Top Puzzle Games of Android You Must Try


These days, you’ll be able to find some seriously smart puzzle games on android. You solve puzzles for time killing enjoyment. Some of these games are literally fairly intense and complex with stories and even really good graphics. 


Here are the Top Puzzle Games for Android.

Brain It On

Brain It On is an addictive physics-based puzzle game that needs you to assume outside the box to resolve every level.

Using your finger or stylus, you want to draw lines, shapes, weighted objects, or whatever else you think that can solve every screen. Things get more and more creative and tough as you progress through the over two hundred levels, however, you may eventually go back and revisit recent levels to induce 3 stars to unlock new ones, you can also check out scrabble word finder for words games such as words with friends. 

It’s an extremely fun game with multiple solutions out there for every level and is fun to play collaboratively as a group.

Hitman Go

This was the primary franchise to be converted into the GO puzzle format, and it still holds up. You play as Agent 47 and should work your approach through heavily-guarded compounds using all a similar techniques found within the full Hitman games you have played on computer or console: disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and in fact 47’s iconic Silver baller pistols. 

There are multiple ways in which to beat every level, whether or not you would like to be silent and sneaky, or forceful and deadly. You choose what kind of hitman to be, as you’re employed towards assassinating your main targets.


Threes! Is a fun and amazingly cute number-based puzzle game wherever your goal is to swipe around the grid and match like numbers. However, you’ve to be strategic because if you stock up the board and run out of moves it’s game over!

For a really unchained experience, you will need to buy the complete game for no ads or distractions whereas you play. If you’d opt to save your cash, the free version is also an excellent choice, however, once you burn through the set amount of plays you are given, to begin with, you will need to observe ads to get additional plays.

Lara Croft GO

The Tomb Raider is back during this challenging entry that adds new wrinkles to the turn-based puzzles introduced with Hitman Go. Lara Croft is athletic and adventurous, and her go game reflects that with puzzles that have her dodging booby-traps and deadly enemies as you work your method through a hundred levels split into six chapters. It’s an award-winning game that lures you in with its outstanding visuals and keeps you playing with its progressively difficult puzzles.

Rusty Lake Games

Rusty Lake is one of the foremost well-liked puzzle game developers on Google Play. There are 2 completely different franchises by Rusty Lake. The Cube Escape series is a long-running series of puzzle games with an escape room and hidden object puzzle parts. Most of these games are free except the foremost recent one, Cube Escape: paradox the other series, Rusty Lake, is an additional premium point-and-click adventure-puzzle game that takes place within the same universe as the Cube Escape series. These typically value money, but never quite a couple of bucks. There are sometimes one or 2 new additions to every franchise each year and they are all pretty smart.


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