Top 10 Customer Support Software Systems in 2020

customer support software

One of the most significant aspects of large and small enterprises is customer support.
Customer service or customer support can either make or break the reputation of your business. Thus, using effective customer support software while employing the best call handling practices can result in a positive brand image. If you want to know the list of customer support software, read on. This is the post where the top ten software programs of 2020 have been elucidated.


Zendesk is one such customer support software that completes this list. With its powerful
the support system, it helps businesses deliver some unexpectedly amazing customer experiences! It comes with a complete suite of significant support solutions. Some of them include live chat, help desk, and more. Companies make the right use of these tools and engage & support their customers in any platform including the mobile app, social media, phone, email, and more. Its aim at improving the customer experience of any business is what makes the software one of a kind.


customer support software

Owing to its impressive reliability and capabilities, this has come as the second on in this list. The application provides users with flexible pricing. It is available at free of cost for the small teams as well as individual customers. It also serves as one of the most reputable help desk software, providing customers with capabilities and tools like that of a standard help desk platform. It comes with the Arcade feature that follows some gamification trends. Its concept is outstanding and it offers amazing customer support to individuals with an intriguing experience.


This award-winning customer support software has gathered various communication
channels in one single hub. The application offers you significant help desk specifications that include file sharing, live chat, email support, and so much more. When you wish to go beyond traditional trends and capabilities, LiveAgent comes to be your ultimate savior. Another significant benefit of using it is that it also eliminates spams, allowing customization for personalized engagement. Additionally, it also unifies the storage in a seamless and simple format. Furthermore, it also helps in boosting the company and effectively handles the queries.

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Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials comes to be the fourth in this list. The reason why this list might be
incomplete with the mention of this app is because of its integrated platform which comes with a configurable interface. Additionally, it also helps in serving as a standalone hub for small businesses. It is furthermore effective for operations related to customer support as well as CRM functions. Including a wide range of channel console, Salesforce Essentials provide customers with pipeline tracking and reviews. It also improves customer interaction. Its built-in collaborating tools are case assignments, ticket queuing, as well as task management.

Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud has been built to enhance the user experience. It offers some powerful
features in order to organize customer messages. This platform even serves as the
centralized hub for the interactions of your team with the users. Besides organizing user
interactions, it also helps in routing conversations. It includes internal communication as well as improved collaboration. Another significant thing about using this customer support
software is that it helps in making audio conferences, web-chat, and desktop sharing
furthermore seamless.


Atera happens to be the remote monitoring software that is capable of providing IT experts with an effective platform for the purpose of processing with billing, reporting, as well as help desk service. One who uses this software will get its benefits in managing and resolving the user issues more convincingly. The platform can also monitor the unlimited servers as well as workstations.

Zoho Desk

customer support software

Zoho Desk delivers unique support for businesses. Alongside, it also helps customers find the relevant and timely support sans going through the pesky and mazy hurdles. The tools can even increase agent productivity. At the same time, it can also enable managers to find the right issues to deliver brilliant performances. This results in improving business services and making smart business decisions. Talking about the pricing of this app, the plans are available at the pricing basis of per agent. Choosing Zoho means that you can provide your customers with the support team through the most effective tools.

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Freshservice is built to offer high-end customer support services for all types of businesses. The software comes with the plug & play construction (ITIL), thereby making it much more seamless in order to deploy & implement accordingly. A dive into the review of the software indicates that it is a great platform for building easy to know knowledge. It also comes with a wide range of functionalities and features including asset discovery, CMDB, ticket support system, and more. Additionally, it is also integrated with the tools in order to help the customers focus on critical aspects such as problem management, incident management, vendor management, and more.

Wix Answers

Wix Answers is the customer support software solution that offers an inclusive selection of
various specs and features for customer support. The features in the software are built into the Wix system. The software is available with the built-in supports for call centers’ features. Choosing this software would help you build a help support system via the customizable templates. It also helps in streamlining the support tickets through multiple channels that include social media, email, and more. Another benefit of using this software is getting an insight into the team’s performance too. You can make the use of the dashboard in accessing the user satisfaction information.

Hubspot Service Hub

Hubspot Service Hub helps in engaging the customers and providing them with the highest levels of services. The core feature of this software includes the conversations module. This adds context to customers’ communication. As a matter of fact, the feature also comes with one universal inbox in order to help teams collaborate on customer support. This platform also offers an amazing ticket system. It helps in tracking the user issues. It even provides the self- service option to the users.

Thus, this compiles the list of customer support software that is available in the recent


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