Does Polyester Shrink and how to avoid it?

polyester shrink

While picking different kinds of material to print on and use, various components become an integral factor. Things like fit, shading, toughness, and printability are broadly significant players. If you resemble most of us, you most likely stress over whether the material you are picking will shrink. Items that wind up shrinking after your clients wash them is each decorator’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream. Anyway, does polyester shrink? Furthermore, why or why not? 

Does polyester shrink under ordinary conditions? No, it does not shrink under normal conditions. Since polyester is made of artificial polymer, the texture is impervious to shrinkage, making the filaments engineered. If you wash polyester texture in steaming hot water and afterward dry it on high warmth, it might shrink a few, yet not a ton. Polyester is a mainstream decision for texture in shirts, pullovers, and other attire; however, there is some discussion about whether polyester shrinks. Considering that, we should go over current realities and assist you with choosing if polyester is the suitable material for you. 

Does polyester shrink? What is Polyester? 

Polyester is as often as possible seen across an assortment of specialties. It is an artificial texture that is made out of manufactured polyester strands. These polyester filaments are otherwise called artificial polymers. Polyester filaments are lightweight and rigid. They have effectively kicked the bucket and are impervious to synthetic substances. The polyester texture is productive because it dries effectively and rapidly. Along these lines, polyester is incredibly mainstream in brandishing and the outside world. Polyester is likewise smooth to the touch, making it exceptionally agreeable to wear and famous in different classifications. 

Polyester Blends 

Since polyester is impervious to shrinkage, it is normal mixed with different textures. By adding polyester to things like cotton, you outwit the two universes of the texture blends. Polyester is commonly seen in 60% cotton, 40% polyester mix, and a half cotton half polyester mix. When you consolidate these textures, you get an agreeable, generally cheap shirt and that is not difficult to focus on. You will likewise discover polyester in tri-mix textures. Tri-mixes are incredibly soft and solid yet typically somewhat more costly. 

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What Are Polyester and Polyester Blend Fabrics Good For? 

Polyester is a critical staple in the attire business. Polyester textures are optimal for the games and open-air world since they don’t hold dampness and are accessible in many dry-wicking choices. Polyester mixed textures are likewise a famous decision for screen printing and finishing since they have prints well, are strong, impervious to warm, and are moderately low in cost. Likewise, they are a go-to creation for ordinary wear since they are offered in numerous in-vogue styles at prices that block and mortars can’t contact! 

Would it be the right decision for you to Try polyester? 

After finding out pretty much every one of the advantages of polyester and polyester mixed textures, you are presumably contemplating whether you should check polyester out. The appropriate response is yes! You indeed can’t turn out badly with this texture. Also, it is a decent special reward to bid farewell to undesirable shrinkage! 

Does 100% Polyester Shrink? 

Indeed, 100% polyester shrinks, however, in certain conditions. Polyester is impervious to shrinkage; however, if you wash polyester with boiling water and brutal cleanser or, on the other hand, if you iron polyester with over the top warmth iron, it can cause shrinkage. Keep away from drenching polyester textures for a really long time and drying in a hot dryer. 

If you would decide not to shrink your 100% polyester, utilize typical water and delicate cleanser. 140°F water can cause shrinkage, so stay away from absorbing polyester boiling water for a really long time. Hand wash is ideal, yet if you need to utilize a clothes washer, utilize a delicate cycle and dry it in the open normally. 

We are really focusing on the Polyester—Washing Instruction. 

  • Most individuals neglect to peruse the directions on attire before unloading it into the clothes washer. Continuously guarantee to peruse your polyester piece of clothing mark for appropriate consideration guidelines. 
  • When washing polyester in the laundry, remember to set the machine to the typical cycle. It stays in the well-being to hand wash your polyester with cold or tepid water. Likewise, keep away from the utilization of brutal cleansers when washing your polyester. 
  • The ideal approach to wash and dry your polyester is back to front. While you can machine dry as expected, balancing the polyester to dry in the open is ideal. 
  • The beneficial thing is, the texture dries out quickly, exceptionally quickly. Indeed, even at this, you infrequently discover wrinkles on it after drying. 
  • Avoid utilizing boiling water to wash or unreasonable warmth to press the texture. This makes the material solidify up and start to shrink. Excessive warmth can likewise make the shadings blur off slowly. 
  • One thing you must know about polyester is that it ingests oil. It is, in this manner, fitting not to wash your polyester with oil or oil-smudged garments. If conceivable, consistently wash polyester textures alone. 
  • Avoid splashing polyester textures for a really long time in washing arrangements. This will influence the presence of the texture and cause it to age quicker. 
  • Polyester might shrink if left in the dryer for a really long time. This way, eliminate them from the dryer as quickly as time permits to keep them from wrinkling. This will save you the hour of attempting to press your polyester textures. 
  • When you drape the polyester in the shower after washing, this will assist the wrinkles with fixing. 

Few more instructions

  • Nevertheless, where wrinkles stay in the wake of drying, you can steam press the polyester to dispose of wrinkles. When pressing the polyester, adhere to the mildest setting, utilize a squeezing material under. You may likewise consider squeezing your polyester back to front. This will forestall a direct contact with the iron plate and lessen sparkle. 
  • While some iron accompanies a polyester setting, others don’t. For this situation, you can utilize the nylon setting. This will forestall a lot of warmth from dissolving the texture or cause it to solidify and shrink. 

Imagine a scenario where you need your Polyester Fabric to Shrink. 

  • What if you bought your polyester and sorted out it’s excessively enormous and wish to shrink it? What if you are not a devotee of muddled sewing changes measure like me? There are a couple of things you can do; in any case, there is no assurance that it will work. 
  • You can absorb the polyester high temp water for some time. Try not to save it in the water for a really long time to avoid harming the texture. Contact with high temp water can shrink the texture to certain degrees. 
  • You can likewise do this in your clothes washer by setting the machine to hot. You can likewise attempt to shrink the texture further by utilizing the warmth setting in the dryer. You can likewise utilize a calmly hot iron to endeavor further shrinking. Remember to utilize a squeezing fabric consistently. 
  • All these techniques are, in any case, at your own danger as there is no assurance that they won’t make harm your texture. 

Does Polyester Shrink If You Wash or Dry It? 

Eventually, unadulterated polyester is adequately sturdy to wait even at high temperatures. The solitary way it would shrink is if you really put it in bubbling water. And still, at the end of the day, it would just be just barely. Notwithstanding, not numerous items are unadulterated polyester – the vast majority of them are polyester mixes. Thusly, the genuine issue is in the other piece of that mix. Truly, you can think about how it will respond to high temperatures. If all else fails, it’s ideal for adhering to the washing directions on the mark simply. You can wash most things at 30 degrees Celsius or around 86 degrees Fahrenheit for the most part. 

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A portion of the Problems Associated with Polyester. 

  • There are a lot of issues related to polyester and polyester texture mixes. It is more difficult to press the polyester texture than different textures. Sooner or later, you sort out that the edges start to twist. 
  • Polyester is additionally difficult to sew. The needle plate thinks that it’s difficult to drag the string through the slender texture. The needle prevails with regards to catching string across the outside of the texture. 
  • Polyester textures are not breathable and consequently make it difficult to wear in sweltering environments. It likewise holds oil and stains which are difficult to wash off. 


With regards to attire, polyester is one of the simplest dresses to keep up with. Polyester infrequently requires pressing if you spread the second it is washed. Polyester additionally gives less indication of shading blurring when contrasted with cotton. It likewise shows more noteworthy protection from molds and creepy crawly assaults, and it additionally does not shrink. Something beneficial about polyester is that it is effectively moderate and shows up extremely alluring. Nonetheless, you need to adhere to the consideration directions if you need to appreciate utilizing polyester for long. So, now you know the answer to the question that does polyester shrink? We hope this article was helpful.



Q1. Can you shrink polyester down a size?

Ans – Polyester can shrink to some extent when exposed to high heat or high temperatures. However, the extent of shrinkage will depend on the specific type of polyester fabric and the amount of heat applied. It is always recommended to read the care instructions before attempting to shrink polyester clothing.

Q2. Does dry 100% polyester shrink?

Ans – No, 100% polyester does not shrink when washed or dried. Polyester is a synthetic material that is highly resistant to shrinking or stretching, making it a popular fabric for clothing and other items that need to retain their shape after washing.

Q3. Does polyester shrink more than cotton?

Ans – Polyester typically shrinks less than cotton because it is a synthetic fiber and does not absorb water like cotton does. Polyester has a low shrinkage rate of about 2-3% compared to cotton’s shrinkage rate of 7-10%. However, it’s always best to check the care label and follow the washing instructions to prevent any damage or shrinkage.

Q4. How can I shrink polyester fast?

Ans – Polyester can be shrunk by washing it in hot water and then drying it on high heat. However, be cautious not to damage the fabric or alter its shape during the process. It’s recommended to follow the care instructions on the garment’s label and avoid using this method on delicate or low-quality polyester items.

Q5. Will boiling water shrink polyester?

Ans – Boiling water is not recommended for shrinking polyester, as it can damage the fabric. Polyester can be shrunk by using high heat, but it is important to check the care label first and follow the instructions. It is generally recommended to avoid using boiling water to shrink polyester.


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