10 Home Automation Ideas for 2020

home automation

Home automation has been around the years for a long time, but it was reserved for high-budget people. But, over time, due to the advancement of the technology, and smart devices, as well as software, it has gotten into the mainstream. Anyone can afford to purchase devices and can install them in their homes. Most importantly, there is no need to hire a tech wizard to create a great home automation device. The best automation ideas that are quite popular have been listed down so that it becomes easier for those people who are looking for home automation. Some of the home automation ideas are explained in this article that you can try out. If you are considering home automation to increase your hoome value or to reduce energy costs, read how a car title loan could help you finance the improvement.

Smart Blinds

home automation

Did you ever plan to start doing your work just after opening your blinds and sitting in a bed? Well, here is how can you do it. For energy efficiency, a smart blind is one of the best home automation ideas that you can opt for. With a massive home, it can be difficult for you to carry out all the work individually. Switching off all the cooling or heating appliances can look tiresome when you need to do it one after the other. In that case, the smart blind can do all your work in just one click. With the technology, you can adjust the window with the movement of the sunlight. 

Smart Fans

Another home automation idea that you can opt for is smart fans. It regulates the temperature of your house and is also energy efficient. Smart fans can be controlled with the help of phone apps. It also helps in reducing your electricity bill, as well as is compatible with Alexa. It is an anti-dust designer and you can also fix the timers according to the requirement. 

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Smart Laundry

Smart Laundry is a quite useful home automation idea that can be regulated with the help of different mobile apps. With the help of this modern technology, you can regulate and check the status of the washing cycle. You can also de-run the drying washing machine if you wish to do so. Most people carry phones with them but you probably might not know what your phone can do. You can operate the washer, as well as a dryer with your smartphone. You can also determine the best cycle along with the temperature timing. 

Smart Vacuum 

home automation

If you have a pet, you must then know how difficult it is to keep the carpets clean. No matter how much clean you keep the carpets, they will make it dirty. In that case, the smart vacuum is also a kind of home automation technology that you can opt for. The smart vacuum cleaner not only cleans the carpets but also your floors. It automatically stops the process once it is complete. It can also navigate easily without getting stuck in between an obstruction. The smart vacuum also gets back to its starting station so that it can recharge itself. 

Smart Lighting

Well, lighting is something that everyone likes to have. But with smart lighting, you can switch off the light whenever required with the help of your smartphone. You are free to change the color of the light and can also reduce or increase the brightness. It gives you full freedom to do whatever you wish to do. You can also change the light of the color and give it a party look whenever required. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchens, dining areas and wherever you wish to.  

Smart Alarm 

The smart alarm is a home automation technology that works as a smart home security system. It is available at an affordable price and uses more up-to-date technology. Smart alarm helps in protecting your belongings when you are not at home. It increases the chance of a burglar getting caught while stealing the things from your house. 

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Smart Cams

home automation

Smart cams have gained popularity over the years for both commercials as well as personal use. It provides numerous advantages and you can inspect an area by sitting in one place. It comes with an image sensor that helps in capturing the images.  

Smart Doorbell

People look for alternatives related to security purpose that helps in making their life easier. Around 40% of burglars access your house through the front door itself. With the help of this high-tech technology, you can keep your house, as well as an office safe. You must be thankful for the technology because of which you can move out freely now. The smart doorbell has Wi-Fi connection, HD video feed, two-way audio, wide-angle camera lens, full-color night vision capability, and so on. 

Smart Locks

The smart lock is the right technology that grants you safety, as well as connectivity along with the peace of mind. Most people misplace their keys while traveling. In that case, you can opt for smart locks that ensure unlocking and authentication. That is why; there is no need to worry in case your keys are lost or misplaced. It is a user-friendly innovation that has made people’s life easier. It also allows you to unlock and lock easily and you can also add things like switching off the lights and many more functions.

Smart Fridge 

Did you imagine that your refrigerator can be connected to the internet that helps in placing orders by just clicking on it? Probably, No! It provides you details about the things that are present in the freezer such as meat, beverages, vegetables, and so on. It also helps in providing details of expire date, as well as recipe ideas. 

So, what to do now?

Well, the above home automation technologies are some of the popular ones. There are a lot of home automation devices than this. You can install these technologies in your home that will help in reducing your electricity consumption. By installing this device, you can also increase the safety of your place. There is no need to get a technician or an expert to install these innovations as these electronic devices are quite easy to use. 


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