Top 15 Of The Best Drama Movies Of All Time

best drama movies of all time
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Do you like drama stories? You may have watched movies like Florida Project, Dunkirk, or any other drama movies worth watching. Most drama movies can give you a profound emotional reaction, feeling, and excitement to watch more and more drama movies. Either drama movies make you laugh or cry, but they give the most profound satisfaction watching movies. In this article, we have shared the names of 15 of the best drama movies of all time that you must watch once. We have briefly explained all films to let you know what’s best about them.

Best drama movies of all time to watch:

The most beautiful part of any of the best drama movies of all time is its humanity, and many people are taught the living style in society, culture, and respect of others. When you watch drama movies, you can learn different things from them, and there is no need to worry about watching these movies with your kids or family members. You can watch drama movies with your family, friends, guests, and partner. 

You may be under-confidence about which drama movies are the best of all time, and we would like to say many movies say hundreds of drama movies are available, and you can watch them online or offline through downloading. But we have shared a few movies with you so you can start watching drama movies.

best drama movies of all time
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The following 15 best movies are best to entertain yourself.

1) 12 Years A Slave 2013:

This movie is about a man’s survival, an incredible true story of that man. This movie shows us a free black man coming from New York. Someone kidnapped that man and sold him into the slave trade that occurred in the antebellum south, and that man struggled for his escape and survival. The story starts with the enslaved man that tells us how his past turned his life and explains everything in the flashbacks.

2) A Star Is Born 2018:

This is one of the best drama movies of all time. You can see Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born. In this movie, she was a single songwriter, and her talent was fantastic that it impressed the famous musician Jackson Maine. He saw her at a small bar, and she chose to go to a town with him. Of course, they fall in love, which makes her happy. She succeeds but struggles in the relationship, which leads her to become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

3) Animal Kingdom 2010:

Do you know that Jacki Weaver got her first Oscar nom for this film (Animal Kingdom)? She played a role in the Australian crime family. Her mother died due to an overdose, and the lead actor moves to their grandmother, where the character handled the family business of armed robbery, and there are so many things to learn.

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4) Atonement 2007:

This movie is a story of the 1930s in Britain. In this movie, actress Saoirse Ronan mistakenly thinks that her sister, Cecilia, was raped by Robbie. She believes that police arrested the rapist but then released him from prison with the condition that he would serve the national military in the battle of France. It’s one of the best drama movies that won the award. 

5) Billy Elliot 2000:

Do you like movies about miners? In this film, you can see a coal miner’s son who lives in 80s Britain. He was interested in ballet, but his father and brother used to be traditionally masculine. That’s why he couldn’t learn how to dance and decided to learn dance through a privileged class. His tutor understood that the boy had the potential to join the Royal Ballet.

best drama movies of all time
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6) Children of Men 2006:

This movie shows the concept of infertility spread over decades, and the human race was about to face extinction. That’s why the society was in trouble because it was collapsing with each blink of an eye, but a former activist helped a refugee, a lady the activist believed was the last pregnant woman on the earth.

7) Dunkirk 2017:

The next movie on this list of best drama movies is Dunkirk, released in 2017. If you are crazy about watching movies from the best categories, watch this movie today. It’s one of the best drama movies to watch. It’s not an old movie because 2017 was just passed five years. So, you can enjoy it.

8) Fences 2016:

1950s Philadelphia is a place where garbage collector Troy Maxson had a dream to succeed by becoming a famous and professional baseball player. But in the major leagues, he was declared too old for playing in the teak. But he played well and kept grinding to succeed in his life. There was nothing he couldn’t do. This movie is inspiring and drama king.

9) Gone Girl 2014:

Do you watch movies with Ben Affleck? In this movie, Ben Affleck played Nick Dunne. He found that his house was turned upside down. His wife was Amy, and he couldn’t find her in their home. But in the investigation, everyone thought the husband was responsible for his wife’s disappearance. So, he became the most hated man in America. 

10) Hidden Figures 2016:

It’s also one of the best and most incredible stories converted in movies. In this movie, you can see three black women working at NASA, and they team up to solve one equation. That equation was believed to help in the space race. In this story, you can see gender inequality, and there is a dramatized story of Mary Jackson.

11) Jaws 1975:

If you enjoy the sea life or wildlife movies, you can watch this one of the best drama movies. Here, a shark becomes a killer and threatens people at the vacationing population gathered at Amity island. If you live to watch this movie, don’t forget to watch Jaws 1975. It’s an incredible story of a killer shark that attacks people on the island. 

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12) Lion 2016:

Do you want to watch an Indian best drama movie? Watch lion was released in 2016. In this movie, a five-year-old Saroo found himself in Calcutta, India. He found himself alone after getting separated from his brother and family in Khandwa. The place was 1000 miles away from his current location. An Australian family adopts the boy after a few months of unsuccessful trials of finding his family.

13) Moonlight 2016:

Do you want to watch the best pictures that won picture-winning awards for a story? This film shows a young black man struggling to find a better place in the world, and there are three chapters to this film. You can see the boy’s childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Of course, many people in movies have the same type of storytelling movies, but this one is great.

14) Picnic At Hanging Rock 1975:

Have you ever gone to a picnic? Of course, no one will lose this chance, and what would you say if I advise watching a picnic movie of 1976 that tells the story of 1900? Watch this movie to kill your boredom; it will be the best movie you can ever watch. There are many movies in the category of drama movies. It’s also one of the best drama movies to watch.

15) Rebecca 1940:

A beautiful, socially anxious young woman weds the mysterious aristocrat Maxim de Winter—his second marriage—and goes to live with him at his glorious seaside mansion Manderley. But the memory of his first wife, Rebecca, who we’re told drowned while sailing, still haunts the estate in more ways than one. Alfred Hitchcock directed Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine in this classic example of film noir, also his first American project.

best drama movies of all time
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How To Filter Drama Movies?

We all know that it’s not easy to find the best drama movies because hundreds of movies are available. So, you have to think about the best ones. The following points can help you.

  • Search on the internet and check ratings.
  • Read reviews and a collection of movies.
  • Check the names of the movies of your favourite actors or actresses.
  • List out the top 100 drama movies to watch at home, and compare ratings and reviews.
  • Analyze the movies based on how they did after release. It’ll be the best and easiest way to watch drama movies without any confusion.

Wrapping Up:

Have you watched these 15 best drama movies of all time? We have also listed out the top 100 movies in the category of drama films and analyzed them based on the points we shared. We also considered how we liked these movies, and based on a detailed analysis, and we have shared these 15 drama movies to watch online or offline. If you want to know more about drama films, and if you’re going to talk about others genres of movies, you can let us know. We will share information about more movies in your favourite category.

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