10 Courses You Can Learn Online Amid This Lockdown?


Well, during the lockdown, many might be surfing on the internet to find out things that can keep them engaged. Some might already have provision for indoor games or extra curriculum activities, whereas some are still not able to decide what they can do. In that case, they can spend enough time keeping themselves occupied with engaging courses during lockdown. Well, to kill the boredom, many reputed companies have come up with short online courses that you can learn from your home. By learning the course, you can enrich your skills and it also helps in self-improvement. Here are some of the online courses that you can take a look at.


Music is a form of art that you might have learned at a certain point. But, due to tight schedules, you do not get time to even listen to music. Now that you have enough free time, why don’t you start learning the course through an online channel? YouTube is also providing “online certification courses” in music. They are often two types such as practical-based, and theory-based. Some of them learn by listening whereas some might learn by engaging in a theory course. There are several courses available on YouTube and you can make a choice depending on your requirements.

 2.Online beauty courses

Beauty always does not mean to apply makeup before you step out. Well, beauty also means how you can take care of the skin. It also helps in teaching a skincare routine depending upon your skin type. Well, after learning the online courses during lockdown in beauty and fashion, you might start thinking to step forward professionally in this field. Many online beauty courses are available that teach a lot of things.

 3.Art of photography!

Well, people who love photography but cannot get time to do it can now try it out. The popular camera company Nikon has launched a few photography courses for free. The entire curriculum of photography courses launched by Nikon is for free. It will help in sharpening your photography skills. The main objective to launch the engagingcoursesduring lockdownis to keep you engaged when your life has come to a standstill.

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After launching a bundle of online coursesduring lockdownfrom art to business, SkilllShare has become quite a popular brand name. The programs are taught by experts who provide in-depth knowledge about the subject. SkillShare was available for free for only a month, but because of the lockdown, it has been extended by a month. It means SkillShare is now available for free for 2-month.

 5.Unity Learn Premium

It is a game and animation development platform and is giving a 3-month complimentary subscription on various online courses. The courses include AR, 2D, 3D, and many more. Develop gaming software by learning the animation course during this lockdown. Well, it’s time to start learning the course and develop a popular gaming application.


Moreover, an online education institute, Yale has also come up with exciting courses during lockdown, along with the reputed companies. The Science of Happinessis the name of the course, available for free. The course helps people in dealing with mental issues, depression, and so on.

7.Nike training club

Earlier, to register in the Nike app club, you need to pay an amount of $14.99. But, now the Nike application is available for free. If you are looking for premium workout plans, you can check out in this application for free. The application can provide a lot of variation on the workout depending on the equipment you wish to use. If you wish to have a workout regime without equipment, take a look at the app. For new users, who never followed a workout regime, the Nike training club is a great opportunity.

8.Online language courses

Are you interested in learning different languages? Then you can learn different languages starting from regional to international ones. And the most important thing is you can also get a “Diploma in English with EQF Level 5 clearance also. It will help in speaking more confidently in English. The course allows you to learn different languages that you use while visiting the country. If you have any plans for settling in a foreign country, you can start learning the language of that country.

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9.Marketing strategies

Are you working in a management firm? Are you looking forward to enrolling in your name in marketing courses during lockdown? If so, you can do it now. If you wish to learn marketing skills, there are plenty of courses available online. From social media marketing to digital marketing, you can learn a lot of things from the course.

10.Courses related to Technology

Are you interested in learning new skills in technology or any programming language? If so, you can do it now. There are many courses during lockdown that teach new and updated skills. For this, there is no need to have a science background. The courses included here are web designing, how to develop your business, and many more things. They are explained in a simple process to make it easier for the learner to understand.

Start registering for the course!

Although it has become quite difficult to step out of the house, the lockdown also has a brighter side. The online courses mentioned above will help you in enriching your skills. Not only that you might also start thinking to take that option has a career choice but for that, you must also ensure that you have an internet connection and a computer system at home. The best part of these courses during lockdown is that they are quite flexible. You can learn the course on your feasibility, and the most important thing about these courses is they come with accreditation. It’s time to learn something new, stay safe at home, and also upskill yourself. So, why not brush up your skills and invest the time in something meaningful.

Learn new skills, pursue your passion and spend time with your family. Stay at home and stay safe!


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