Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5: The Console Wars Continue


Gamers have always been conscious of their gaming platforms. As there are several options available in the market, every player supports the one on which they play. Also, they leave no chance to degrade and criticize others. If we search the internet, we can easily find a huge competition between various mediums on which people play games. However, three permanent and most significant members of this war are Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. PC  can be excluded from this list. This is because the population that plays games on it is generally not that much involved in the wars. Plus, the other two are gaming consoles, so them being in “The Console Wars” makes more sense. 

It is unfair to say that these wars take place at a particular time because they are always going on. But the level of the console wars generally gets heated up whenever a new product is announced or launched. So with the recent development in Xbox and PlayStation, the war began, again. Here we have brought a comparison between the two upcoming gaming consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. With the details mentioned below, people can decide on which side they will be fighting the console wars. 

Before moving further, people should know that both the companies have not yet released some of the essential details of consoles, like price. Once all the information comes out, it will become easy for them to make the final decision. However, if technical specifications are the priority, then this discussion will serve as the perfect place to decide which one they want. 

Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

For people, who have been a part of the console wars and taken only one console’s side for years, now might be the time to switch places. Both companies have focused on specific areas to provide their users with the best experience. On the one hand, Sony has worked more on its first-party games and SSD, which will improve the overall development and architectures of the game. And on the other hand, Microsoft has put its money more on GPU grunt that will be leaning mostly on third-party games. 

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Let’s start the console wars discussion with the most significant aspect of a gaming console, its controller. 

Controller Wars

Xbox did not do many experiments with its tried and tested, already hit controller. The only difference people can find in the new and old Xbox controllers is the “Share Button.” The button enables players to capture screenshots or videos during their gameplay easily. Earlier, they had to put in a little effort for doing this task. But with the share button, it will become extremely convenient for them.

Talking about experiments, people will see an entirely new controller with their PlayStation 5. Sony has not only made changes in the design of the controller, but it has also brought in some changes in the way it operates. A few modifications people can find in the first look are:

  • The foremost thing that will catch everyone’s eyes in the new DualSense is its color scheme. It has a unique dual-tone touch, with all the colored face buttons being replaced by a modern light grey look. 
  • The shoulder buttons have also been given a new design for more responsive working. 
  • A new “Create Button” has replaced the traditional share button of the controller. 
  • Lastly, the touchpad is surrounded by the lightbar, and there is a new microphone array, which will make the current headsets useless. 

Specification Wars

This might prove to be an important factor for Xbox to lead the console wars. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft engineers have worked hard on the specs this time. From CPU to GPU to processor to performance target, there is nothing that lacks in Xbox and is better in PlayStation. The only feature that may become a gamechanger for PS5 is its SSD. 

A few people who have worked closely with the PS5 have told that the new SSD speed is something that will change the future of gaming. However, the actual situation will only be known when the two of them get in the hands of the expert players. For now, Xbox Series X looks better on the papers. 

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Virtual Reality Wars

Virtual Reality is yet another prominent aspect of both the future of gaming and the console wars. People can find on the internet how VR is already making a difference in the gaming world and what are its future scopes. But all those details do not matter to Microsoft because they have not included VR even in their new concept. That means people will not find VR with their Xbox Series X. 

People who want to give virtual reality a try can go for the PlayStation 5. According to Sony, the new PS has compatibility with the PlayStation VR. So it will be able to provide users with a more realistic experience of VR-supported games. 

Game Wars

The ultimate aim of the console wars is to see which of the consoles have better games and experiences to offer. With experiences being discussed, let’s see what these two have to offer in the games section. PlayStation 5 leads the exclusive games war because it will be bringing games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, Demon’s Souls Remake, etc. with it. 

Currently, Xbox Series X has nothing much to offer to its players as its exclusive list ends with just two names in it, Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga and Halo Infinity. However, this time the fans have higher expectations from Microsoft because it has acquired several studios in the previous year. So we will have to wait a bit, to see what the new Xbox brings with it. 


Through different factors of the console wars, it can be concluded that both the consoles have their own pros and cons. But these were only the on-paper specs of them. The actual benefits of both consoles will only get in notice when they hit the markets later this year. That being said, both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be available for the users in the coming Holiday season. So people will have to wait until then to see what each of the consoles brings for them. 


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