YouTube Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

YouTube Hacks You Probably Didn't Know

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for users to access digital content, such as videos, on online platforms. One of the most popular platforms where videos can be accessed is YouTube. Over the recent couple of years, YouTube has been a source of information for many in learning how to do stuff such as cooking or even repairing damaged appliances. With numerous YouTube channels, the platform has also been a source of entertainment for many as users follow their favorite bloggers and subscribe to their channels.

In using the platform, it is important that you have a reliable and stable internet connection to ensure that you can watch uninterrupted videos, or that lag times and delays in loading the videos are minimized. In any case, you can download YouTube videos to be watched at a later time and access it even if you are offline using a fast and lightweight app with a built-in search feature. With this, you can even convert YouTube videos to a suitable format that is compatible with your audio player. In case the videos are already removed from the platform, you will have a backup for your personal use. Apart from downloading YouTube videos through another application,

 Here are some YouTube hacks you probably didn’t know as you were using the platform:

Share A YouTube Video Beginning From A Specific Point

When people share YouTube videos to other users, they often send the link of the video, which allows the recipient to view it from the very beginning. However, there is a way for you to send a link that will allow the other user to view the video right at the point where you want them to watch. To do this, you can use the ‘Share’ button located under the video’s title and check the box beside the ‘Start at’ phrase to be able to enter the start time that you prefer. After doing so, you will notice that a tag is added at the end of the video link and this is the link that you can use to share the video with another user, who will be able to open up the video and watch it beginning at the certain time frame you entered.

You can also pause the video at the start time that you prefer and the platform will be able to autofill the ‘Start at’ field for you. After which, you need to right click on the screen and choose the ‘Copy Video URL at Current Time’ option. From there, you will be able to share the video to other users, and they will be able to begin watching at the certain point you have specified. Thus, users have the ability to create time stamped YouTube video links. While this is quite simple, only a few people are aware that they can do this.

URL Modification Possibilities

Aside from being able to share a video starting at a certain point, there are several other URL modifications that you can do to achieve what you intend to view on the platform.

  • Infinite Video Loop

While there are already numerous apps that allow users to stream and listen to music, there are still many people who opt to use YouTube to listen to their favorite songs. Perhaps this is because people want to see the music videos of new single releases. If you can’t get enough of your favorite song, you have the option of playing it over and over again by simply appending the word ‘repeater’ in the YouTube URL.

  • Making a GIF

A GIF, or a graphics interchange format, supports both animated and static images and you can create one from a YouTube video. This is when you happen to come across a video that is worthy to be converted into a meme. A meme is basically an idea, behavior, or style that conveys a particular phenomenon or theme, which rapidly spreads in various digital channels. Thus, if you find a video worthy to be converted as a meme, you can do so by making a GIF simply by appending the word ‘GIF’ in the beginning of the URL link of the video. This will redirect you to another site which will allow you to crop a certain segment of the video you want to be transformed, and add effects as necessary.

  • Bypass Age Restriction

By modifying the URL of a YouTube video, you will be able to effortlessly bypass its age restriction. There may be different reasons on why you need to do this, but perhaps you are browsing on your child’s computer and you simply don’t want to log in. In such a case, you can simply append the word ‘gen’ at the beginning of the URL link of the video and it will open in another tab that waives the age restriction.

  • Extract Thumbnails

Another thing that you can do simply by modifying the URL of a YouTube video is extracting thumbnails. You can extract a high quality thumbnail of any video by grabbing first the video ID, which usually comes towards the end of the URL link, right after the ‘v=’. You just need to place the video ID after the link and you will be able to extract a high quality thumbnail easily.

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Create Custom URL

Apart from the URL modifications that will allow you to view an infinite video loop, create a GIF, bypass age restrictions, or extract thumbnails, you can also create a custom URL. If you have a YouTube channel, a custom URL will make it easy for your users to remember it. A custom URL can incorporate your brand name or the name that you use in your YouTube videos. However, to be eligible in creating a custom URL, your channel must at least have a hundred subscribers. Your channel must also be at least a month old, with an uploaded photo as your channel icon. You also need to have an uploaded channel art. Nevertheless, if your channel meets all these requirements, you will be able to see a URL eligibility prompt under the ‘Advanced’ account settings. Under this, a ‘Get a custom URL’ will appear, showing a pre-approved custom URL. If you are satisfied with this, you simply need to click on the ‘Claim here’ button and agree with the terms and conditions before you click the ‘Confirm choice’ button. Take note that once you create a custom URL and it becomes final, there is no way for you to go back and modify it, which is why it is important that you are sure and satisfied with what you will be using beforehand.

Play Videos In Slow Motion

There are instances wherein particular users opt to watch YouTube videos in slow motion, particularly when they want to review the things that happen really quickly, such as the moves that the players made in a certain sports match. In doing so, there is a particular YouTube hack that they can use, particularly for users who are on a Chrome browser. They simply need to click the ‘speed selector’ option and they will already have the opportunity to watch the video at a different pace. Unfortunately, this may not be possible for people using a different browser.

View The Video Transcript

By default, YouTube generates video transcripts for the convenience of their users. These transcripts prove to be useful, especially in cases wherein you need to quote a certain statement from an interview or convert the video content into a script or text format. However, there are instances wherein these transcripts do not readily appear when the videos are loaded. In this case, you need to click on the ‘More’ option under the video’s title. From the drop-down options that will appear, you need to select ‘Transcript’ and the full transcript will appear below with the video. Nevertheless, you may come across videos wherein even after you selected this option, the video transcript still doesn’t appear. This only means that the video creator opted to hide it. On the other hand, you can also download or use a certain browser extension to be able to see the lyrics of your favorite songs and use YouTube videos for your next karaoke party.

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Play YouTube Videos In The Background

This amazing hack is available for mobile devices, wherein the music you are listening to through a YouTube video continues to play even if you have already stopped the YouTube app or closed the website. To do this, you need to open the YouTube site in a Chrome or Firefox browser on your mobile phone. After which, you need to click on the browser options on the top right most portion of the page and check the ‘request desktop site’ option. Then you can already listen to the song you want to hear through the video and even when you hit the home button, the music will still continue to play in the background.

Collaborate On Playlists

If you have your own YouTube channel, then you will find that adding playlists is a great way to encourage your viewers to share your videos. You only need to click on the ‘Video Manager’ icon located above your banner and select the ‘Playlist’ option on the left-hand sidebar. After which, you need to select the ‘New Playlists’ option on the upper right side portion of the page, which will allow you to create a name for your playlist. Ensure that you make your playlist public before you hit the ‘Create’ button.

You can add videos to your playlist while you are watching the videos or while you are on the playlist page. If you opt for the former, you simply need to click on the ‘Add To’ icon located under the video’s play button and select the playlist you want the video to be added to from the drop-down menu. If you opt for the latter, you need to go to the specific playlist where you want to add videos and you just need to click on the ‘Add Videos’ option at the upper right portion of the page. After which, you have the liberty of adding videos by video search, by URL, or by one of your existing YouTube videos.

Creating your own playlist is one thing, but the really amazing feature is being able to invite users to collaborate on your playlist. To do this, you must be on your playlists page and select the playlist where you want people to add videos to. Click on the ‘Playlist Settings’ which is located at the right of your playlist’s thumbnail. A new window will appear where you need to click on the ‘Collaborate’ tab. After which, turn on the ‘Collaborators can add videos to playlist’ option. A link will then be generated and you can copy this to be shared with the people you want to collaborate with. Anyone who has your link will then be able to add videos to your playlist.

Use YouTube Easter Eggs

YouTube Easter eggs are for people who want an ultimate browsing experience through the platform. This is because when these Easter eggs are used, the website transforms, having a new skin, giving the platform a unique display. One type of YouTube Easter egg even causes the site to appear like it is doing a popular dance move. Another example of a YouTube Easter egg is the phrase ‘dog meme’, which when entered into the search bar, transforms the site to have a new look.

YouTube Easter Eggs

YouTube has been one of the main sources of information and entertainment for many users all over the globe. It has also been a channel that catapulted numerous individuals into fame. While more and more users are leveraging YouTube to cater to their needs, they may be unaware of the infinite possibilities that they can uncover through certain YouTube hacks. You may find it surprising that you can create links to jump into a certain point of the video you are watching, or see a written transcript for any video. Apart from this, there is so much more, so go ahead and explore the platform to discover cool tricks that you can do with it to maximize its usage.

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