Key Features of Contact Centre Monitoring Tools

Centre Monitoring Tools

Customer satisfaction is the prime goal of any business. Your contact centre interactions are often the first communication the customer will have with your business and provides the first opportunity to make a great impression. 

Customer interactions can take place over phone, chat rooms, emails or messaging and each interaction needs to count. Contact centre monitoring software provides a range of features that can monitor and analyse the performance of agents, customers responses and initial queries and the effectiveness of automated response tools. 

Collection of data, trouble shooting and improving response and resolution time will ensure your customers are receiving the best service possible from your contact centre and, importantly, interactions are optimised toward making sales.  

Key Features of Contact Centre Monitoring Tools 

Monitor, trouble shoot 

Ensuring that interactions are not beset with technical issues is equally as important as how well an agent engages with each customer. Website and contact centre links, automated responses, and one on one interactions can all experience glitches.  Omnichannel capabilities can open the way for multiple areas of interruption which is highly mitigated with an effective contact centre monitoring system.  Monitoring software can proactively identify problems and send alerts as soon as an issue occurs, paving the way for successful customer communication.   Voice and video testing is also an essential tool of the contact centre monitoring software package.  

Speech analytics offers comprehensive reporting 

With every interaction monitored, checking of random calls is a thing of the past.  Speech analytics identify patterns such as specific words, phrases and tones that are either successful or could be improved upon.  Analysis of phone calls can identify common themes or issues that customers are calling about, allowing a swifter resolution of the problem. 

Meet performance goals 

Contact centre monitoring software allows analysis of every call and contact made, using high end data collection and analytics to establish which interactions are the most effective.  This information can be used to target training toward individual agents and do away with generalised training which is time consuming and irrelevant to an entire team.  

Dashboards for end-to-end visibility for customers and agent performance. 

Agents are able to monitor their own performances via the software dashboard tools.  They can use a range of metrics including comparison against their colleagues or self-evaluation and can learn from the successful interactions of other agents in the centre. The dashboard also provides evaluation opportunities for managers.  The supervisor can set performance benchmarks for teams or individuals, assign specific training, or suggest coaching or knowledge resources based on the analytics provided by the contact monitoring software tools. 

Key Performance Indicators

Your analytical tools can help identify useful KPI’s for agents.  The Key Driver Analysis tool will identify what generates the most customer satisfaction and can link this to desirable KPIs.  Contact monitoring software tools can capture customer feedback to identify potential enhancements for interactions. 

Utilising the tools available in your contact monitoring software package is most effective way for your contact centre to achieve both high customer satisfaction and increased performance in all interactions.


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