Membership with the Twitch Prime account. To do this, first, visit twitch’s official website and follow step by step instructions to take the membership of twitch prime as per your current condition.

Steps to cancel twitch prime easily?

As Twitch Prime gives an incredible experience to their users, but some time many of the users may not find it suitable for them after signing up. There could be many of the reasons behind to make your mind to cancel twitch prime subscription. As we know, the Twitch Prime service is not a binding service that takes you into a dilemma. You are free to unsubscribe from this service at any time by following some simple steps.

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Suppose if you are an Amazon Prime free trial membership holder, then there is nothing to lose by disconnecting Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime. If you have decided not to go with Twitch Prime membership, you can cancel it. However, Twitch Prime bundled with Amazon Prime subscription. The first disconnect twitches prime account from Amazon prime to cancel it.

How To Cancel Twitch On Prime: A Step-By-Step Guide | ScreenRant

You can perform these changes by going into the Twitch account’s settings section with the help of any web browser such as Google Chrome, IE, and others on any operating system.

Steps to cancel twitch subscription:
  • First, signing on to a twitch account by entering valid credentials. Thereafter, Tap on the profile icon, which is located at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap the setting option from the menu that is visible on the screen
  • Once you Press on the setting tab, you will see the connection option that is located on the top toolbar; click on it
  • Now, you will see many sections like Amazon, Blizzard Battle, etc. You have to go to the Amazon section with your mouse cursor and click on the grey Disconnect button
  • Now, you will get a prompt window that asks to confirm the disconnect from Amazon Prime. Choose the ‘Yes’ option to verify to disconnect.

These all the above steps help you to cancel twitch prime without disturbing Amazon prime subscription. However, if you go to unsubscribe twitch-prime from Amazon Prime, the account will be unlinked automatically, and you will not see the Amazon prime option in the twitch account. One thing you need to keep in mind is that before canceling out the twitch prime account from Amazon prime, do not forget to download all the necessary games which you get for free on subscribing to this particular service. So, this is the complete guide about the canceling Twitch Prime service without affecting Amazon prime service.




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