BMW M3 E92- Is The Old Edition Worth The Purchase?

BMW M3 E92

Ever since BMW M GmbH came up with M3 E92, it got a standing ovation for all good reasons. Thanks to its high-end development, the world has been introduced to its fourth-generation BMW M3 – the iconic BMW M3 E92 (the 2007-2013 version)!

Since the advent of the car in the year 1986 (even until today), M3 has already been a benchmark in the luxury automobile industry. The E92 chassis that made between 2007 and 2013 is on-point. The beast has been so impressive that it took popular Youtuber Mark S. to go the whole nine yards to buy one for himself.

With the detailed video that he created on YouTube, things get relevant to shed light on the wow factors of owning one such piece of classiness and sophistication. To cover them precisely here’s presenting the true blue reasons for buying an old BMW M3 E92. So, is it worth your money, despite being an old version? To check them in detail, keep reading on.

BMW E92 M3 – An Introduction

BMW M3 E92

The E92 M3 was packed with the popular single-consonant feature. A car that wears a famous badge doesn’t necessarily have to be the one gaining automatic access to leagues of superstars. But ever since M3 name was born, it meant to play a significant role in the company’s racing activities. Along its way, its reputation although endured a bumpy ride. But they’ve had their own share of work implemented, which proved the fourth generation (2007-2013) beast a fantastic approach to, at last, replace M3 E46.

BMW M3 E92 did away with straight-six raspy motor and dropped in high-revving 4 lit. V8. Other than that, the whole thing remained apparently the same as before. Much to the knowledge of fans, its impressive front-engine, outstanding rear-wheel driving feature, and a unique balance between sportiness and comfort are some of the wow factors. BMW even added the dual-clutch-transmission option along with a six-speed-manual.

BMW E92 M3 – Key Specs and Features

Weighing about 1655 kg, BMW E92 M3 features 1.67 lengths and a wheelbase ratio. Having a rear wheelbase of 1538 mm, the car is designed to deliver a sturdy performance. It’s equipped with a front wheelbase comprising of 1538 mm! Talking about its aerodynamics, it comes with a 0.31 Drag coefficient, its frontal area consists of about 2.17 m². The car is equipped with a 2+2 seater fixed-head coupé of body type. It has a total of 2 doors.

BMW E92 M3 – Engine

Having an engine type of naturally aspirated petrol, BMW has designed this car with V 8 in 90° vee cylinders. It has a capacity of 4 liters, so apparently it might be a good option to purchase. The BMW M3 E92 with an engine code of S65B40 measures 92 × 75.2 mm. With DOHC or double overhead camshaft Valve gear, it has around 4 valves for every cylinder that comes down to around 32 valves. It can feature the maximum power output of 420 PS at 8300 pm. Having a specific output about 103.5 bhp per liter, it sports 400 Nm of maximum torque. It comes with a specific torque of about 100.03 Nm/liter. It supports water for Engine coolant.

BMW E92 M3 – Interiors

BMW M3 E92

The BMW E92 is the 4th generation M3 with the V8 engine for the very first time. While it was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in 2007, its production ran in between 2007 and 2013. E90 M3 earlier was a four-door sedan edition. It was a revival for the first time ever since E36 M3 came in the coupe version. The E92 M3 coupe model has been available in the 6-speed manual. Its V8 engine can output 414 hp at around 8300 rpm and 295 ft-lbs torque at around 3900 rpm.

BMW E92 M3 – Performance

Unleashing the beast within, the performance is incredibly brilliant that stands upon the expectations of fans. The hallmark 4.0L V8 feature can scream all the way to 8,400 rpm. While its V8 requires getting un-corked, its exhaust is just out-of-the-box. Its exhaust mods didn’t only drop the weight off; these also drop the pressure back, thereby increasing its performance and overall fuel economy.

It seems that BMW beasts always come up with some restrictions concerning air intake – whether it’s from the noise ordinances or some other regulatory causes. With the cold air intake, it helps in removing large clunky boxes underneath its hood on the drivers’ front where the air gets channeled into the motor. In a nutshell, nothing would beat the aural inductions noise that you might get right after stepping on the gas pedal.

So, what’s next?

Popular Youtuber Mark S. himself walked an extra mile to own this car, so why don’t you get it for yourself. While cars in coupe form can cost you dimes, BMW M3 E92 would not, because you are going to buy the old version! So, what to look before you start grabbing a wonderful opportunity to own one such BMW vehicle? In accordance with what Mark S. described in his YouTube video, things get relevant to consider the below-offered points.

  • Engine: Specialists report that it is not mileage-related. It’s best advised to get it as a replacement for your old car. The infrequent oil changes might be the possible reason. You should always check the oil
  • Transmission: Before buying the car, you should always make sure to check the Manual as well as DCT gearboxes. As a matter of fact, DCT is sealed for life. However, it doesn’t matter about the 60,000- mile oil & filter change. The plastic sump is the one that becomes brittle over time. 
  • Suspension & brakes: You should always check EDC dampers for any kind of leaks. M3 is heavy; therefore, you might see general looseness over the bumps. Check the rear brakes appropriately and also do not forget checking the tires for any uneven wear.
  • Interior: You should also check the interior of the car and whether or not it’s in good condition.

Thus, these are some of the things that you should check before buying an old BMW M3 E92

For any other queries, you just need to drop a comment and we are here to answer all your questions regarding BMW M3 E92.


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