Giant Bubble With Man Inside Attempts to Roll From Florida to Bermuda

giant bubble

The story of the giant bubble has gone viral all over the globe in a short span of time. It created one of the most significant and precious moments in the history of invention. There was not a team nor a world-renowned engineering mind or tech organization.

It was all the bravery and innovation of one man who was behind the scene and that is Reza Baluchi. The activist, the athlete, the runner, the swimmer is known for walking across countries before and raising funds. He runs places far like it is neighborhood. As per the genius, his missions will inspire the world to chase and achieve her own dreams and aspirations. It was irrespective of how impossible they seem. 

 What the giant Bubble is all about?

giant bubble

The giant bubble is one of the most innovative creations when it comes to floating or water vehicles. It indeed looks like a simple huge transparent bubble, but there are many details to its mechanism and system.

It is equipped with all the essentialities that will keep it floating and in case of sea storms or any calamity related to the ocean. The giant bubble was even equipped with adequate food, drinking water, resting bags, and a laptop to watch movies. It was spacious and transparent. So, one can see through it partially and the outside has been visible. The attempt run in a bubble from Florida to the Bermuda triangle was made in 2016.

What Reza had to say about choosing the most dangerous place – Bermuda?

Bermuda is known for vanishing anybody that crosses it. The triangle is still an airy concept for mystics, scientists, and experts all around the world. However, Reza Baluchi did not hesitate to choose it for hiss Bubble travel destination.

Experts state that it was too dangerous an attempt. Because he was certainly not prepared and equipped with what he needed to travel to Bermuda all the way. Yet he managed to travel quite some distance till the bubble was shot and sunk. The United States authorities sent a crew to rescue Reza amidst the ocean. 

The team back in the land did not hear from Reza for two days. This made the assumption that the bubble along with him was at the bottom of the sea. The giant bubble was equipped with a tracker that stopped working aptly for a certain point in time. Reza’s motive was to see what actually goes on in the Bermuda triangle however the mission was refrained from completion by the rescue team. 

Was Florida too Bermuda in a bubble a safe attempt?

The tea tried to talk him out of his mission however he seemed too determined and the crew was bound to shoot the bubble and rescue the hero out of it. Though he seemed to have plenty of faith in what he was up to; the US authority took the steps to be certain that Reza was safe.

When interviewed Reza’s family reviled that the tried to talk him out of this too, however, he was too determined to chase his dreams. His wife revealed that she was not sure if he would ever be coming back home again after she clicked a picture and bid him goodbye in the bubble. 

What gave Reza this level of courage and confidence?

The interviews reveal plenty of things about Reza’s past and the things that were actually responsible for giving him the strength to take such an attempt. Reza was raised in Iran where he has gone through a hectic childhood. There were a lot of challenges and struggles on his path that gave him the strength to move this much forward with his dangerous dream. He was brought up on a rice farm and is originally from Iran.

He had plenty of religious and political challenges on his path and due to some serious dispute, he had to leave his home town. Then He had traveled to many nations running and performing athletic activities to raise funds for accomplishing his project. He finally took the attempt from the United States

Reza spent plenty of time in manufacturing the bubble

giant bubble

Reza spent a large percentage of his time manufacturing the giant bubble without much help and assistance. Experts have to say that such innovation is not possible to leak from just one mind. There are many forces that had driven Reza Baluchi along his journey.

The forty-eight year old is till lively and eager like an eight-year-old with the mind and wit of a genius. Even though the bubble did not have all necessities equipped inside to roll all the way to the Bermuda triangle, it certainly ranked plenty in terms of innovation and even the leading engineers and scientists were quite astonished by its cutting-edge design. 

He challenges Baluchi had to face because of the attempt

Despite the repeated warnings of the coast guard, Reza Baluchi did not hesitate to take the risk. He started off from Pompano Beach even though each and everyone was against the decision including his acquaintances, crew members, family and most importantly the US coast authority.

Experts state that the entire trip would be for three thousand miles if he had rolled to the Bermuda triangle. But he still managed to travel a thousand miles till he was forcefully stopped by the crew. Baluchi was tracked down by the boat where the bubble was so t could no more float and Baluchi were rescued to the boat on spot. 

He had been even called out of his mind because of such an attempt and his stubbornness to not understand the risk behind the venture. Sauces state that he had been also placed at a mental health Centre in the US later. Baluchi, till today did not stop chasing his dreams and aspirations, even though the giant bubble remained an attempt. However, the best part is that even as an attempt; the history of innovations captured it as an unbreakable record that still awes the world and marine experts, engineers, and scientists from afar.



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