Here Are The Most Important Target Interview Questions

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Are you preparing for the interview? If you are going to a job interview, you need to prepare for the target interview questions with what to answer and what not to say about you or your experience. There is no question that interviews are hectic, stressful, competitive, sometimes political, and primarily fearful, and there is a strong possibility that you are afraid of your following discussion, but don’t worry because this is the right place to overcome your fear with these interview questions that are target to hit your bull’s eye.


Interviews are hard to crack! Do you think like this? Don’t think about this like this because it’s not a fact and trustworthy because you might have seen some crazy people that quickly crack interviews whenever they change companies. That means discussions are not complicated. But why most people fail in the interview is a mystery for most people, and they don’t know how to crack interviews with target questions. The actual reason is a little yet appropriate preposition you do for your job interview, and of course, it needs you to prepare interview target questions.

Top Most Important Target Interview Questions:

In the following sections, we will discuss a few questions you should prepare with the best answers. We will also discuss what you should not say to the interviewer while having the answers to these questions.

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1. The Most Common Question (Tell Me Something About Yourself):

This question will never be missed because each time when you enter the interview room, your interviewer needs to know who you are. Your answers should be to the point with a detailed brief of your qualification, work experience, and interests, and it ok if you like to talk about your hobbies, but tell technical things first. If you tell about your interests and hobbies first, the interviewer will think you’re not interested in the job.

2. Why Do You Want To Work In This Company?

The first sentence you answer for this question must include the technical background and experience related to the company. It would be best if you told the interviewer that you want to work in one of the best companies in this field and have the technical knowledge and experience to work here. Also, the job requirements are fulfilled with your CV or resume. It would be best if you also discussed the job position and why you are fit for it, but don’t discuss too many things about how you can benefit the company. It should be in balance.

3. What Are Your Job Timing Preferences?

After discussing the basics, you may be asked about the job timing and shift preferences. Most companies have three shifts of eight hours each, and mostly, in these companies, you need to work changing shifts. The chances of getting hired quickly depend on your job flexibility. It would be best if you were flexible for all timings that make the interviewer motivated to engage you. Mostly, freshers are expected to be flexible. It would be best if you did not demand your preferred timings before you have any prior experience, specific issues like health issues or home issues.

4. What Are Your Achievement Expectations? 

Did you hear anything like “Where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?” through this question, the interviewer will predict your future actions, that you are motivated to work for the company for years, or that you will leave it for better opportunities. You should, of course, imagine yourself as a manager, senior manager, production head, or even CEO of the company after five or ten years, but never say you want to pursue something else, and you may leave after years. It’s a negative answer to the positive question.

5. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Before answering this question, don’t forget that everyone has some strengths and weaknesses. That’s why the interviewer is trying to play with your mind by asking this tricky question to check your honesty and confidence to accept your shortcomings. They also want you to improve it. So, consider these points about weaknesses.

  • Never say you have no weaknesses.
  • Don’t say you never think about your weaknesses.
  • Do not say you are weak about something related to the job.
  • Do not show that you’re weak in specific things you need to do while doing your job.
  • Say something related to your job.
  • Also, say that you are working on improving your weaknesses.
  • Don’t express that you are short-tempered and can’t take criticism too much. But instead, say you don’t like criticism, but take it positively and improve your habit.

6. Consider The Following Points About Strengths:

  • The interviewer is only interested in your strengths related to the job role. For example, if you say that you cook well, but your job role is to supervise the production team, it’s not your appropriate strength.
  • Please describe your experience, skills, and expertise in a brief related to the job role and tell about your strength in it.
  • Please do not take it too much because no interviewer likes to hear more good things about you from your mouth.
  • Be honest while telling your strength because according to it, you will be given the tasks, and they can quickly understand how good you are and the difference between what you told and what you did.

7. What Motivates You To Work Here?

If you are currently working at the company and are giving an interview for the change, or you are fresher, you should answer this question positively. Tell the answer based on the following points.

  • You like new challenges, targets, and goals to grow the company. 
  • You want to work under a good management team and coach and mentor juniors to train them.
  • Learning and growing mentally and technically is your goal.
  • You have creative ideas and seek opportunities to make something great with the company’s help.
  • The company can solve a few problems, and you have the possible solutions.
  • The company is an excellent platform for you to grow and learn many things under the management team.
  • Don’t say salary, company facilities, or employee benefits motivated you to give the job interview here.

8. What Is The Best Customer Service?

Customer service is one of the essential parts of the company’s functions because your customers become happy and loyal to the best possible services. So, it would be best if you answered this question mindfully because it’s tricky. The following points would help you with one of the target interview questions.

  • Quick response to customer complaints gives positive results.
  • Understand the customers and their needs to improve products and services. 
  • Take customers’ feedback positively to enhance services.
  • Compete with competitors wisely with better products to give the best services.

9. How To Make Customers Loyal?

If you are going for a job interview for a company that provides customers with goods or services, it needs customer loyalty. A loyal customer has recurring transactions with the company. It means that loyal customers directly help in net revenue and profit. The following points are a must remember for this target interview question.

  • Give the customers the best competitive products at lower prices.
  • Improve the product features and quality consistently.
  • Give personal attention and get familiar with customers to receive their feedback.
  • Improve customer buying experience that encourages them to interact with your company repeatedly.

10. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

You have higher salary expectations when you give a job interview based on your knowledge and experience. Answering this stressful question is a must because getting a job or not getting it depends on the answer to this question. 

If you have too high expectations, you won’t get placed, and if your expectations are lower than what they have planned, the interviewer will happily underpay you. Both cases are worst for you. So, intelligently answer this question.

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11. Why Should We Hire You?

The last question before finishing the interview is tricky and complicated. When asked this one of the target interview questions, you should keep calm and consider the following points.

  • You know the job description and job role responsibilities, and you have the eligibility for it based on your knowledge, experience, and qualifications. 
  • Tell them again about yourself with a bit of change. This time, we only say about technical things.
  • For example, you should tell about the degrees you have pursued, past job experience for the same role, skills and experience required for this job, and ideas you have to implement for that particular departure of the company to bring positive results. 

Wrapping Up:

Have you gone through all these target interview questions? We have discussed above the main and most commonly faced job interview questions that you can consider. We also discussed how you should answer these questions. So, there is a strong possibility of getting hired when you know how to answer job interview questions smartly. That’s why we also mentioned the things you should not tell the answer to these questions. Are you ready for the following job interview? Good luck! Tell us something that you would like to know about job interviews.


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