How to remove whiteheads on the skin in an effective manner.


All of you are familiar with the blackheads, but what about the whiteheads. Have you ever experience with whiteheads? If yes? Then how did you deal with it, and do you know what the reasons behind it are? But if you never experienced whiteheads, you must know about it like what the reason to come out whiteheads is or how to remove whiteheads with some home remedies and other natural remedies. When an excess of oil trapped in skin and air, does not reach inside skin only that time spot does not oxidize properly and seems white.

Before going into details, let us know what the whiteheads are and how to deal with them?

What is Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are another type of acne formed when oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells are found in your pores. These whiteheads are very much annoying, and it is developed at any time.

One of the best things about whiteheads is that it can be cured by taking some home remedies, natural remedies and other medical treatments. You can prevent yourself by doing some minor changes in your lifestyle, which we can discuss later in this article.

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What causes whiteheads?

There are several causes of getting whiteheads and proper knowledge with it can help you prevent it. The main cause of getting whiteheads is clogged pores, and there are several reasons behind blocking pores. One of the major causes of blocking pores is hormonal changes in body and lifestyle that increase oil and sebum in the higher amount responsible for increasing oil production cause of blocking pores.

Some of the contraceptives that have progesterone in higher amounts may also increase hormone levels in the body. It might be the cause of acne in the women—most of the women complain that they have more acne during their menstrual cycle.

Some studies claim that the acne problem is a genetic means if some are suffering from acne or whiteheads in your family, then there will be a higher risk of getting too.

Some time acne and whiteheads may appear at the place with a lot of friction, such as chin and athletic gear.

Where whitehead appears?

The whiteheads can be appearing on any part of the body where oil usually have such as chin, nose and forehead that is known as T-Zone.

You may feel whitehead on:

  • Chest
  • Back of the body
  • Shoulders
  • Both arms

Whitehead can take place in both men and women. We cannot say that this particular acne is to be found in men or women only. You can face acne problem any of the age moreover if you had never experienced acne in teen, there might be a chance to have during adult period.

Know How to remove whiteheads with the available treatment?

Whiteheads are considered one of the mild form of acne, and it can be cured easily compared to others.

Topical retinoid is one of the first-line treatments for whiteheads; however, this treatment needs to have at least three to four-month to see the effect. This treatment is being used ideally in the day or night.

Topical retinoid is only used to cure acne, not for pimples. Some several other mechanisms are using a retinoid, but ultimately it is used to prevent pore-clogging.

Always wear sunglasses and use sunscreen cream daily to cure whiteheads. Since, if your skin is too sensitive, go with a topical retinoid.

If you have inflammatory acne, your doctor prescribes to go with oral or topical antibodies that kill all the skin bacteria and reduce inflammation and another type of redness at the skin.

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On the other hand, oral birth control pills can also be used to treat acne in women, which is an FDA-approved method.

Hands-off approach for whiteheads

If you are facing whiteheads problem, first it is advised to use the hands-off approach in which you have to do nothing means do not touch your whiteheads and acne with your hand. Your hand could have many bacteria, which is the invitation of skin infection if you touch your face with the hands.

Picking and popping whiteheads techniques does not work to overcome whitehead problem; rather, it tends to increase irritation and scarring. It is advised to go with other preventive measures.

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How to remove whiteheads through home remedies?

Home remedies are one of the best options to overcome the whiteheads problem, and it involves things that are easily available in the house. Avoid using expired home ingredients. One thing should be kept in mind if you feel any irritation on using home remedies, stop using this home remedy immediately.

There are many remedies to help in skin problem while others can cause skin irritation such as:

  • Citric acid such as lime water or apple cider vinegar is very acidic for sensitive skin
  • Do not use baking soda for skin treatment because it is too harsh for the skin
  • Sugar crystal can cause inflammation, or it is responsible for cutting the skin
Cure whiteheads via other natural remedies

Cure via natural remedies is one of another alternative option to overcome the whitehead problem. While the natural world is quite interesting and it seems more promising.

Use of vitamin-A Cream

Vitamin A has full of nutrient and antioxidant properties. Vitamin A has the potential to decrease skin redness and other inflammation, and it is helpful in the promotion of healthy cells growth.

There are so many creams that contain vitamin A, and there are available at the natural health store. You can apply this vitamin A enabled cream on your face one or two times daily. Vitamin A product is very sun-sensitive so while using this product, always wear a daily sunblock.

Use of Tea-tree oil:

This tea-tree oil is used as a natural inflammatory, and it contains anti-microbial benefits, and it is very helpful in clearing up whiteheads.

This tea tree oil is available in the product you use directly on the face, such as cleansers, masks, and other kinds of spot treatments containing tea-tree oil.

Use of Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the best skincare natural home remedies, and it is beneficial while facing acne or whiteheads problem.

Cure whiteheads with the help of witch hazel:

Witch hazel is very helpful in healing in whiteheads, and it has astringents, pore opening features. Hazel is more convenient to use in the styptic form. Use this with a simple cotton ball and use it twice in a day.

Remedies when home and natural remedies fail

If home remedies and natural remedies do not work for your skin, now it’s time to go with some other counter products to clear your whiteheads. One of considering as OTC treatment

It would help if you were careful and not to use all the ingredients at one time. Use of too much acne product can lead to dry your skin. You know, patience is also important with acne products, and all the mentioned treatment can take full months or more that of that.

With the help of Benzoyl peroxide:

Benzoyl peroxide is useful in spot treatment and full-face treatment both, and it is helpful to overcome the excess of oil and bacteria. If you have multiple whiteheads, it is helpful to reduce inflammation.

You have to use it in the affected area and apply it twice in a day and wash your hand immediately after using this product.

Reduce whiteheads problem with Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid can decrease oil production in the pore and help to dry the outer skin surface. It is also helpful to get rid of dead skin that is responsible for clogging the skin.

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Salicylic acid is one of the effective and more beneficial measures against the whiteheads. You need to use this acid one to three times daily. It is also available in acne toner, cream and gels.

Use of retinoid cream:

It contains a stronger version of vitamin A, and you can use it daily on your face to overcome acne problem. Try to use in the night and use two or three times a day to get the best results.

Misconception about whiteheads:

There are so many misconceptions with whiteheads. First, understand what should do and don’t to overcome this whiteheads problem. There are some factor given below that does not impact while facing acne or whiteheads problem

  • Washing clothes and scrubbing does not impact on preventing whiteheads
  • Dirt is not caused by acne and whitehead also
  • Cleaning of the face too hard can be the cause of irritating the skin and could be worse more
  • Glabrous food does not cause acne and whiteheads
A possible complication with whiteheads:

By following ways, you deal with your acne can affect your skin health. If you are experiencing this whitehead problem, it isn’t very reassuring and causes of permanent spot on your face or body again and again. Once the scar appears, treat it; otherwise, it could be a permanent spot on the face or body.

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Important skincare guidelines to cure whiteheads problem

Positive care of skin can prevent you from acne and whiteheads for a longer period. By following the given tips about How to remove whiteheads, you can cure your skin for a long time, and there will be fewer chances to take any medical treatment.

  • Wash your face properly in the two times of the day. Try to use milk product such as Dove etc. you also wash your face after a workout or outdoor activities.
  • Always use warm water for bathing and cleansing.
  • Do not go with harsh scrub could be the cause of irritation on the skin.
  • If you are facing whiteheads problem, exfoliate the dead skin in a weak to overcome dead skin problem that is responsible for clogging skin pores. Always exfoliate smoothly. Harsh can cause further irritation and more whiteheads problem.
  • Always use sunglass when going for outing and use sunscreen lotion to avoid a skin from sun rays.
  • Always wash your hair daily with a good shampoo, especially if you have long hair. Hair oiling is necessary to prevent pore-clogging
  • Always keep away any hair product from the face.
  • Always clean your smart phone, pillow cover and sunglasses at the regular interval because all these items usually are in touch with the skin. So it is best practice to clean items to get rid of bacteria.

If you are a makeup lover, there are few things you should keep in mind about How to remove whiteheads.

  • Always wash your make up daily.
  • Always go with a branded makeup kit that labeled oil-free and noncomedogenic. All oil-free products do not leave a bad impact on the skin and not cause of blocking pores.
  • Do not overuse of cream and powder. It is advisable to use cream in a month and power in a year.
  • Always avoid using makeup jar that contains harbor bacteria.
  • Always wash makeup brush and other equipment after use.
  • Do not share your makeup with another one.
When to approach dermatologist:

Having acne or whiteheads on face or body could be uncomfortable and frustrating. If you are suffering from mild whiteheads, treat it with proper medication.

You can also replace your face and body product with that oil-free and gentle product for your face and skin.

If all procedure mentioned above does not work, contact with your doctor or dermatologist immediately to treat your acne or whiteheads problem,

In this above article, you understand the main causes behind whiteheads:

  • How to remove whiteheads easily.
  • Which remedies available to overcome this whitehead problem.
  • Which tips we should follow to maintain our skin and get rid of the whiteheads problem.


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