10 Best Educational Apps For Students

Educational Apps For Students

A short while ago, many people considered the smartphone era to be a distraction for students, and they were correct to some extent. However, it has become impossible to continue peddling such an argument. Anyone still giving such arguments will be considered ignorant by the large populace, and rightfully so. What used to be a source of distraction is now an essential tool like educational apps for students for the academic success . The development of mobile apps has made it possible to turn smartphones into learning tools for students and easily participate in virtual classrooms and other activities. 

Furthermore, these apps also encourage the students to love learning as it makes it fun-filled and interactive for them. Thus, these apps are changing the landscape in education by making it easier to learn subjects, develop new skills in different fields, organize classroom activities, etc. 

Now that we know how effective education apps are for students, this article will discuss ten of the best educational apps that students can use to learn different things across different fields. 

1. Google Classroom

All educational institutions often require that students complete different assignments and homework. The teachers are also expected to review the homework and grade them. However, this process is not very straightforward. The processes that go into this can be very frustrating for the student without streamlining the process. 

The ultimate solution to this problem is Google Classroom, which is a kind of virtual classroom. This means that it can be used to send announcements seamlessly, create classes, start discussions, submit assignments and grading, ask for answers and remarks, share resources, etc.  

All it takes to start a classroom and for students to join is to enter the appropriate codes. 

2. edX

According to the latest reports of the college paper help, this educational app gives students a platform from some of the most prominent universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, MIT, etc., from their mobile devices. So if you have always wanted to study at a top university, then this app is your best shot at it. These universities, through this app, offer more than 2000 courses across several fields such as engineering, linguistics, business studies, computer science, etc. 

Successful completion of any of these courses through this app would add value to your career. Some of the features of this app are interactive video tutorials, regular quizzes, availability of study materials, etc. 

3. Khan Academy

This app is one of the best educational apps available for online learning. All the courses offered on this app are free and can be accessed by everyone anywhere in the world. The Khan Academy app makes learning easy for students, and it is done impressively. This academy provides students with unique ways to learn, such as the use of videos for learning. These videos include recordings of blackboard drawings. Even though it is virtual, it is used for explaining the topics. 

This app also offers preparatory courses for tests such as LSAT, SAT, MCAT, etc. This free app allows you to track your progress, and the courses are available in several languages. Students can also practice their assignments and exercises. 

4. Duolingo 

Learning a new language takes a lot of practice and patience, and not everyone has these qualities in abundance. That is why the learning technique must be adaptive so that learners do not lose interest and focus quickly. Here is where Duolingo comes in.

Duolingo makes it fun and interactive to learn several languages such as English, French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, etc. Of course, a simple game of picture labeling is where it all starts. Still, as you advance, there are several other engaging games to improve your grammar and vocabulary skills in the chosen language. This app also allows you to set daily goals and track your performances. 

5. Remind

This is one of the best educational apps, and it makes group reading more effective for students. With this app, the students can learn together and gather and share their thoughts. This app ensures that students remain connected to their schoolmates. There is also room for the teachers and parents to join the app to monitor the students’ learning. The class code allows users to join the community to make regular updates possible. Information is also easy to spread on this app to the whole class. 

6. Photomath 

Most students do not like learning math, and most would instead stick to reading and writing in other subjects than the calculations in math. However, the photomath learning app makes it easy for them to learn the subject. Mathematical problems can be solved quickly and easily. 

Students can easily get the solution to their math problem by simply uploading pictures of the printed or handwritten questions, and the app sends the solution. 

Some of the features of this app include offline classes, a solution with graphs, multiple solving methods, etc. 

7. SoloLearn 

Now more than ever, programming and code have a wide scope. The SoloLearn app is one of the best apps for coding enthusiasts. It does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner. You can get into the coding flow with the massive collection of coding tutorials across several programming languages such as C++, Python, PHP, swift, java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and so on. 

With app developers being high on the market demand list, these languages provide the foundational framework for mobile app development; and you can learn them easily on this platform. 

8. Quizlet

Quizlet makes learning easy and quick in several practical ways. You can easily find the button for different study modes such as write, learn, flashcards, test and match, and so on. You can learn any topic that you desire.

Flashcards help promote active recall for stimulating the memory while learning – and this is a powerful learning technique. This app has millions of readymade flashcards, and you can also create and share these flashcards with other students. It also contains several gaming activities for revising what was learned. Quizlet also has several checkpoints for study reminder progress. 

9. Kahoot

One way to hasten the learning process is through interactive quizzes. Getting an answer correctly gives the student an unexplainable delight and boosts their confidence to try again. This is why Kahoot is one of the best educational apps out there, as it ensures that the students can learn through quizzes. 

This app has several readymade quizzes across different topics and subjects. Students only need to choose a topic, and they will join the live quiz with other students. Students can also create quizzes and challenge their friends to a competition. Offline quizzes are also possible on this platform. The teacher can also create a quiz competition with this app and display it on a projector or interactive whiteboard. 

10. Udemy

Very few learning apps are as effective for students as Udemy. In addition, there are over 130,000 video tutorials on this platform for courses across several fields such as technology, personal development, business, marketing, etc. 

One of the most exciting things about this platform is that you get to learn everything and anything you want to learn at your pace. If there are lessons that you find difficult or feel stuck, you can always ask your instructor or co-students to put you through. 

For instance, if you have mobile app ideas, you can work with an Udemy expert teacher to take you through the process and teach you everything you need to know about app development. This app also has other features such as survey creator and discussions.


Educational apps have come a long way in helping students in the modern age. Here are some of the best educational apps for students to use in 2021.


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