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The quality of human lives is getting better with technological advancement. In the past, people used many gadgets for specific tasks. But now everything is controlled by mobile phones. So, it would be a great idea to use a mobile phone for calculations as you already depend on it. 

The other issue with calculators is that you cannot update their features. As you move ahead in your studies, your requirements related to a calculator keep increasing, and you want a calculator with advanced features like exponential function, integration, trigonometry, derivation, etc. There are many advanced calculator apps available on different stores, and you can choose any app that is best suited to your requirements. Also, you can update the app and solve complex problems and run calculations. 

In this way, you will have a calculator app on your mobile phone and you can use it whenever you want. This article covers such advanced calculator apps which you should have on your mobile phone: 



Calculator ++


Desmos Graphing Calculator


Stellar Scientific Calculator


Calzy is an easy-to-use calculator application that you can use to calculate your daily mathematical and numerical problems. The best feature of this app is the memory area, where you can save your numerical values and use them in your calculations with a drag and drop option. You can access the history of your calculations. Its bookmark option allows you to save the calculation with the proper time, date, and reference.

Calzy displays the results in English and 65 other languages. Interface is quite interactive and user-friendly which helps you to view the results clearly. It is compatible with iOS devices, and you can use this app on your iMessage, apple watch, and iPad. You can easily edit the keypad layout and switch between dark and light mode. This app also supports external keyboards. 


CalcNote is a calculator application that displays results instantly without pressing equals as you provide the mathematical expression. It allows you to view the many calculations and results simultaneously. The display of this app is like a spreadsheet, and you can seamlessly correct the errors. It accepts the text and numbers. This app is comfortable with line reference, and you can calculate the percentage-related calculations. The other best option about this app is that you can easily solve exponential-based problems. 

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It allows you to calculate the problems related to trigonometric and logarithms, and you can even use this app for modulo operations, hexadecimal, binary, and octal numerical. It allows you to convert the units that are important for engineers. You can check the currency conversion as it is supported by up to 156 currencies.

Calculator ++:

Calculator ++ is a versatile calculator app that comes interactive and user-friendly interface. You can save a lot of time by accessing its features with gestures. It provides you results without pressing equals. You can use a single button to copy and paste the expressions or results. This app comes with portrait and landscape modes. You can personalize the themes and choose the layouts from an engineer or standard option.

This app can work above the other apps, and you are not required to switch between the apps. It covers almost all the famous functions and calculations, and you can seamlessly plot 2D and 3D graphs. It is compatible with android devices and calculates multiple problems simultaneously. You can use this app to solve the calculus problems.


Scalar is a user-friendly calculator app that covers a wide range of mathematical and engineering calculations such as function graphs, scripts, user arguments definition, programming, scripts, etc. You can use this for standard and advanced-level calculations and has comfortable keyboard. It allows you to include the previous calculations as a reference and use them in your current calculations.

Scalar displays the result in the form of charts and graphs and also work with multiple variables. It allows you to save your work and share it with others, and compatible with android devices. You can get a complete guidline to use its fetaures. 

Desmos Graphing Calculator:

Desmos Graphing Calculator is an advanced-level calculation application that displays the results in the form of graphs and charts. It is the best app for complex mathematical branches such as calculus, trigonometry, exponential functions, complex equations, etc. You can plot various graphs, and it allows you to use multiple expressions simultaneously. It allows you to add values to tables and create a table for any function.

You are just required to put any equation; it displays the answer immediately and works perfectly in an offline mode. Its point of interest features enables you to get the minimum and maximum value of any point, and you can calculate the log, square roots, and all other functions. You are just required to tap the gray points, and it displays the coordinates. This app is compatible with android and iOS devices and allows you to adjust the screen with the help of two fingers.

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HiPER is an advanced-level scientific calculator that comes with all the important functions of calculus, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and others. The best feature of this app is that it effectively displays graphs along with important information. You can access the graph option by clicking the more on display. It comes with more than 120 mathematical and physical constraints. You can even convert the units as it provides you with 200 options.

It allows you to create your customized variables or even use the predefined ones. You can enter the expressions in a same as they appear in your books. It also allows you to solve the sexagesimal problems as it properly offers you an option of degrees, minutes, and seconds. The other amazing features of this app are base-n calculation, quality themes, engineering format, alternative forms etc. 

Stellar Scientific Calculator: 

If you are looking for a calculator app to solve combinations and permutation problems, then this app would be best option for you. You can also get the answer of other mathematical problems such as exponential, logarithm, arithematic and even modulus operations. It also displays the historical calculation which you can copy for the next one. 

The other best feature of this app is that it comes with a built-in scientific constant such as electronic mass, proton mass, fine structure constant, Rydberg constant, Bohr radius, etc. It provides you a constant option in these major catagories universal, electromagnetic, physico-Chemical and other. Its features and functions are easy-to-use. You can easily select the mode for your results which are FLOAT, FIX, and SCI. Its menu display comes with the option of clear memory, clear history, settings, and about. You can use this app to solve your physics and engineering numericals. 


You can use any calculator app mentioned above based on your requirement and solve your mathematical problems quickly. If you feel that a certain app is not fulfilling your needs, you can easily switch to other or update the features of previous ones. These calculator apps offers you featrues which are beyond to just basic mathematical problems. You can use these apps to solve your engineering, physics, chemistry and other advanced-level numericals. 


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