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Have you wanted to cut any YouTube video from a particular duration of time? Well with odownloader it’s quite easy to cut any YouTube video in a matter of few seconds. Before we proceed any further let me tell you that using any offline software for cropping any YouTube video is quite difficult because for that you first need to download that particular YouTube video and then you have to import it in the software which also requires video editing skills. So if you want to bypass all these difficulties then you should consider using our YouTube video cutter.

Nowadays, most people owe a YouTube channel where they portray their subject of interest in a vast way. A good YouTube channel is embraced when the editing is top-notch. You might have used a lot of YouTube Video Cutter Online apps, but here are some best recommendations with a proper guides for you to choose from. You can use those apps or sites to cut your YouTube videos. To edit your videos properly, you need these apps for sure. If you get often confused about which apps to use for editing your YouTube videos or to download YouTube Video Cutter Online, then this article is for you.

Our YouTube video cropper works on a complex algorithm in which every process will be automatically done by our servers, all you need to do is simply enter the complete URL of any YouTube video that you want to crop and the rest will be done by our  youtube video cutter online. In this advanced era of the internet, there are many online converter websites but unfortunately, there are only a few ones that allow users to crop any YouTube video online. Check here: read one punch manIn this article, we have shared a very unique online video editing service with you that will not only save your time but also minimize your efforts. 

It was just a small introduction about our YouTube video cropper; now let’s discuss the complete process of cutting any YouTube video online with

Make sure you follow this following step by step guide to avoid any hassle later on.

  1. Go to and open  youtube video cutter online.
  2. Copy the complete URL of any YouTube video that you want to crop.
  3. Paste it in the search box of YouTube video cutter.
  4. Now your video will be loaded in a media player with two moveable pink bars that will help you to select the particular duration from where you want to crop the video.
  5. After selecting the desired duration, select the video quality in which you want to download. Then click the cut button to proceed.
  6. Within a few seconds, your video will be downloaded in your system.

Youtube video cutter online Free

If you are looking for something or we should say if you need a  youtube video cutter online and download it free of cost online then a video trimmer can be your best choice for that. It is easy to use and has been serving the best for the needs of people so far.

Top 11 youtube video cutter online in 2023-

  • Invideo
  • Windows 10 video editor
  • KapWing
  • Apple iMovie
  • OpenShot
  • Shotcut
  • VSDC free video editor
  • Lightworks
  • KdenLive
  • HitFilm Express
  • DaVinci Resolve 17

Joyoshare VidiKit-

This is another video editing tool and this comes with a lot of latest, advanced and updated features such as there is video cutter, screen recorder, and converter just like these, there are many other user-friendly features also that are available for the use of the people through this tool.

YT Cutter-

One can count on this also as a good tool for using to cut or edit a particular video. But, there are speculations and confusion regarding this as there are many youtube cutters that are no more available in proper working conditions this has become a huge concern among people. The app is specifically built for YouTube, where you can cut and edit your videos. The site is highly reliable and plenty of people trust on this particular site for their YouTube channel. The site is extremely easy to use where you don’t need to sweat on accessibility at all. 


Pros –

  • Extremely reliable and beginner friendly.
  • It works quite fast and you can create great videos just in minutes. 
  • You can make Gif, in audio format as well. You can use your videos in various other ways as well. 

Cons –

  • The quality of the video might get a bit disrupted a bit. 


  • Great for YouTube videos and specifically built for YouTube videos. 
  • Comes with good cutting mechanism which helps you get rid of unwanted clips.

Tutorial –

  • Copy the video URL and paste it on the site
  • You can extend or decrease the timeline to cut the videos and control the increase length of the trimmed videos. 

YouTube Trimmer

This is another very good and also popular option for the people to consider. It is still the best pick if one has to cut down something from the video or has to conduct any other sort of editing into it. The tool has always been very easy for people to use.

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YT Cropper 

This is another easy to use tool which is specifically designed and made for sharing videos. Also, if the time span of those videos is less than 6 hours, the tool can also help you with cropping its starting content, middle content, or the end content whatever suits them best.


This is a special youtube video cutter online, as it can only be used for video cutting on Windows as well as Mac. when it comes to Mac or any other such product coming from Apple then one cannot use every other tool. It is so as that is something not allowed by Apple for security reasons. It is a free editing app specifically made for Apple phones or MacBooks. You won’t get this application on an Android phone because it is specifically made for Apple products. Let’s now take a look at the pros, cons, features, and tutorials for how you can access this application. 

Pros –

  • You get transition effects and great filters for your videos.
  • You can colour-correct your videos and play with lots of variants as well. 
  • Provides professional editing tools. 

Cons –

  • The only con of this application is that it is only limited to Apple phones and MacBooks and limited to Mac iOS users. 


Features –

  • Now let’s discuss the different, exciting features that it offers. 
  • You can import music and photo
  • You can edit videos in high quality, as high as 4K resolution.
  • You can work on multiple projects together, and it still won’t lag. 
  • You can zoom, crop and rotate videos as well!

Tutorial on how to edit on iMovie 

Let’s now look at a short tutorial on editing videos on iMovie without any hassle. 

  • First, visit the photos section and select the video you want to edit.
  • You can find a ‘edit’ option, simply click that, and it will take you to a new interface.
  • You can find an arrow which will help you to cut the video. 
  • Simply move the arrow where you want to cut the video. Use both arrows to concentrate on a particular area where you want to cut the video.


This is another promising tool for video editing, here with this tool, you can not only crop and edit the videos but also it allows you to specifically clip and share parts of the videos. The tool also allows adding stickers and a lot more just as you like it. This application or site is currently trending for its features and the functions it provides. If you have a gaming channel, meme channel or roasting channel, then this one is an ideal choice for you. It let’s you make memes, make small clips and even make a collation of several other YouTube videos for a funny effect. Let’s now take a look at the different aspects of this particular site. 

Pros –

  • You don’t need any kind of editing software to use this one.
  • You can make highclass video memes and you can easily share the video via this app.
  • It is completely safe to use and does not save any data.
  • Great for gamers, memers and 
  • Funny video editors. 
  • You can easily share videos on your Discord with your friends.


  • You can’t create Gif with hashcut.


  • Add in funny sounds, stickers and music to make your video funny and hilarious. 


  • Select the video you want to edit and select the trim or cut icon. 
  • Easily get rid of the unwanted clip and save the rest video after adding wholesome effects. 


Capcut is really famous for its tiktok trending effect, the velocity effect. People love using capcut for editing their tiktok videos and even YouTube shorts for attracting audiences and gaining more views. Capcut is extremely easy to use and comes with trending effects and transitions which is really helpful for making any kind of eye catching video edit. It is often denoted as all in one editing app. 

Pros –

  • Easily accessible and comes with various functions that makes your video look flawless.
  • It is a mobile friendly interface which allows everyone to get an access of the app.
  • It is free to use and edits videos in minutes.

Cons –

  • The app is quite big as an editing app.
  • Some of the key features are not available 
  • It isn’t wide and comprehensive.
  • Functions based on your phone’s RAM.

Features –

  • Comes with auto captioning effect.
  • Can remove your background for a green screen effect. 
  • Add engaging effects and filters to make presentable. 
  • Great for short video platform.


Typito is a great app for creating a video for your brand or for some company. This actually works great for that matter. You are going to love this app if you are using it for making those bold and loud collaboration videos. 


Pros –

  • You can make custom logo and custom watermark in high quality on Typito.
  • It is a free app which has its premium version but most features are free.
  • It runs seamlessly to give you a good performance.
  • It’s very easy to use and the directions on the app is easy to reciprocate.
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Cons –

  • You can’t work on more than 60 projects month on Typito.
  • It offers an expensive plan but opting for that even, you can’t work on more than 60 projects a month. 


  • It’s so easy to upload your videos here and paint the canvas on your wish.
  • It can edit the videos in 1080p resolution.
  • Makes catchy logos and watermarks in no time.


  • As usual as the first step, add the video you want to edit.
  • Select a particular clip and drag the markers on both of the side. This way you can cut it, or you can even cut or trim the video by choosing the ‘cut’ icon present on the app and chop down a particular area.
  • In the next step you can add on effects and continue your edit and you can easily download the trimmed video. 


You must have heard of Kinemaster, right? Yes, it is a professional YouTube video-cutting app online. It helps you to cut, trim, edit and make a video more presentable. You can literally upload the videos on your YouTube channel and no one can even tell that it’s a video that you edited just in minutes and not that you have done it professionally. Let’s now take a look at the pros-cons, features and a short tutorial on how to cut a video. 

Pros –

  • You get to control the speed and add in a lot of fun effects. 
  • Add cute stickers in your video to make it look cute and fun.
  • It let’s you place overlays and add animation as well. 
  • It’s free to access let’s everyone get access to professional editing tools.

Cons –

  • You may face bug issues sometimes while editing.
  • Some features might be shady to use
  • It is not that beginner friendly as it seems


  • You can easily splice, crop, cut, control the speed of your videos.
  • You can add your voice overs and also control the intensity of the voiceover and add in voice effects as well. 
  • Easily add music to make your videos more soothing. 


Here’s a short and easy tutorial on cutting or trimming your video using kinemaster. 

  • Select the video you want to edit and add the video on the app 
  • Select the area you want to edit and select the scissor icon.
  • There are several options and choose which one you want to. 
  • Some option are – trim to the left to the play head, trimming to right of playhead and split at playhead. 
  • The options let’s you delete the remaining left portion of the video or the right portion of the video. 


Vivavideo is another well-known editing app and youtube video cutter online which is widely used in all over the world. The app might seem a bit complicated but it’s absolutely not. It’s user-friendly and brings our videos in good quality. You can download this application from the play store, and any user can easily access the app. As everyone and everything comes with its own set of flaws, we will now discuss the pros-cons, features and a short beginner tutorial for this app. 

youtube video cutter online

Pros –

  • Vivavideo is completely free and widely accessible. 
  • You can publish the videos rigcht from there itself.
  • Easy to use interface with different effects and filters to choose from.
  • You can use some templates that are already saved in the app itself. 

Cons –

  • It adds a weird watermark in your saved video, in case you are using to all in the free version. 
  • It allows you to edit only 5-minute videos in the app. 
  • You can’t access this on your PC.


  • You can edit high resolution videos with Vivavideo.
  • You can make the trending reverse video edit with Vivavideo
  • Add transition, music, filters, texts using this app.
  • Add quirky effects to make your video look cooler.


  • Export the video that you want to edit.
  • Click the scissor icon to trim the video.
  • Use the cursor given to adjust the area that you want to get rid off.
  • Delete the part after you select it.

There you go, you received an edited version of your video. Add transitions and filters to make it more presentable. 

Final Words:

We hope you have understood the complete process of cropping any YouTube video with odownloader. It is one of those few platforms that provide excellent and risk-free services to millions of internet users. You may find several video editing and converting platforms online but you should be very careful because majority of them have annoying advertisements that will redirect you two third-party sites which will double your risk of getting any Malware or virus. You can also check some other outstanding services that odownloader is providing free of cost. If you are facing any error or if you have any confusion in your mind regarding our youtube video cutter online then don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Our support team will try their level best to ensure any possible assistance if required.



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