Is auto vocabulary improving English?


Do you get frequent spelling errors prior to typing a word but still can’t help out? Well, if the reply from the other end is yes, then the auto vocabulary software can help you to a great extent in this regard. It is basically a certain language programming technology that is comprised of a number of cutting-edge mechanisms and will help you greatly with different types of spelling issues. Many virtual platforms like the word processors, chat technologies and various other text exchanging platforms have found this software immensely beneficial in resolving the different types of spelling issues that their customers come across.

And just the way the auto vocabulary refrains you from being perplexed while cropping up with the right spellings on the screen, there are also several disadvantages that people might face in terms of communication problems. Just the way it helps in searching for longer words or phrases, on the other hand, it can end up opting for the wrong word or phrase for you. And as a result, you will inadvertently send an erroneous message to the recipient that you never wanted to convey.

What do people say about Auto Vocabulary?

Well, as technology is progressing in leaps and bounds, people are finding various means to communicate virtually at ease. Although with the coming up of the auto vocabulary software, communication has become much feasible amongst people now, on the contrary, many sections of people have already started encountering its negative consequences as well. For instance, Carrie Beth Buchanan, an English teacher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham clarifies that most of the high school students have become immensely dependent on electronic spell checkers. Hence, she has to spend most of her precious time circling the misspelled words on the assignments.

Although the world of texting has been considered as one of the most important genres of writing nowadays, it can actually degrade the person’s conventional writing skills to a great extent. For, since time immemorial people have been thinking first and putting them into effect through their own efforts later. And the arena of writing impeccable English is no exception either. Whoever the writers who have left behind a legacy of great writing assets have all become successful due to the creativity that they had possessed.

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And when people, especially aspiring learners of English are opting for the platform of auto vocabulary, it not only degrades their creativity to a great extent but also does not stir up the writing fervor in them and thirst for finding new and innovative words every day and therefore their consequent spellings. And the usage of these modes of auto-correction software can actually lead to a lack of zeal and enthusiasm to write on more enthusiastic concepts. Imagine if a software automatically finds the spelling of the word for you, then from where you will get the ardency to look for newer words every day and thereby boosting up your vocabulary in English up to a great extent.

What are the merits of auto vocabulary?

Well, when it comes to the benefits of the auto vocabulary software, it has indeed become a boon for erroneous typewriters. If you are someone who finds looking up the dictionary for a word to a hectic task, then this particular software can be immensely beneficial for you. Also, if you are into the writing genre and you need to write in bulk, then looking up the dictionary time and again won’t be a smart job to do at all.

Instead, you can certainly use the tool of auto vocabulary to rectify your spelling errors instantly within a short spell of time. Just the way it saves your time, it will save a lot of your energy as well. And one of the greatest merits of these kinds of spell checkers is that they are automatic and you need to put the least amount of labor while checking the spellings of your words. For, the computer is going to do everything on your behalf, right from cropping the probable spelling options for you to that of underlining the erroneous spellings on your behalf in case you have typed in the spellings incorrectly.

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What about its Cons?

Ever since the tool of auto vocabulary has come into being in the form of autocorrects and spell checkers, the genre of writing has lost its true aesthete. This means that earlier people used to write about different topics on typewriters and there were no such means to autocorrect their wrongly typed spellings and the entire of the content would be rejected. When such was the case, writers were compelled to become more and more impeccable in committing the least of spelling mistakes.

But now with the coming up of the auto vocabulary tool, the writers don’t have to put in much effort while incorporating any word in the context. Hence, their stock of words is also not enhancing. And when these writers possess a dire quality of vocabulary in them, their writing caliber also degrades like anything and they tend to think or example of research paper the least while writing. And this is one of the major shortcomings that the current era writers are facing now in terms of writing good quality content all by themselves.

Also, one of the major disadvantages that the genre of writing English can be faced up with the tool of auto vocabulary is the regional barriers in spelling between different types of places like the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and many others. Hence, you need to tread fine line while typing the spelling and will have to ascertain the fact that whether it all matches with their version of the spelling or not. Also, there are many spell checkers that are not updated with the latest versions of the spellings and you will have the chance to write the wrong spelling of the word while writing your content in the English language.

Final Note!

So, in reference to the aforementioned information, you must have understood very well that the tool of auto vocabulary has an array of merits and demerits as well that can both affect your writing skills negatively and positively as well.

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