Best Antivirus for Android that You Can Install in 2020

Best Antivirus for Android

Are you frustrated with issues such as viruses, dangerous websites, phishing, and spyware? It is time you stop worrying and start acting.  Go ahead and install the best antivirus for Android and similar security applications. You will be at a benefit from both ways. Firstly, such applications will detect any kind of malware, and secondly, remove them too.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best antivirus for Android that will protect your system well. Besides, in this world where digitization is the first part, we must all know the meaning of antivirus software.

Meaning of Antivirus Software

Before we move on the list where you will learn about the best antivirus for Android, it is essential that you first know about the concept. We will try to explain the meaning of an Antivirus Software in the simplest way possible. It is a type of software utility that can protect your mobiles and computers from any kind of viruses. As a result, the functioning will be smooth, and you will not have to worry about compromising with the safety of your device.

There is another aspect of installing an Antivirus Software that you must be aware of. Well, if you purchase the best antivirus for Android, you have the assurance of bonus benefits. The bonus here is that a proper application will not just detect any kind of virus but kill them too. Besides, such applications are capable of protecting the device against any cyber threats. A good antivirus is usually capable of blocking viruses containing webpages also that can interrupt the smooth functioning of your computer.

There are several other benefits that you get entitled to after you have received an antivirus software. Another major one out of all those is that you will get excellent quality of data security. Yes, a good quality antivirus application is capable of blocking the loss of any data and also retrieving the same during a requirement. Moreover, the quality of performance that you had experienced earlier has become better already. It is because the best antivirus for Android will be able to detect spam e-mails and files. As a result, such records will get auto-deleted.

What are the best types of Antivirus Software?

To become savvy and comfortable with your computer, you must protect it from any kind of malware. Besides, it is also essential that you have relatively sound knowledge about the best antivirus for Android. You will get robust security protection, as well as antivirus solutions, if you buy either of stand-alone antivirus or and ISS (Internet Security Suites).

When you start exploring the list consisting of the names of the best antivirus applications, you will get to the good news. The news is that the best antivirus for Android will not just ensure privacy control and also provide a Firewall. Next, we will discuss about some of the best types of Antivirus Software that comprise of multiple protection facilities and features.

macOS Antivirus

In general, the viruses in macOS are less ubiquitous in comparison with those of Windows. Therefore, the antivirus applications and products that you buy for macOS are low-grade quality-wise when compared with those of Windows. Given the present scenario of the antivirus market, there are several products, either premium or free at your service. As a result, it becomes easier to protect the device against possible threats or malware. Therefore, the best antivirus for Android has to be chosen if you want excellent protection and proper scanning for viruses. As a result, you get a full-proof scanning of all your web activities as well as attachments in your mailbox.

Windows Antivirus

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of antivirus tools and applications that you can find in the market. However, to get only the best antivirus for Android and Windows, you must be aware of the latest versions of the applications. In this context, it is also very essential to always install only the best and latest version of the software. It is because newer threats and viruses are showing up nowadays. So, if you do not have updated software, the old version will not be capable enough to handle the effects of the powerful malware.

There is a way to understand if you are choosing only the best antivirus for Android and Windows. In this case, you must find out if it works against the malicious websites, links, as well as attachments that enter your device via e-mails. If you get a premium version of antivirus, it will come along with ad blockers, endpoint security suites, and file encryption.

Android Antivirus

In most of the cases, the principal target of mobile malware in Android. Therefore, using the best antivirus for Android is a must for your device. Most of such applications that are capable of keeping your android device away from threats and malware are readily available for installation.

There is a wide range of options, out of which some are premium, and the others are free. Therefore, keeping in mind your budget and requirement, you can choose the best free antivirus app for Android. You don’t have to worry about the quality of this case. It is because you can avail of the majority of the functions, except for the premium benefits. However, please make sure that you for a good brand that has positive reviews given by other users.

Latest and best antivirus for Android and other devices

So, now it’s time that you check out some of the newest and Best antivirus for Android 2020. These will help you protect your equipment and keep your business grow smoothly.

Avast antivirus android

Go for Avast mobile security to protect your Android device without thinking twice. It is a well-reviewed and time-tested brand that is capable of protecting a device against malware and viruses.


  • You can not only protect the privacy of your device but also keep away intruders. Such outside sources can be online or directly on the device, and Avast antivirus android can keep away both.
  • You will be notified with proper alert messages whenever there is a download of an additional application. For example, you might mistakenly download an adware-infected or spyware app. You will surely get a notification regarding such activities if you have Avast mobile security application.
  • You are completely covered against any kind of phishing attacks on your device. The Avast security application keeps away phishing from e-mails, phone calls, infected websites, SMS, and so on.
  • You can easily access content that is geo-restricted with the help of a VPN. Moreover, hiding your online history is now not a problem at all. You can just switch on the VPN option and keep your privacy intact while browsing online.

Bitdefender Total Security

A fast software such as Bitdefender total security is potent and comes free of cost. It utilizes Cloud technology to combat viruses and malware to protect your Android device.


  • It is suitable for all kinds of Android threats and has an incredibly effortless performance. You can also expect a clean operation due to auto-pilot technology. It is, therefore, an on-install scanner that has smart performance and is capable of scanning your device against all threats.
  • Bitdefender works well against problems such as low battery backup. For example, if you are facing issues with system slowdowns and low battery levels, go ahead and install Bitdefender. It will fix all such problems and make your work quality hustle-free.
  • It is exceptionally suitable for video and image editing, resource-intensive applications, and gaming.
  • The malware detection function is mind-blowing with the Bitdefender Total Security software. It will do a thorough scanning to find out any kind of issues whenever you download new software or application on your device. Therefore, you are always protected against viruses and threats.


AVG is one of the best software available in the market. So, don’t even think twice, and just go for it! It is easy to install, and also comes with quite a few benefits. Especially, AVG will keep your device protected against viruses, spyware, ransomware, and several other malware.


  • The AVG software is available free of cost for macOS, Windows, and all other Android devices.
  • The design of AVG is smart, innovative, and very refreshing. Therefore, it will keep you updated with all the activities it performs to protect your device.
  • AVG comes along with an advanced function that assures your real-time security in the form of scans and updates. Therefore, you get to know AVG’s effectivity in case of both performance and malware issues.
  • It protects the device by detecting any type of malicious downloads.
  • While the basic version of AVG is available free of cost, the premium one comes for an affordable price. If you purchase the premium version of this software, you can avail of the fantastic annual internet security plan too.


One of the best quality antivirus software is Kaspersky. With this, you have a guaranty of device protection along with other benefits. For example, if you are frustrated with your system slowing and crashing down due to malware, you are at the correct place.


  • Kaspersky is one of the best free software in the antivirus industry. The scanner is excellent, and so is the protection system against viruses on Android as well as Windows devices. Moreover, Kaspersky is also capable of data security and password privacy.
  • There is a Cloud security function in this software. As a result, you get detailed data about threats on your device on a real-time pattern. It is possible only due to the auto-analysis function of the software. Therefore, your Android device, as well as PC, is kept away from all sorts of threats.
  • You are aware of the status of the antivirus program due to the regular updates and notifications.
  • Kaspersky has both paid and free versions. Out of these, the premium version is the Cloud security part’s private functions. You may also avail of a free trial to check out if you would want to install the premium version.

Windows Defender

Free of cost, straightforward, and effortless are the three words that can easily define the Microsoft Windows defender. Besides being free and completely affordable, the Windows Defender comes along with several benefits.

Not only does it detect, scans, and protects malware, but it also has surprise functions. Since it is one of the pre-installed applications in the device, you can avail of most of its tasks free too. So, check out the benefits of Windows Defender to believe in what it has to offer you.


  • Windows Defender is Microsoft’s very own antivirus software that is pre-installed in almost all devices. It constantly keeps protecting your device against security threats and pop-ups. Such risks are usually the results of unwanted software or any kind of spyware.
  • It cloud-protects the device against all significant issues such as interruptions and slow performance. As a result, you get smooth work experience without any breaks and disturbances.
  • The Windows Defender is capable of protecting the device on a real-time basis. Therefore, your machine remains safe against spyware, malware, virus, and several other software malice. Such threats are visible on several apps, the Cloud, e-mail, and the web.
  • It keeps hackers at bay, and also prevents any fraud software from accessing your device through the internet. A conspicuous software tries to gain fraud access with the help of loopholes in the system. So, the Defender, in turn, utilizes the Windows Firewall to fight against such issues.
  • You can operate your household devices using the Windows Defender too. Moreover, the best part is that you can avail of this function utterly free of cost.

Final words:

The best way to summarize antivirus software is by defining it in two simple terms- comprehensive and versatile. The terms fit-in perfectly in this context because good antivirus software is pretty much all-inclusive. Moreover, it consists of several layers that protect your device against viruses and other threats.


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