12 Best Technology Websites For You To Explore Now

best technology websites

In the digital era, where there are new developments and discoveries every day. Each day you may find a new gadget or an app coming up. Tech websites will give deep insights into the latest stuff going on in the technology world. Some of them are also websites that you use on a regular basis. Every internet user would love to know about the latest updates through the best technology websites. 

Best technology websites

Let’s check out some of the websites to satisfy your tech hunger. Here are the best technology websites for you to explore right now:

1. Techcrunch.com

If you are obsessed to know authentic tech reviews of the latest products or tech companies, then Techcrunch is the best technology website you can surf. 

This website has hit 50,000 plus users. The website gives a detailed review of a newly launched product. The review is totally unbiased as soon as the products line up on the shelves. 

The TechCrunch has a big database so if you are looking for a partner then you can surely go for Techcrunch.

2. TechRadar.com

TechRadar is the ultimate source to look for tech advice. The site reviews great features on all of the big names in a language that could be understood by any layman. Any one of us could understand the techie stuff now. 

You name any techie stuff and its there on the site from phones, wearables, AI’s and much more. This site is one the most respectable for its review. 

The blog section of this site is awesome and can help you with any tech issue that has been troubling you for a very long time. Even a non-techie person can understand and learn from the blog section.

3. Thenextweb.com

One more technological leading site that has a whole lot of tech information to share on a regular basis. 

 This site has niche expertise on various topics like technology, culture, and business. It has also published blogs related to ‘soon-to-be-launched’ gadgets. 

Checkout some gen-next gadgets on this website. The site literally hit ten million page views.

4. Wired.com

Wired.com will really get you wired on its site by its unique content. It has published articles connecting technology to our day to day lives and how it affects us in general. 

You can read about the latest news on Tesla’s Space X or something new going on in the hacking world. If you are following Elon Musk, well then this is site is for you my friend. You can find every latest information on the scientific update on this guy. 

It is the best technology website to stay connected with the latest news.

5. NameCheap.com

This entry may seem a bit weird to you. But this site can be very resourceful to gain insights on tech, business and SEO world. 

It is a site that is very well known to sell domains. But their blog section has some truthful opinions. The reviews are not fake just to convince the buyer to buy or invest in any product.

6. LifeHacker.com

Lifehacker is a life-changing experience. This site’s life hacks will change your life completely. The site’s life-changing blogs can help you improve the overall quality of life you live. 

 Life hackers can teach you different hacks on the genre of topics like children’s care, finances, healthy living, etc.


If you are a geek then this is the site you need to visit.  This site offers you details about which gadgets to buy and all the techie details on it.

8. Macrumors.com

Any latest updates about Apple are found on this site. As the name suggests Macrumors will blow off any rumor in the tech world. This site has a number of audiences ranging from customers to professional leaders

The Apple community is advised to be keen on this site as they offer purchasing decisions and technical knowledge on all Apple products.  

9. Blog.us.playstation.com

PlayStation is started by one of the most famous brands in the entertainment industry. Sony Interactive Entertainment brought PlayStation into our lives. PlayStation has changed the gaming experience for all of us. 

The PlayStation family includes a number of products like PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Vue. 

10. Engadget

You cannot connect with technology in bits and pieces. Currently, we need to run the technological car as it cannot drive itself. But soon with AI, this car is running on its own. 

Engadget has covered extremely innovative devices and technology. It is the era where technology has a huge impact on our day to day lives. So, we need to know every latest update and its impact on our lives. 

11. Eurogamer.net

So finally we have a site talking about video games for us. The site started concentrating on PC and a deep interest in the FPS scene during 1999.  

With the changing technology, the site started focusing on various niche. Now they focus on every aspect of gaming PC, console, board games and everything that hook you to the site.

12. TomsHardware.com

Every hardware query is answered on this site since 1996. The blogs, tech deals and purchasing guides are surely one of the things that will hook you. 

But the real content is the technical guides given by experts in the tech community. You can learn some amazing stuff about computers with these techies. There is a lot of content to read on the web. But there are very few technical sites providing authentic information. You can rely on these sites and keep learning on any topic of your interest.

Final thoughts

It is essential to be related to technological updates all the time. No matter what kind of industry you belong to, you will need an idea about the tech products and services you avail. It is smart to have an idea or be sure of things you buy or invest in. These websites give you a clear concept of what to buy, what to use, and makes your user experiences much simpler and satisfying. You always know what you’re getting into and avail the best for you.


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