Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Brings In New Event

Destiny 2

In September 2017, Bungie came with a new version of the already hit game, Destiny. The new game was named Destiny 2 and like its predecessor, it was a ‘multiplayer first-person shooter video game,’ that could only be played online. The difference between the two was the platforms on which they could be played. While Destiny could be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Destiny 2 was released for just PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Both the games were developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Until 2019, when Bungie took over the publishing rights of Destiny franchise. 

Where It All Started?

Initially, Bungie released Destiny 2 for just PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But a month later, they came up with the windows version of the game. Which significantly increased the user base of the game. The game inherited the Expansion Pass from its first part. This pass gave the players access to the two expansions of Destiny 2. There were many other contents that were exclusive for certain platforms. The game also includes two game types, one being Player Versus Environment and the other being Player Versus Player. 

In October 2019, Bungie bought a new expansion, Shadowkeep, of the game. With this expansion, developers tried to allow the players to play together despite being on different platforms. This increased the accessibility of the game, as people could play it with their friends easily. They also offered the game on Stadia, which is a cloud gaming platform by Google. Many player-versus-player modes were made free too.

Why It Is So Popular?

There are some other reasons for the popularity of the expansion, such as: 

Destiny 2

  • Better Customizations: Bungie gave their players significantly better options for customizing their Guardians. This customization was not only for their look but also for their gameplay. They released Armor 2.0, which had more stats, universal ornaments, customizable mods, and energy systems. With which, players can easily experiment with their guardians. 
  • New ways to discover weapons: Players could find new weapons in many new ways, and also by all the older ways. This gave them an opportunity to grab some exciting weapons from a lot of places. 
  • New Raid: ‘The Garden of Salvation’ was the new raid that was released with Shadowkeep expansion of Destiny 2.
  • Older features: Players could return to the Archer’s Line, as they used to play in the first part of the game. But there were some significant changes in it, that made the new one exciting for players. 
  • Finishers: New combat tool, finishers, was too added in the expansion. This was an interesting upgrade in the combat tools. 

Because of these five reasons, people loved the Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion. 

New Event: Guardian Games:

Destiny 2

Recently, Destiny games uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel, announcing a new upcoming event. The event is called ‘Guardian Games’ and it will be released on 21st April. The event will run for a whole of 3 weeks and will end on 12th May. Even though the event is free to all, the players would require to have a power of at least 770, to participate in it. Players will be able to bring an increment in their class’ score with the medals won in the event. And they would win the medals by collecting ‘Laurels.’ 

Not only that, a new machine gun, Hier Apparent, will also be released for the players along with the event. But the query, ‘how to win the gun?’ will only be solved after the event releases on 21st. The event will have daily challenges and tasks for the players. And by winning them, they can collect points for their class. These points are crucial as the point collection will decide the winning class at the end of the event. The winning class will get the advantage of getting add to the Tower. This benefit will remain with the class for the remaining year.

Tower Podium:

While the event will be running, the Tower Podium will show players the leading class and it will change every day, according to the daily results. The podiums will show three levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The flags and class items will change color based on the class level. As the results will be locked for the rest of the year, so will be the class items’ look after the event ends. 

Other details:

Destiny 2

While the gameplay of the event remains unknown, players are confused about, whether they will get additional challenges or heroic story missions or a whole new game mode as they did in the Halloween event. Other things that will be available at the Eververse item shop are Sparrows, New Ships, and Some Exclusive Cosmetics. There are also gift package rewards that the players can get on completing a task. 

Another interesting thing is the ‘Guardian Game Box,’ which will be unlocked when the players complete their weekly mission. The box will have a flair, which would be themed on the IRL Destiny and can be shown off. 


This event of Destiny 2 is a crucial one for Bungie as well as for the players, as most people are in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, and they are looking for new ways to spend their time. In such time, when an interesting event comes up, who would not want to play it? And looking at the details of the game, everybody would want to play it. But the players have to remember that their power should be maintained to at least 770, only then they will be able to enter into the event and enjoy it. 

The exact gameplay and the details of the Guardian Games event will only be known when the event gets released on 21st April 2020. Till then, the players can only imagine how they are going to get their class on the top of the Tower Podium of Destiny 2. Because this event is capable of making their class better for the rest of the year.  

I know you all are very excited. Even I just can’t wait for it any more!


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