iPad Pro: The Floating iPad

iPad Pro

iPads have always managed to stand better than their competitors. With their friendly interface and high-end security, people love them more than any other tablet or even laptop. When they were introduced in 2010, they were more on the iPhone side. As they had all the iPhone features in a bigger 9-12 inch screened body. But with every update, Apple has been trying to move them towards the MacBook. With the iPad Air series, they were able to bring it into the moderation of iPhones and MacBooks. And with the recent iPad Pro, they turned the iPad into a full-fledged laptop. iPad Pro comes with cursor support, which enabled them to use the new Magic Keyboard which has a trackpad in it.

The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro comes with a magnetic technology that just sticks the iPad with it. These two products together convert the iPad into a computer. That is the reason why Apple introduced iPad Pro with the tagline, “Your next computer is not a computer.”

iPad Pro Introduction

Apple has released so many ads ever since to let people know of all the features that this new “DUO” provides. In one of the ads, iPad Pro was shown breaking most of the conventional ways of using a computer as anyone can use it anywhere and anytime. Plus, if the keyboard feels inconvenient, then it can be removed easily. The ad also revealed how the new and powerful iPad Pro can handle multitasking. And not to forget, the best iPad rear camera ever. 

In one of the most recent ads, Apple highlighted the fact that the iPad Pro floats on the Magic Keyboard. It has been made possible with the magnetic connection between the magic keyboard and the iPad. The motive of the ad was to emphasize the point that a user can easily adjust the angle of the iPad according to their needs. It shows a computer-generated bird checking out the iPad while the “Dream Girl” by Anna of the North plays in the background.

Here are some of the details of all-new iPad Pro that has already hit the market and people are loving it. 

The iPad Pro:

iPad Pro

Beginning with the chipset, the new iPad Pro comes with the A12Z Bionic chipset. It is not much different from the previous A12X Bionic chipset. Except for the fact that the previous A12X had only 7 GPU cores activated, while the new one has all 8 GPU cores activated. The next thing that has won many hearts is the best in class camera. Though the camera looks like the rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro, it has some differences. Like the new ultra-wide 10MP camera along with the 12MP one. The camera has the LiDAR sensor that allows depth sensing and makes way for AR capabilities of the iPad. 


iPad Pro

Next up are the variants. Unlike previous iPads, Apple bought in some variant options for the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro options available are:

  • 11-inch Model in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB memory options. 
  • 12.9-inch Model in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB memory options.

Along with this, users can choose between two network options: WiFi only and WiFi+Cellular. There are also two color options of Silver and Space gray, which has always been there in iPads. The price of the 11-inch model starts at $799, while the price of the 12.9-inch model starts at $999. For the additional cellular features, users will need to pay an extra amount of $150. 

And to convert their iPad Pros into a laptop, they will have to buy the Magic Keyboard separately. And that will cost them another $299 or $349, according to the model of the iPad. But the good news is for those who own the 2018 iPad Pros, as they will be able to use the Magic Keyboard with their tablets too. If they are not a big fan of the camera, they can easily avoid upgrading their tablets as there is no much difference between the two.

Other features:

iPad Pro

Apple inherited the Apple Pencil support in the new iPad Pro. The accessory costs $129, but it makes the user’s work smoother and convenient. Another interesting feature is the auto-adjustable speakers that reconfigure themselves according to the device’s orientation. The feature stands important because of the device’s flexibility of converting into a computer. 

The device performs better than the previous iPads. And with the LiDAR sensors, who knows where it takes the users in the coming future. Because the need for Augmented Reality will only be increasing with time. The sensors along with the Apple Pencil support makes the iPad Pro a perfect work station for virtual artists. By the end of the latest ad of iPad Pro, which was mentioned earlier, the bird that was checking out the iPad was revealed to be virtually created by an artist on the device. 


The only two things that held the iPad Pro from becoming a MacBook are:

  • Missing Function Row: Function row is the top row of the keyboard that allows the user to perform various functions in a single click. The new Magic Keyboard does not have it. So the users need to browse through the settings for any control changes. 
  • No 3rd Party App Support: The cursor support does not pass on to the 3rd party apps on iPad Pro. And that kills the feel of the trackpad. So the users will have to interact directly with the screen while using 3rd party apps. 

If these two points are ignored, then the iPad Pro with its Magic Keyboard can easily replace computers. 


Apple always manages to get creative with its devices as well as with ads. The way they are portraying the 2020 iPad Pro along with the Magic Keyboard in their latest ads, is incredible. The duo can be a good option for people who want to upgrade their laptops. But they need to take the price factor into consideration as the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard are sold separately and none of them is inexpensive. 


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