All You Need to Know About Automatic Strike Bowling Ball


As you know that the automatic strike bowling ball is quite famous among the youth. It is there in everybody’s bucket list at the top spot. These balls work on the theory of physics. To know about the theory behind these, you need to have a look at the article.

Working of the bowling ball

When a person takes the ball in the hand and strikes it through the passage, he or she will notice that the ball simply tends to lean in the direction of the person.

Due to this reason, a person wanted to investigate what is there inside the ball that helps the ball to move in such a direction. What are the materials inside the ball and how does it work are some questions for which the answers are explained below? The ball looks like a normal bowling ball because it is made up of a real bowling ball. At the start of the project, the person first cuts the ball into two halves to check what is inside the actual automatic strike bowling ball. The first thing that the person noticed is that the balls are symmetric so the center of mass of the ball is present at the actual center point of the ball. This is one of the reasons that help the ball to move the way it wants to.

Collecting more information about the ball

Next, the person has a buddy who owns a machine shop, he went there to check what was inside the ball. For that, all the things from the ball had been taken out and the person discovered that it is based upon some engineering magic. To know more details about the automatic strike bowling ball, the person needs to go to London to meet the trustees. There he meets James Bergen who is a mechanical-electrical engineer and a genius. He also used to be a toy designer.

The person says he has so much respect for the toy designers as he has to come up with a lot of incredible designs. You can also see that person playing with a toy that works only on one spring circuit. He has also designed a robot that you can also control with a puppet robot, a real-life iron man or a hook buster or a cool bunch of variety of small things that work on VVX.

Knowing the theory behind it

To know the basic mechanism in the ball, the person had an idea that the ball works on the principle of VVX. So, to find more about this, he approached James Bergen’s expertise, which helped him in knowing about the working of the automatic strike bowling ball. So, after waiting for a long time, both he and James have put the two halves of the ball together went to the bowling place to check the theory based on which it works with the ball.

First, they have started with a pretty low speed to have the basic things correct. Then the speed has been increased gradually to check what the outcome is. Then it has been found that you can actually control the direction of the ball by leaning. The directions you lean, the ball also leans in that way itself. With that, he realized that he is able to strike all of them with the automatic strike bowling ball.

This is because of the reason that the person had a little board stick at his back. This board can sense the orientation so when you tend to move in the left direction the board gives the signal to the ball which makes it to move in the left direction and then back to the original position. These signals are transmitted through the radio waves which tell the automatic strike bowling ball to move in the direction that you are moving. This board is usually present inside the ball.

Working about the radio waves

After the brains of the ball receive the radio waves, the server first gives the information to the pendulum about how much to rotate in which direction then it rotates the heavy pendulum in the same direction in the way you lean. After that, it radically offers the center of gravity to move in the direction in the way you are leaning. The working principle of this is the same as riding a bike. And if you want the automatic strike bowling ball to move normally then you need to click on that button that is present in the board which means it will ignore all the inputs that you are giving. If you want it to take the inputs then you need to switch the device on again and you will see that the ball has started taking your inputs.


Apart from all these, there is a technique to throw the ball. First, the person was not really getting the strikes because there is a technique to through the ball. Heading the ball straight will leave the corner pins in the same position only. If you want to drop all the pins then you need to strike the ball between 3 degrees to 6 degrees with these to the middle ball that is present on the third row. Striking the automatic strike bowling ball between these angles will help you in striking all the pins.

As soon as the ball strikes the first pin, all the pins that are present on the left side fall and after that all the pins that are present on the right side and then the center pins all fall. Professional bowlers strike the ball between these angles to drop all the pins. And you need to strike the ball on this angle only if you want to drop all these pins. Once you are thorough with the process you can strike the ball and drop all the pins. During this process, he also got a chance to see how the machine helps in oiling the lanes and cleans all the pins after each strike.


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