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You may be wondering that dumb and dumber has been the most brilliant movie in the world. But, some people think it may not be the smartest one. Still, you can say the film has some best lines and quotes that are still hilarious, even today. The film hit the big screens 25 years ago. However, it changed the whole comedy world with its witty and hilarious quotes. In this article, we have discussed the ten best dumb and dumber quotes. We have also discussed what’s best or funny about the passages. So, let’s get started.

Dumb And Dumber Movie:

In this film, Jim Carrey played Lloyd Christmas, and Jeff Daniels played Harry Dunne. They’re the best friends in the movie that were finding true love. The movie shows two guys that lack a brain. Of course, this movie is full of adventures and excitement. They’re timeless quotes you very read about this movie.

Why Only 10 Dumb And Dumber Quotes?

As we know, this movie has some of the best quotes and sayings. Still, we have included only ten quotes in this post. We can’t fit all quotes because each quote comes with meaning and a funny sense of humor. So, we chose ten quotes for this post and explained what you could see in them. Of course, these ten best quotes deserve to be this list of top ten quotes from dumb and dumber.

Top 10 Quotes:

If you like the 90’s comedy, this one is the right place for you. Now, hold on tight and keep your attention on the following funny quotes of dumb and dumber and enjoy the 90s comedy.

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  • “Hey, You Wanna Hear The Most Annoying Sound In The World?”

When Mike Starr as Joe Mentalino hitches his ride with these guys, he knew two dummies with him. Still, he wasn’t aware of how much dumb these guys could be. But Lloyd proved that with this quotation. So, Joe replies to him with no and thanks for the question. You can see how that could be fun for some people, and they understand the movie’s humor. Have you ever asked anything like this, your friends?

  • “According To The Map, We Have Only Gone 4 Inches!”

Do you think people use hard copies of maps these days? No! Either you can navigate with GPS and maps installed on your smartphone. However, this was not the case at that time. It was Harry’s ridiculous comment because he didn’t know how the measurements of maps work. It proves that Harry did not know how to use the map, creating an awkward moment for most viewers. Of course, people born after 2000 may not know how to use maps, but many people before that didn’t even know how to use maps. However, this scene makes us think he might not know.

  • “Why Are You Going To The Airport? Flying Somewhere?”

Do you need an ice breaker while traveling to places? You may see some can drivers need to feel fresh and focus on the road. When drivers have dumb and dumber in their cars, they can feel awkward if other passengers are traveling too with them. The scene is dumber because Lauren Holly, as Mary Swanson, asked Lloyd how did he know. He said he saw the luggage. Have you ever faced such a situation in your life?

  • “Austria! Well Then. ‘G’day, Mate! Let’s Put The Next Shrimp On The Barbie!”

It’s one of the best dumb and dumber quotes that you may have seen in the movie. Do you know the difference between Australia and Austria? Do you know that Austrians are similar to Germans if Australians are closer to English? Do you imagine that someone can think Australia and Austria are the same? If you are a man in your 30s and still make a mistake like this, it can be awkward. Right? Yes, and that’s why most comedy lovers loved this movie.

  • “Kiss His Ass, Sea Bass!”

Bostonians know Cam Neely as a hockey legend. The reason is he had the best hockey career but has finished his job. Others who are not from Massachusetts or the hockey world know him as Sea Bass. Any selected group can appreciate this cameo. However, these guys know Sea Bass is spitting on Harry’s burger when it comes to these guys. That’s one of the funniest and strangest parts of the movie. If you have watched the movie dumb and dumber, it’s always amusing and fresh, like newly released movies.

  • “Just When I Think You Couldn’t Possibly Be Any Dumber, You Go And Do Something Like This. And Totally Redeem Yourself!”

You may be wondering most quotes that are popular are quick. No. It’s not true in this case. Of course, it took 12 seconds, but it’s one of the most significant lines from this movie. Jeff Daniels had done some of the best comedy roles in that time. It led him to become one of the most comedian actors in the world. However, if you are seeing it for the first time, it can be surprising to you. This scene also proves how dumb Harry is.

  • “If I Know Her As Well As I Think I Do, She’ll Invite Us Right In For Tea And Strumpets!”

These two dumb guys got the wrong end of the events when it comes to the cultural references. However, while deciding to meet Mary Swanson, Lloyd was overconfident. Hence, he was looking dumber than ever. Do you overconfident when going to meet someone? The movie, dumb and dumber is one of the most shocking and funny movies. It keeps shocking you with unique and funny dumb and dumber quotes and scenes. What was your favorite scene from this movie?

  • We Got No Food, No Jobs! Our Pets’ Heads Are Fallin’ Off!”

These two dumb guys, Lloyd and Harry, reached their points because two thugs spied in a case of mistaken identity. Therefore, they left one parting gift for them. That was quite shocking because they twisted the head of the bird, and it was dead. These guys came home to look for the dead bird. It was the time in that film when these guys decided to go for a cross-country tour. Did you like this movie? You can list down scenes that keep you laughing and shocked while watching this movie.

  • “I Just Thought She Was A Raging Alcoholic!”

When Lloyd realized that Harry had been going on dates with Mary Swanson, he caught him. However, Harry didn’t react to that, but he wanted to know how his best friend would respond. So, he didn’t confront him but waited for his reaction. Didn’t you find it funny and strange? Harry asked Lloyd why Mary Swanson would meet him at 9 AM instead of 9 PM. Lloyd answered with a pitch-perfect response to betray his swollenness. It was one of the most exciting and turning points of the movie. You can see how dumb and dumber quotes can turn movies differently.

  • “No Way! We Landed On The Mood!”

Have you ever landed on the moon? What do people think if you landed on the moon? Lloyd was waiting the whole day because he thought Mary Swanson had stood him up. However, at the end of the day, the bartender advised him to reach out where Mary Swanson lived. His purpose was to send him and meet her, so he gave him the address of Mary Swanson. Without any doubt, Lloyd spotted a framed picture of Apollo Moon Landing. Hence, this scene was a perfect comedy and funny. Still, some people didn’t find it funny. You can say what your opinion is about dumb and dumber quotes.

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Did You Like Other Quotes From The Movie?

This article discussed the top 10 hilarious quotes from the movie dumb and dumber. However, everyone likes the film differently. You can also have your own opinions on the movie lines and scenes. We are waiting for you to share your favorite lines and scenes from the comedy movie dumb and dumber.

  • You can list down the scenes you like.
  • You can write down the lines you like.
  • You can practice some facial expressions used in the movie.
  • You can let us know what you didn’t like about the movie.

Wrapping Up:

Do you watch comedy movies? If you have read this article thoroughly, it means you have never missed anything about the dumb and dumber movie and dumb and dumber quotes. If you have any queries regarding other quotes and funny lines, let us know. If you are one of the comedy genre lovers, you can share your opinions on the scenes, lines, and sense of humor used in this film. Also, let us know if you believe it is challenging to work on most comedy movies like this.


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