Applications That Give Your Business An Edge

Applications That Give Your Business An Edge

Running a business, whether what size involves an entrepreneur to be performing various tasks. Daily roles are already diverse for a startup entrepreneur, so imagine the multitude of tasks required to be accomplished daily in larger businesses. Nevertheless, there are now various tools that can support the accomplishment of business tasks. Thanks to check stubs technology and its fast-paced development, there is a multitude of applications that could give your business an edge. 

Project Planning and Management 

To account for the progress of projects and in its management, you can choose from apps such as Asana, ProofHub, Task World, Hubstaff, Zoho, Trello, Wrike, Basecamp, just to name a few. Each of these software has features such as collaboration, workflow management and time tracking. For project planning or if your plan incorporates diagrams, get visio 2019 to simplify and communicate complex information with linked data diagrams. Professional diagrams can efficiently be completed with templates available for flowcharts, organization charts, business documentation, and others. 

Accounting and Finances 

Keeping your business economics and financial documents in place is another key area in a business. Good thing that apps and software for bookkeeping and accounting are readily available. Its advantages are the efficient accomplishment of accounting processes, preparation of invoicing, payroll and taxes, and accurate tracking of expenditure and entries. Some even include cloud hosting solutions, graphs, and dashboards. Some well-known accounting apps include Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books, and Wave. Moreover, payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe provides easier ways of payment collection.

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Customer Service

A business will not prosper without its customers. Happy customers will help your business an edge, and while some unhappy customers do not complain, they will spread the word to their friends. Thus, customer service is a must to ensure faster response time and interactions with customers. Remarkable apps for customer service include LiveAgent, Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Groove, Help Scout, etc. Further analysis is needed as these apps provide different features and specialization such as live chat support, product bundles, and support suites options.


Less paperwork is the trend nowadays, and software apps or document management software (DMS) are here to present you with the solution. These apps will enable users to electronically sign documents, scan and save business documentation, manage business cards, and organize your files. Duplicates are easily detected and finding data have never been easier. Templafy, M-files, Xait, and Docuware are some DMS for businesses.


Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Some organizations entail workers to travel for business. Storage apps such as Dropbox, IDrive, Zoolz Cloud backup, and Degoo are just some storage solutions that utilize cloud technology. These apps enable workers to have access to essential business files wherever they are. Administrator features are also available to ensure the security of files and limit access to authorized personnel.

No matter the extent of your business an edge, technology and particularly software applications will definitely make your life easier. With tools to assist in managing your expenditure and business numbers, businesses will have time to concentrate on maximizing profit. For productivity, project management apps help keep workers on track while file-sharing apps enable them to access pertinent data from anywhere. DMS provides lesser paperwork with further assistance on the management and organization of documents. Lastly, customer service apps help with communication with clients to ensure positive feedback and returning customers.

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