Beyond The Garden: The Mystery Unfolds

beyond the garden 

aNDDuring the beginning of 2020, the creators of the “League of Legends” game have already revealed that their MOBA game will have two new champions within the summer event. One champion was already revealed, which was a fawn for the blossoming seasonal event After months of rumors on who those champions might be, the developers revealed: “Lillia-the bashful bloom” to be the ultimate champion for the beyond the garden edition of the League of Legends game. LOL fans have been waiting for this game for a long time. And, there are many new things to watch out for.

Brief information on the new champion

beyond the garden 

The video trailer of the beyond the garden has provided some useful information. It follows the story of a fawn who musters the courage to learn about the hidden secrets that lie beyond her ailing forest. Lillia is a shy, self-conscious jungle inhabitant, and she feels a kinship with dreams. Not just because she loves them, it is because of what they represent. The world is full of magic, and people lock them away. And when Lillia sees it, she wants to help people find the magic within themselves and save her mother tree. The concept and the storyline of this new edition of the League of Legends game are unique.

Lillia’s abilities

There is a list of abilities, which the new champion Lillia has in store. The developers of the beyond the garden has said that she is one of the strongest and bravest characters they have ever made. And, her abilities are:

  1. Dream laden bough: Lillia can apply dream dust, which is magical damage that lowers down the target’s maximum health.
  2. Blooming blows: The character, Lillia, induces magic damage upon all the nearby enemies. This also helps in dealing with actual damage to the enemies within the circle’s outer edge. She also receives movement spend, once the attack is successfully launched.
  3. Watch out! EEP: She uses her branch to wind up a massive strike and hits her enemies with magic damage. The enemies who are located centrally near the impact will deal with more loss.
  4. Swirlseed: The swirl-seed ability will help her attack the enemies with magic damage, which will slow down their duration. If her swirl-seed does not hit the enemy, it will continue to roll until it hits the target. 
  5. Lilting Lullaby: In this beyond the garden edition, Lillia has the power to cast a lullaby on her enemies. Targets affected by her dream dust will slow down before they fall asleep for some time. When awakened, they will deal with additional magic damage. 

Lillia’s attacking speed

In ‘beyond the garden’ edition, Lillia has some outstanding attacking speed, which is much better than the other characters in the League of Legends. This little fawn has a Base AS of 0.625; Attack windup is 30%, Bonus AS is from 0 to 45.9%, and Missile speed is non-projectile. Apart from that, only the AS ratio is not declared yet by the developers. 

Lillia’s basic statistics

Lillia has some good basic statistics as well as the health is from 580 to 2110, her Mana is from 420 to 1260, health regen is 9 to 21.75, and mana regen is 0. Other basic statistics of Lillia include the armor, which is from 20 to 83, attack damage is 61 to 113.7, the magic resist is 32.1 to 40.6, critical damage is 200%, movement speed is 330, and attack range is 325.

What does the new update of the League of Legends game have in store?

In the new edition of beyond the garden, many new skins for the Spirit Blossom is released through the Anime Expo Lite, which was conducted recently online. Also, the skins were revealed on a panel in the history of thematics in LOL. This is a segment where the studio provided some information on the game’s anime, which is the style of cosmetic offerings. Before the show ended, the Riot games, which is the developer of LOL, have revealed their alternate universe to all the gamers and LOL fans. 

Type of spirit blossom skins that are revealed by the developers

beyond the garden 

The influencer manager of Riot games has uploaded around two images in his twitter account. But till now, the developers of beyond the garden have not revealed any information on the skins. They explained the general theme of the game and only showed the pictures of the new skins. On the other hand, the Weibo channel for LOL revealed the first images of the spirit blossom skins, and they have added some new skins as well. The new skins are Spirit Blossom Thresh, Spirit Blossom Teemo, Spirit Blossom Vayne, and Spirit Blossom Yassuo. 

Release date 

Many fans are patiently waiting for the release of this beautiful and shy fawn. And, the developers of the LOL game have already provided its release date. So the fans are holding their horses. Lillia will be arriving in the League of Legends game with a kickoff for the Spirit Blossom festival, which will take place on July 22nd, 2020. Apart from that, Riot games have also released their latest patch note for the LOL game is 10.14, which you can opt for through their official website. Moreover, the developers have also said that they will keep all the games and fans updated if any other new feature or updates get released later.

Wrapping Up!

Are you interested and excited to play this new LOL character? Lillia is one of the latest additions to the LOL family. And it is one of the most highly advanced game characters. You will come across all the abilities and get the opportunity to take part in a new storyline. So, if you want to know more about this character and the quests and storyline, stay updated with the LOL website. You can also receive updates from their YouTube channel, and don’t forget to watch the trailer of this game! The fun and excitement will surely transport you to a different world altogether!

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