Top 7 In-Demand Tech Job Trends for Students

tech job trends

One thing that has become a crucial part of people’s day to day life in the last few years, is technology. Tech has advanced so fast that nobody even realized when it synced into everyone’s lifestyles. From smartphones to driverless cars, there is no industry that tech has left from influencing. It makes the work smooth and effortless. In the long term, it also saves costs and makes the overall processing of things efficient. But behind this smooth working of tech, there are technicians who work hard. Initially, technicians had almost similar roles in the organizations. But nowadays tech job trends are changing with the change in technology.

As technology has spread into almost every sector, the requirement of technicians has increased rapidly. This can be understood simply as ‘every tech product you use, has got many technicians working on it.’ So, imagine with so many products of technology everywhere, how many people will be working on them. Different products have different working so, each tech job requires different kinds of skill sets. While some of them might be asking for basic knowledge of web-designing, the other ones would need deep knowledge of artificial intelligence.

With so many options, students often get confused about what to learn and what jobs they should seek. Also, the tech job trends change quite fast, so it is hard to find a stable sector, where they can work for at least some time.

The first and foremost solution to this problem is to find personal interests. Each student has different interests, so whatever looks more tempting to them, they can go for it. The second option is to go for a job that is in-demand. These jobs don’t go away soon and also pay well to the employees. Here are some of the top in-demand tech job trends along with the skill set they require.


This is one of the most demanded tech job trends. There can be different types of developers like web developers, mobile developers and software developers. The job is to design, develop, install, test and maintain various web and mobile applications. A developer needs to work with programming languages like HTML, .NET, C#, C++, Java and SQL. Developers work according to the requirements of the client and also provide any available improvements in software, web and mobile apps to make them better for users.

Required Skill Set:

  • Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree
  • Technical and Analytical Skills
  • Knowledge and work experience of various programming languages.
  • Communication skills

Data Scientists

tech job trends

The work of a data scientist differs from company to company as it is a diverse field. But the basic responsibility of a data scientist is to analyze a wide range of data and provide insights on it. The job requires them to create learning tools that are machine-based and are to be used by the tech organization. Also, they gather the data, clean it, organize it and then perform predictive and statistical analysis.

Required Skill Set:

  • Knowledge and experience of a high-level programming language.
  • Knowledge and experience of Big Data and Machine Learning techniques.
  • Knowledge of statistical theory and its applications.
  • Some previous experience of investigations performed on big-scale data sets.

AI Architects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology that has been implemented in many businesses and industries. With so many uses of AI around the world, the requirement of AI architects is high. Which makes this job one of the top in-demand tech job trends. This job requires skilled as well as experienced candidates. Someone who might have done a computer science master’s degree or have previous experiences in analytics is preferred for the job. Also, this job requires leadership qualities like communication skills.

Required Skill Sets:

  • AI Application Programming Knowledge
  • Change Management
  • Machine learning skills
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Skills
  • Leadership skills like time management, strategic thinking, and organizational skills

Security Engineers

With so much digitalization, the danger of cyberattacks had risen. So, security engineers work to make ensure the security of computer systems as well as networks. They monitor the complete systems and networks and protects them from all kinds of cyberthreats. They also check the data storages to secure sensitive data.

Required Skill Set:

  • Experience with system protectors such as firewalls, antivirus software, content filtering, and intrusion detection.
  • Expertise in technologies, computer forensic tools, and disaster recovery.
  • Knowledge of risk-assessment tools.
  • Knowledge of programming languages.
  • Computer science or IT degree is always a bonus point.

DevOps Engineers

tech job trends

DevOps is another highly-demanded tech job trends. These candidates work in between the developers and the operations departments. Their job is to make the code deploy faster and also efficiently, which means fewer failures in deployment. More and more companies are looking for DevOps candidates so that they can oversee scripting, coding and processes development. They also manage provision resources, IT infrastructure, software testing and after release, they monitor performance. They also help in simplifying the updates of the code so that maximum efficiency can be obtained.

Required Skill Set:

  • Good knowledge of DevOps practices.
  • Coding skills
  • Scripting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Data management, IT operations, and Automation skills.

System Administrators

System Administrators provide hardware as well as software technical support. They monitor and upgrade processes, security measures, and systems. They also take care of all the security issues. The installation and testing of new system hardware are also done by them.

Requires Skill Set:

  • Experience of system administration
  • Knowledge of security issues and system vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge and experience of VMware, i.e. virtual machine.
  • Basic understanding of industry practices and goals.

Cloud Architects

With so much data in use, the issue of storage arrived. And there came the idea of cloud computing. Cloud architects usually look after the strategies of cloud computing in an organization. Candidates who have a good understanding of cloud services like Amazon Web Services are preferred. They also deploy, manage and support the cloud applications in the organization.

Required Skill Set:

  • Experience of scaling the cloud applications
  • Knowledge of architectural principles
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies
  • Understanding od performance, architecture and cost of cloud systems
  • Communication skills.


Tech is the future and these were some of the In-demand tech job trends that a student can consider to work in. They have a promising future and also pays well. Check out Jooble, if you desire to find your dream computer-tech job. So, Good Luck finding the right job!


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