2021 Toyota Supra Beats The Previous Models

2021 Toyota Supra

Toyota has bought up the Supra model once again for the year 2021. The company introduced the sports car in early 1978, and till 2002, they managed to develop four generations of it. After that, they discontinued the car, leaving its fans heartbroken. People got excited again when the company introduced the fifth generation of Supra in 2018. However, people who invested their money due to the excitement would be left a little heartbroken again, as 2021 Toyota Supra has bought some remarkable upgradations from the last models of the car. And people who could not manage to buy the previous one can finally be happy as they can try their hands on the new and developed model now.

The New Developments:

2021 Toyota Supra

There are several things that the buyers can find new in the 2021 Toyota Supra. Some of these new developments are:

  • A 3.0-liter six-cylinder inline engine that has raised Supra’s horsepower to 382 from the previous engine’ s 335 horsepower.  
  • A whole new model is being introduced into the range, which consists of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that gives 255 horsepower to the car. 
  • A new 8.8-inch infotainment system has been introduced into 2021 Toyota Supra. It is a replacement for the previous 6.5-inch screen. 
  • People can also find some interior, as well as exterior changes in the car that differentiates it from the previous models. Moreover, these variations make the driving experience more satisfying in this model.

Now, let’s move on to the more detailed specifications of the car, and see what Toyota has bought for their buyers this time. 

Interior Features:

People who have their experience with BMW Z4 will not find the interior of 2021 Toyota Supra much different. Here are a few interior specs of Supra that will remind people BMWs:

  • The very first thing is the gear lever that resembles the exact lever that is used in BMWs. 
  • The next thing in line is the infotainment system. Though the company has expanded the size of the screen from the last model, it still resembles the one that is used in BMWs.
  • Another specification that Toyota did not put effort into changing is the center console infotainment controls. 
  • When we come to the steering of the car, it has similar controls that are provided on BMW steering wheels. Even the side stocks of the wheel are kept the same as BMW. 
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Looking at all these points makes us realize that Toyota has removed itself from the interiors of the Supra and has introduced more BMW into it. One specification that Toyota managed to make some changes into is the gauge cluster. The whole design and colors of it are just remarkable. However, it did not match the level of its competitions as it does not provide many changes when the car is turned into the sports mode. 

Exterior Features:

2021 Toyota Supra

Talking about the exterior, let’s start with some exciting specifications that 2021 Toyota Supra provides their buyers. 

  • As said, the gauge cluster does not change much when in sports mode. However, one thing that becomes noticeable in sports mode is the exhaust note of the car. The sound it makes while in sports mode can easily make it stand better than its competitors. 
  • The next in line is the cargo space, which is quite large for a sports car. Also, the area is accessible from the front seats, so people can easily keep all their stuff in the back. One thing that holds back the cargo from being the best in class is the tailgate opening of it. The entering area is pretty narrow, so people cannot enter larger items through the gate. 
  • One exterior specification of the car that might bug people is the fake vents. There are not just one or two, but several fake vents on the exterior of the vehicle. Though they complement the overall look of it, they remain useless, and people might find that not too good. 
  • Last but not least, the lights on the front and back of the car are magnificent. Even the turn signals are quite large as compared to any other car. 
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Engine Specs:

Engine and performance are the first things in a car that grab a buyer’s attention. As mentioned above, the new 2021 Toyota Supra offers two different engine models. One being a 3-L 6-Cylinder model, and the second being a 2-L 4-Cylinder model. Both of these models have an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is accompanied by rear-wheel drive. Also, if we look under the hood of the car, there can be a lot of BMW logos and names found. So basically, the 2021 Toyota Supra is a BMW that is sold in the name of Toyota. However, that does not scale down the car at all. 

The Driving Comfort:

2021 Toyota Supra is the perfect car for everyone. People who love to rush with a sports car, it can turn into a speedy and sporty one for them. And people who love to go a little steady with their cars, it can turn into a regular comfortable one for them. One specification that several people might find unreasonable with Supra is that it does not offer a manual transmission. Though automatic transmission is more advanced and smooth, still a lot of people prefer the manual one over it, and Toyota should have taken care of it. 


Overall 2021 Toyota Supra is way better than the previous models of Supra, but it still stands a little down as compared to other cars of the class. A few points that hold it back from being the best are:

  • No manual transmission option
  • A narrower cargo entry point
  • Not so unique sports mode gauge cluster
  • No higher performance model 
  • Useless exterior vents 

But with the basic model 2.0 of the new 2021 Toyota Supra, the company has opened its doors for a broader range of buyers. Though the model offers a little less power, still it is an excellent option for people who want to enter the Supra range. WHat do you think about the features? DO let us know in the comment section.

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