Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine

Nintendo has never disappointed its players with its range of games. Let it be Animal Crossing or Mario, the organization always makes sure that its fans get nothing but the best. In 2002, it came up with one such legendary game, “Super Mario Sunshine. The game was released for Nintendo GameCube, and it started collecting positive reviews from the very beginning.

The reason for that was the game’s diversion from the core gameplay of Mario. Some critics also found this factor to be ruining the original Mario, but overall nobody said that Super Mario Sunshine was not playing worthy. For all the game fans, here we have bought some facts about it that they might have missed while playing. However, before we move to them, let’s explore some details about the game and see what it brings for all the players. 

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine is a 3D platform game that was released in 2002, exclusively for Nintendo GameCube. After the success of Super Mario 64, this was Nintendo’s second attempt at the 3D platformer Mario. The organization tried various sequels of 64 like Super Mario 128 and Super Mario 64 2, but they dropped on these ideas.  


Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine started with Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and five Toads being on vacation at Isle Delfino. Then entered the villain of the game, Shadow Mario, who resembled Mario. He vandalized the entire island with graffiti, for which Mario was blamed. After that, Mario gets punished and is asked to clean the island while he tries to save Princess peach. He uses a unique device named “Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device” that helps him to clean the graffiti from the island. 

Facts About Super Mario Sunshine

Now that everyone knows what the game is about let’s move on to some interesting facts about it. Usually, games like Super Mario do not have much to dig in. But as this was a deflection from the regular Mario gameplay, it managed to collect a lot of exciting facts. Here are the most significant ones. 

Voice Involvement

People who are following Mario from its initial phase, know that the game does not involve any kind of voice work, except for the legendary Mario tune. However, as Nintendo was entirely experimenting with this game, they tried to give it as many variations as possible. And there came the voice work of game characters. Along with Mario, Toadworth, Princess Peach, and Bowser had their voices in the cutscenes of the series. 

Though the experiment failed because of the bad audio mixing and was later removed, it still was a good try from Nintendo’s side. The game returned to the classic text box approach in its later installments. 

Sirena Beach Or GameCube Controller?

Super Mario Sunshine

Manta Ray Boss and Haunted Hotel were seemed to be the most exciting parts of the Sirena Beach. But most of the players would have missed to check out the layout of that beach. From the overhead view of the beach, they can easily notice that the designers have given the beach shape of GameCube Controller. Here are the details that they can notice while looking. 

  • To form the controller’s buttons, developers have placed the left pools in exactly the same positions. 
  • The palm tree on the right side of the beach forms the joystick. 
  • The start button was formed with the pit fire at the center of the beach. 
  • To complete the controller’s look, developers added two cabanas in the place of D-pad and C-stick. 

Players might need to look closely to find all these points and complete the controller. 

Super Mario Sunshine: A Helpful Game

It is not a new thing to say that games form a player’s behavior. That is why parents suggest their children play more fun games than violent ones. A scientific study was conducted in the year 2009 to prove that Prosocial Games like Super Mario Sunshine are actually helpful for the players. It stated that these types of games help the player in developing better behavioral traits. 

Super Mario Sunshine Was Original Splatoon

As said, Nintendo wanted to experiment with the game as much as possible. It had big dreams for the game, and one of them included the idea of spreading paint. The players would have not only cleaned the mess, but they would have also created their own mess around. It was an idea that would have enabled the game to go into a multiplayer mode. 

However, instead of incorporating the feature into Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo decided to turn it into a whole new series named “Splatoon.” 

Italian Tribute

Super Mario Sunshine

Players who have known Mario forever, know that the character has an Italian heritage. However, that factor is never shown in any of the games. But Nintendo did bring it up with Super Mario Sunshine. The Italian tribute can be seen in the names and the words used during the game. Here are a few examples of it.

  • Isle Delfino: The location’s name itself translates to Dolphin in Italian. 
  • Gelato Beach: Gelato means ice cream in Italian. 
  • Noki Bay: Noki translates to Shell in Italian. 
  • Arrivederci: This is what the character says when it loses a life. It converts to Good-Bye in Italian. 

FLUDD Design

Another interesting fact about Super Mario Sunshine is the FLUDD’s design. It is the cannon that Mario uses to clean the mess around the island. It had various nozzles to choose from, and all of them were plain. The developers initially wanted to give the cannon a nozzle that would resemble a gun. But to keep the game away from controversies and keep it in the non-violent genre, they dropped the idea and moved on with the plain nozzles. 

It might not have made sense at the time, but with the long-term factors, it seemed to be a smart move. 


These were some of the most interesting facts about Super Mario Sunshine that its fans might not have known. With its non-violent gameplay, it is suitable to be played by anyone. And that is why it still stands as one of the best games on Nintendo GameCube. 


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