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Have you planned to invest in a software application? If you decide to invest in a software application, you have almost certainly identified a market need and have a good business plan. You may be an expert in your field, but when it comes to putting that idea into action, the correct technology and tools are not always clear. Nobody does it as gracefully as Microsoft when it comes to building and writing enterprise-grade solutions. The framework is a general-purpose framework used to create software applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS worldwide. It is far more adaptable and detailed than other development frameworks. In addition, it is used to create a wide range of software, including Web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud services, microservices, games, and IoT apps. For your convenience, you can hire dedicated dot net developers to enhance your field. Here you will get a clear view of .net development:

What is .net Core?

Microsoft’s reimagining of the established and respected. Framework, as well as many of the technologies built on it, is known as.NET Core. You should have remained the three main goals in mind: open-source, cross-platform, and code simplification, all of which are linked together by a single code base. All this has been achieved while maintaining the key enterprise-level and security features that made the previous platform so popular.

.NET Core used for:

Do you know where.net Core is used for? It is used as a framework for developing.NET apps on platforms other than Windows. Because it is a general-purpose software development framework, it is simple for developers to create a wide range of applications, including Web, desktop, mobile, cloud, gaming, IoT, and more. If you expect a perfect result, you can hire a .net core developer who is familiar with the software. Windows, Linux, and macOS are all supported by their applications.

Web-based applications: 

The framework for creating web pages is at the heart of the.NET Core diaspora. It is based on the MVC architecture and provides common frameworks for web development.

Mobile applications

Developers may create native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS on a shared.NET codebase with seamless functionality due to Xamarin’s tools and libraries for building cross-platform mobile apps using C#.

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Desktop Applications

With this, you can create desktop applications using various tools and frameworks. Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, and Xamarin, are four essential pillars to start with if you want to build desktop applications.

Cloud Apps

The need for cloud apps has increased as cloud computing gains acceptance in the IT industry. Azure can support different types of cloud apps.

Internet of Things

In today’s world of information technology, the Internet of Things is the most popular domain. For IoT devices running Windows 10 IoT, you can get their core functionality through the UWP framework.


C# and UWP are used to create games for mobile, desktop, console, television, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the web. With Unity’s help, you can create amazing games.

Programming languages

.NET supports three programming languages:


The computer language C# is modern, object-oriented, and type-safe. C# comes from the C family of languages, so C, C++, Java, and JavaScript programmers will be perfectly comfortable.


Your attention has been drawn to the issue area rather than the technical aspects of programming. The programming is data-oriented, with code that uses functions to modify data. It is an open-source, cross-platform, interoperable programming language for creating concise, robust, and performant code.

Visual Basic

The Visual Basic language is stable, unlike C# and F#, for which Microsoft continually develops new features. Visual Basic’s syntax is the most similar to that of ordinary human English among the.NET languages, making it easier to learn. Visual Basic is not supported for web apps. However, it is supported for web apps.

Features of .Net Core

Free and Open Source

The entire platform is free and open-source, providing professional developers with a wide playground to create cutting-edge enterprise applications. On Github, you may quickly obtain information about this source code. 

You can also hire .net core developer because many active developers contribute to the development. It aims to improve existing features, introduce new features, and resolve problems and difficulties.

Multiple Environments and Development Mode

Another important element in net application development is the ability to work in several environments. It enables .net developers to quickly distinguish between software codes for staging, production, and other purposes. There was no standard process for doing this before development.

To help you configure the application, the Startup file uses many environments and development modes. For development purposes, you will need to present a more detailed extraordinary page in this case.

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Cross-Platform Support

As it is cross-platform, a dot net development company won’t have to limit itself to just one platform. With cross-platform support, developers will be able to create applications that are compatible with all platforms and run smoothly across different operating systems. This is the best reason you need to hire dedicated net developer for your company.

Furthermore, development firms and developers can select an operating system based on their development requirements. With its scalability and cross-platform capabilities, it is not unreasonable to conclude that it is the ideal platform for.net application development.

Lightweight and Friendly

The framework is extremely lightweight and can be integrated into your program and installed separately for each user, machine-wide, or on a server. Docker containers can be used to deploy.NET Core.

To their Standard, the framework is also compatible with the.NET Framework, Xamarin, and Mono. Other popular Web frameworks and libraries, such as React, Angular, and JavaScript, will also be supported.

Increased Security

Security has become a major worry for businesses in recent years. Unencrypted software is a huge problem, and encrypting it should be a top priority for businesses. When it came to online application security a few years ago, most developers thought HTTPS redirection was the key to avoiding SQL Injection and CSRF. 

Fortunately, it has a lot of security features. Authentication and permission procedures, as well as data protection and threat prevention, are all covered. This platform contains everything you require.

.NET Core is Modern

Moving away from earlier frameworks and functions, the framework is designed to meet today’s modern needs, such as being mobile-friendly, scalable, and high-performance.

Action Filters

The ability for extensible filters is one of the most useful features of.net Core. One of the best aspects of this is the ability to use extendable filters. This allows you to apply a capability over the entire controller or action without modifying the act itself. Filters are used to detect caching, deal with failures, and run any custom logic.

Advantages of .NET Core

  • WPF and Windows Forms are supported by.NET Core as of version 3.0.
  • Visual Studio Code is now available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it a top IDEs for.NET CORE.
  • The architecture of microservices can be used.
  • This Core’s modular, lightweight, and flexible nature makes it easy to deploy apps.
  • It is a scalability power.
  • All versions of this are compatible.
  • C# is one of the most flexible programming languages available today.

Final Thoughts

You may be aware that modern technology demands the use of modern frameworks and well-developed programming languages. A powerful and experienced framework is required to support a few applications, websites, and micro services in the background. But, when it comes to meeting the needs, nothing beats .NET Core to Developing A Web Store. The above listed are the clear things you need to know about .net development.


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