How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business?


Have you ever thought about how important your domain name can be? Why do you think it is that important?

Having a business along with a quality website with the best domain name will attract a number of people who will love to visit your website. But you need to be quite particular, as this is one of the factors that can make your business as well as break it. As it is a crucial step, so you need to be quite careful while choosing a domain name for your business.

Is the domain important?

  • The first impression:

    The URL is the first thing that people look for while having a look at your company. An impressive domain name will help you in making a positive as well as long-lasting impression on the potential leads, whereas a domain that isn’t that good can send away visitors without even taking a single look at your site.

  • Affects SEO:

    Getting a perfectly curated domain name is not a requirement, but you can improve the SEO ranking by simply including keywords in your domain.

  • Defines your brand:

    The right domain name will help in increasing the value of the business.

Tips to choose a domain name

There are few factors that are discussed below which will help you in selecting the right domain name for your business.

1.Using the right extension for your domain

You need to be quite clear when you are phrasing the best domain name. You should choose the right extension which is .com when you are framing the domain name. It has been found that almost 43% of all the domains consist of the extension that is .com. The .com is used as t is one of the easiest and familiar names that can be remembered by anyone.

There are a lot of other successful websites also such as .net or .org, but it is better that you use .com. You can also use .net or .org when you think is not going with the best domain name that you have framed. Try to avoid those extensions which include .space, .club, .pizza, etc.

2. Brandable compared to generic

Brandable and creative are always termed to be better than generic. The best domain name is one of the factors which will help people to find, remember as well as share more details about the company on the website. This is the foundation level of the business. There is a difference between generic as well as brandable where a generic domain name is the one which is stuffed with keywords.  A brandable domain is the best domain name as it is unique and stands out from all.

3. Shorter is best

While deciding about the length of the domain, it is better if the length is shorter. A study has discovered that the common name length consists of 12 characters. This shows that you should keep the best domain name concise. Try to keep it between 6 to14 characters that are short and can be remembered. Earlier the shorter domain names were popular, but now the domain name which is brandable is preferred the most.

4.Easy to type


Did you ever notice the type of names that the most popular websites of the world have such as Twitter, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and CNN. One thing that is common in all of them is it is easy to remember these names. The clients who are looking for it should be able to type the best domain name without facing any problem. If you find the domain name complicated to spell it in the first go, then you should not keep it as it means that it’s too complicated.

The most important thing is if they are not able to spell it properly, then they will mistype it while typing and end up visiting some other website. The best way to decide whether you should keep this as your domain name or not depends on how easily it can be spelled and pronounced. If your target leads are able to spell it clearly, then you can definitely keep it otherwise you need to simplify it.

5.Easy to pronounce

The best domain name is the one that you can pronounce easily. This will help the visitors to share the domain name amongst a wider group of prospects. You can check the way you spell it. The best domain name would be the one that can easily pass along to the others.  The only way to do this is you should be able to spell as well as pronounce it easily.

6. Avoid numbers or hyphens

The best domain name is the one that anyone is able to remember easily. Using of numbers as well as hyphens makes it difficult to remember. Imagine the name Facebook, if it had a hyphen in between like Face-book. Then it might not have been spread so easily. The bottom line is that the domain name should be the one that is easily comprehensible and should be the one that people can remember for a long time. It is always better to stick to letters and not symbols or signs while framing the best domain name.

7.Aim for long term

This is one of the biggest elements that will define the brand or the business over the years. Changing the domain name in the future will cost you money as well as branding. In short, it will create unnecessary expenses. So, when you are selecting a domain, make sure that it is for the long term. If you are thinking to expand your business through digital marketing services, it is better to reconsider the domain name now itself. So, it is recommended to have a long term vision when you are thinking of framing the domain name.

The domain name will have a big impact on the profits and success of the business. Therefore, go through these tips and build the most exciting, impressive, and relatable domain name. Do tell us your choice of domain name. We would love to know!


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