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Whether you’re old enough to have a job or not, you understand the importance of money. With money, you can go to all the places you want and buy everything you desire. Well, at least, provided that you have enough, which is not the case for most of us. Still, we do the jobs and find opportunities to make profits where we can.

Thankfully, there are many opportunities for making money today, especially online. One of those is playing games – great news for you if you’re already a devoted (or even casual) game player. While these gaming applications won’t give you all the money you need to get everything you want, they’ll provide extra cash. This article contains some legitimate gaming apps that you can play for free and earn real money – no scam.

1.Long Game

The long game is a unique application you can play on Android or iPhone and get rewarded for playing games. In the background, it is a checking and savings app that works like other banks; only that it pays you for depositing money. The long game gives you coins when you deposit money into your savings account on the app. You can redeem these coins by playing different games in the app; you will cash prizes if you win games.

Some games like the Thimbles game offer cash prizes as high as hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your cash prize is immediately deposited directly into your account if you play and win a game on the Long Game app.


You’ve probably heard of this application since it is one of the most popular real-cash-paying gaming applications worldwide. You can play games with the application on your iPhone, Android, or PC at the official website. In addition, the application offers several opportunities for earning points (called Swagbucks), including taking surveys, watching videos, or making online purchases. There are also several games, including Cash Games, that you can play to earn money.

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However, playing Swagbucks is like gambling: if you win the game, you can earn profits; if you lose, you lose your money. Nevertheless, the application offers free games you can download and play to earn a few Swagbucks daily, provided you sign up.


Mistplay is a gaming app that’s only compatible with Android phones; it pays you real money to play games. There are several games on the app. As soon as you open it, simply download it and start playing. Along with the Player Experience Points, Mistplay offers rewards in three different currencies: Units.PXP, GXP, and PXP. You earn GXPs (Game Experience Points) when playing certain games through the application.

You can redeem Mistplay currencies for rewards like gift cards, among others. The amount of units you earn from playing games depends on the type of game you’re playing. Generally, you earn three to five dollars per hour; you can redeem your rewards for up to $5. You can also boost your earnings by competing in contests or playing games consistently and completing streaks.

4.Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo started as a game of chance where you win if you’re lucky enough to have the right card. However, the app has changed in that it now puts you in control of how much earnings you can get from the app. Blackout Bingo is user-friendly, but becoming a bingo master depends on your strategy, concentration, and speed. The gaming app has over five million players worldwide, making it one of the hottest gaming apps.

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Blackout Bingo is the perfect option for people looking for a way to earn cash on the side while enjoying the game. However, how much you earn on the application depends on how much you deposit. 


InboxDollars gives you a $5 bonus when you download the app and sign up to play games. One thing that distinguishes it from the rest is how incredibly easy it is to earn cash. InboxDollars pays you for doing menial tasks like watching videos, taking surveys and polls, and playing games. Additionally, you get to choose from different types of games, including game show networks and arcade games.

Depending on your strategy and dedication, you can earn between $30 and $50 per month. However, you can earn as much as $100 from scratching off tickets you get from playing – if you’re lucky. The minimum you cash out of InboxDollars is $30 and is available on PCs, iOS, and Android.


Game apps are a good option if you have a job but still need extra cash on the side. While they won’t replace your main job, they can serve as a supplement to what you already have. In addition, these games don’t only allow you to earn real cash; the games are also fun and highly engaging. So, whether you’re looking for fun or money, they’ve got you covered – but why not have the best of both worlds?

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