9 Offshoot Marketing Tracking Software to Skyrocket Sales

marketing tracking software

Digital marketing is becoming all the more evident and useful, with every passing day. Given that its promising impacts are offering influencing results, more and more people are joining the industry. While digital marketing is a norm, affiliate marketing is there to stay. Bringing furthermore improving results, affiliate marketing works best with the use of tracking software. Not only does it help in maximizing the marketing results but it also helps in increasing the sales figure. To skyrocket sales, you can make the right use of one of these below-offered marketing tracking software accordingly. To have an insight into it, keep reading on.

1. Everflow

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Everflow one of personal favorite tracking software. It features a simple UI built for marketers. It offers a standalone platform for the purpose of
managing the influencers, affiliates, as well as strategic partnerships. The software has been created on the Google Cloud platform with real-time access to the marketing data for
decisions, deeper analysis, as well as comparisons. With such marketing tracking software, you get a wonderful opportunity to skyrocket the sales figure. The software also offers you live data via reports as well as graphs.

marketing tracking software

2. Cake

Another marketing tracking software that offers the ultimate solution for measuring,
optimizing, and managing the campaigns is Cake. Given that it focuses on giving you the highest performance, it has managed to attract the attention of around 500 advertisers, publishers, and networks over 50 countries. It ensures an accurate measurement, amazing user support, as well as data security. Besides offering real-time information, it also leverages in targeting effective parameters including devices, browsers, traffics, locations, and more. Its dashboard is the ultimate solution to sowing the over performance of the network. Its key features include Real-time metrics, pixel management, as well as protection from fraud.

3. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is used by more than 2500 companies on the global front. To say that it has acquired a recognized face in the world of marketing would never be an exaggeration. This marketing tracking software is packed with some of the most reliable tracking methods. Some of them include IP address, browser cookie, and more. In a nutshell, it happens to be accurate software that is there to offer a wide range of benefits. It helps you in running and tracking an infinite number of campaigns.

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4. Voluum

Voluum happens to be the one-stop destination when it comes to tracking all the marketing
activities. It gives the allowance to track a wide range of ad formats including traffic sources as well. By using such software, you would be able to track the advertising campaigns, optimize its performance after analyzing data, and scale business of affiliate marketing, all in all, in one dashboard. It features a simple UI that offers a ton of intriguing features. To call it a reliable and effective marketing tracking software would never be an exaggeration. Its key features include listicle tracking, alerts for push notifications, and optimizing campaigns automatically.

5. HitPath

HitPath happens to be a multi-channel platform for tracking marketing activities. It allows
the customers to attribute touchpoints to marketing efforts. Besides, it also helps in evaluating user engagements as well. Available for the affiliate networks, it’s effective for affiliate agencies, advertisers, and more. It offers many dashboards and each of them caters to the requirements of customers accordingly. This marketing tracking software comes with features such as communication tools, campaign management, affiliate management, accounting tools, and more. To mention this platform as the comprehensive tracking software wouldn’t be an overstatement.

6. AffiliateWP

Are you using the WordPress platform for running your business website? Well, if you are, then you should never miss out on the wonderful opportunity of using this one. It’s the marketing tracking software that comes with a simple UI. With a seamless UI, it has become one of the reliable plugins for WordPress. It offers an affiliate marketing platform in order to grow your business with profit. To increase the sales figure, you can make the right use of this tool. It’s the WordPress plugin, so, it would just a couple of minutes to run. All you need to do is installing & activate it!

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7. Linktrust

The marketing tracking software that helps in empowering the advertisers, retailers, ad
networks, as well as marketing agencies, to easily and accurately manage marketing campaigns’ performance. As per what it is claimed for, it offers accuracy for tracking marketing activities brilliantly. Ever since its advent in the year 2002, it has been doing wonderful jobs. Whether you are someone into an ad network or an ad agency, this platform will allow you in tracking advertisements in offline and online mode, regardless of the types.

marketing tracking software

8. Tune

Formerly referred to as the HasOffers, Tune happens to be a flexible platform for SaaS. It
manages the marketing partnerships around the web as well as mobile. With more than twelve thousand customers of AppLift, Baidu, GetApp, and more, it comes with intriguing features required for running a marketing campaign successfully. It offers some simple payout rules. It also offers fraud protection. The tune comes with some amazing tools that help in streamlining the workflows and at the same time reducing the repetitive manual works. Acting as the central repository for marketing efforts, it helps in bringing marketing partners, channels, networks, campaigns, everything together under one umbrella.

9. ClickInc

Besides regularly tracking the links and protecting from frauds, ClickInc also offers the Trulink feature that deserves a special mention here. It tracks things from the registered URL, thereby improving the SEO ranks. Based on the links, it works in increasing the rank on search engines. It offers a customized interface with the WYSIWYG editor, making it a simple marketing tracking software. The key features that it includes are fraud detection and creating coupons as well as marketing banners.

Thus, this brings to the end of this post enlightening you on 9 offshoot tracking software. Using one of these will help you skyrocket the sales figure accordingly.


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