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The landscape of digital marketing is looking into capitalizing on what is new. For this reason, marketers are not going after traditional media to post ads. Here is how marketers know to Twitch Marketing.

Rather, they look into underdogs that are soon to take over the worldwide net. Twitch is such an example that modern marketers are exploiting successfully. Twitch offers niche markets that are fresh for plucking.

What Twitch Is To Marketers

The ownership of Twitch is in the hands of Amazon. It’s a platform for streaming videos. The site was mainly for gamers where they would play for their audience’s viewing pleasure.

This simple concept may seem pointless to some of us from prior generations. Who would want to watch some other guy play games? The same games they can play themselves, at tha.

Well, the undeniable truth is that Twitch is worth 137.9 billion dollars! The interaction between streamers and viewers is more engaging and, for some, even down to a personal level, so more and more brands want a slice of the cake.

There are around 100 million active monthly users on Twitch. Also, 2.2 million streamers enrich the site with new content every month.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite are two games that bring in millions of gamers monthly. The same gamers stay put on Twitch and watch their heroes narrate games.

Some new users find it hard to get followers. The following is an easy solution to this problem. You can acquire as many followers as you need.

How Streamers Make Money

Twitch is free for streamers, but ads are a nuisance. For that reason, you get 3 subscription offers. These subscriptions get rid of the ads and give access to different benefits. A portion of the money goes to the streamer, and the rest goes to Twitch.

Another way of making money on Twitch is by taking charity. In other words, this is called “getting bits.” So, if you make quality content that viewers cannot get enough of, you can get plenty of “bits” by viewers.

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The next way to make money is by participating in online game competitions. These contests are by gamers, for gamers, and the money is real. However, you have to be the best of the best to win such a competition.

Last but not least, think about being an influencer across social media. Ninja is a streamer on Twitch who is doing exactly that.

Getting to Generation Z

Over 80 percent of all Twitch viewers are male, and over 50 percent are between the age of 18-34. 

Marketers see the flood of young people from all around the world gushing through Twitch. So the big question in their mind’s how to get this mass of people to their sites. Or at least, how to get their logos in front of so many eyes for branding.

The M.D. of Intelligencia, Andrew Pearson, says they use Twitch Marketing the sponsor messages. Macau Tourism Board, Red Bull, Youku, and other companies have been sponsors for game competitions in the past.

Mr. Pearson says that he is keen on reaching the younger audience that follows Twitch. Moderators can connect with enormous audiences who leave a stream of comments. This enables better customer engagement.

The CEO of StreamElements, Doron Nir, agrees with Mr. Pearson. Twitch is indeed a great place for marketers who are targeting Generation Z and Millenials.

Nir says that live video streaming is perfect for rich influencer marketing that has more engagement value.

He also thinks that Twitch engages a younger audience as they accumulate a community of similarly-thinking individuals. You develop a strong trust or relationship with streamers. 

Persuasion of such streamers to incorporate brand messages and advertising leads to long-lasting impressions.  

How To Start Twitch Marketing

To start Twitch Marketing, you need to be a Twitch Partner. To do so, you need a substantial number of viewers engaging in the chat. Also, you will need to broadcast three or more times every week. 

And finally, your content should follow the Twitch Rules of Conduct, DMCA Guidelines, and Terms of Service.

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Once you become a partner, you will be able to run ads every 8 minutes. Also, you will have the option of pre-roll, post-roll, or mid-roll ads.

If you have a brand that you wish to promote, collaborate with streamers with huge followings and constant viewers to get maximum exposure.

Brands Engaging on Twitch

Kellogg’s Krave

Kellogg’s made an ad for France, Italy, and Spain with the platform being Twitch. The ad was an animation of “Krave Chocovore” with a Twitch Hoodie on. This was a testament to the collaboration.


When The Sims 4 came out, EA became partners with a streamer known as RoryPlays. The result of the collaboration was a live stream of The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs.

RoryPlays went through all the features of the game while streaming. The idea was a hit as RoryPlays got the world to know how generous EA is, and the best part is, the words came out of a trustworthy mouth.


KFC got together with a streamer at Twitch. They were not going for just any popular Twitch streamer. Instead, they went for a PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds player known as “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” This led to some clever KFC promotion.


Twitch is new in comparison to YouTube; however, it’s becoming a lucrative prospect for marketers. Right now, it’s worth about 137.9 billion dollars.

Over 80 percent of Twitch users are male. Also, over 50 percent of users are between 18-34. For this reason, the marketing world is keen on penetrating Generation Z and millennials.

The Twitch Portal gives you a few ways to make money. For that, you need to have a lot of engaging followers.

Another alternative is to be good at gaming to earn rewards. But the absolute best way is to be a professional influencer on social media.

The biggest names in online marketing think Twitch oozes the potential to bring in the youth. If you can get influencers to relay your message to the youth, you engrave the message.

We hope you get the most out of Twitch in your marketing endeavors.

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