What You Should Know About Binary Number System

About Binary Number System

Binary numbers are known as the base two numbers, which only have two values and that is 0 and 1. After all, the word binary comes from the prefix “bi” which means two. Binary numbers are often utilized in computer programs because these innovative machines only know how to read binary numbers. Nevertheless, some programs can convert binary to text or binary to ASCII which is what humans understand.

How do you count in a binary system?

You might have been used to counting in decimals wherein the first digit starts at 0 and the last digit is 9. After this, 1 is added at the left of 0, forming a two-digit number which is 10 and the left numbers are incremented the same manner as the first digit. In binary, there are only two digits and that is 1 and 0. The count starts at 0 then 1, but then after this, 1 is added at the left side of the digit as the right side is once again incremented.

When it comes to three digits, 1 and 0 are added to the single-digit number as it is incremented. After which, 1 and 1 are added to the single-digit number as it is again incremented. This is also the same logic that is followed as more digits are added. The summary of this is as follows:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 10
  • 11
  • 100
  • 101
  • 110
  • 111

And so on.

An eight-digit binary number already represents text symbols and for this, you would be able to come up with words, phrases, or even sentences with a binary code. This text symbol is also referred to as an ASCII character.

How do you convert binary numbers?

Even if you are not a computer though, you will be able to understand what the binary numbers stand for. In this case, you can use a binary translator that is now readily available online. With this translator, you will be able to translate binary code to text and understand what it means.

Why do you need to convert code in binary to text?

There are several reasons why you may want to translate binary to text. One of these is to understand the flow of a certain computer program or even anticipate its output. When you know the flow of a program or its expected output, you will be able to debug it properly.

Converting a machine language through the use of a binary code translator is also helpful in terms of ensuring that the input entered in a program flow is accurate. This means that the program will most likely return an accurate result, to which a binary decoder is once again needed.

convert code in binary to text

To wrap things up, the use of the binary number system has been widely implemented particularly in computer logic. The reason behind this is that this is the number system that machine language understands. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to understand the context of binary code in a human-readable way through the use of a binary to English translator that you can effortlessly find online.


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