Want to master the Hearthstone eSport tournament? These are the top things to keep in mind

eSport tournament

Do you know why Hearthstone is considered one of the most challenging tournaments in the history of eSports? Well! This battleground game does not require only gaming skills but also mental fitness when it comes to building unique strategies to tackle impossible challenges in the game. For those who have not pursued it before, let us tell you, the game does not give you the freedom to pick your own hero only technically. When you enter the game, you can see 30 cards settled in a strategic manner. You and your opponent pick a card. To the reader’s surprise, each card has a different hero allotted to it. Henceforth, the card picks a player for you. And obviously, you pick a card. But, it is not that easy. Each hero in the gameplay comes with a unique set of abilities and weapons. However, you also have to deal with the disadvantage that comes with each hero. 

Today we brought you a brief guide on things to keep in mind while playing Hearthstone. So, without any further discussion about the plot, let’s get started: 

#1: Which hero should you pick in Hearthstone? 

As mentioned before, in Hearthstone, technically, you can only pick a card. You cannot pick a hero for yourself. However, with time when you obtain experience in the game, you get the hang of picking cards and attaining heroes who are best or at least above average. Thus, when it comes to Hearthstone, we recommend that you keep playing for the best experience. As you complete multiple battles with victory on your side, you will unlock different heroes who are better than what you had available earlier. 

It is also crucial to note that if you want to enter a Hearthstone eSport tournament someday, we recommend you to not stick with one hero. For example, many players master one or two heroes, which are best. But, in eSport international games, if you get a hero who is unfamiliar to you, you will definitely face defeat. 

#2: Buy minions in place of Vulgar Homunculus

The most amazing part of Hearthstone esports is that it gives a choice to the player at every stage. For example, you can either pick minions. Or, you can pick Vulgar Homunculus. For example, Vulgar Homunculus comes with 4 heath, two attacks, and the ability to deal with the damage, taunting, and battlecry. In comparison, Minions come with some special abilities like poison, using which a minion can kill any other damaged minion for sure. Additionally, it has stealth ability using which a minion remains shielded from any type of witchery attack. Thus, the minion is definitely a better pick over Vulgar Homunculus. 

Yet, if you have exclusive gaming skills that allow you to use Vulgar Homunculus at your best, then go ahead. Be unique in the crowd of minions. 

#3: Predict your opponent’s current state

In Hearthstone, your major fight is against the hero you are on a battleground with. Thus, do not waste your time targeting his additional picks. Instead, craft an estimate on how weak or strong he could be? For example, let’s suppose the opposite player is at taraven four-level. It means that he is probably weak and on the verge of defeat. Thus, your first instinct should be to attack at your best. It is most crucial that you do not use your best weapons on an opponent whom you think is already weak and will die with a single push. 

In comparison, let’s suppose you are against Millhouse Manastorm, who is on the verge of nine gold turns and level five taraven. At this point, you should not think and simply raise a taraven to kill. Because this is an extreme situation where you must either kill or give away your entire performance. 

#4: Keep predicting your opponent’s next move

Last but not least, in Hearthstone, meta rank plays a significant role. If you are a newbie in the game, you may not know the uses of meta rank. To begin with, when you enter the game, you encounter a 30 card deck. Each card has a meta over it. Using this meta, you can easily pick a hero of your choice. That is why most players in eSport made it easy to choose the hero of their choice. But, picking the hero of your choice is not sufficient. When you play the game, keep observing which hero uses which move at what type of challenge. In the long run, this strategy will help you build the strongest instinct about your opponent’s next move. 

What’s next? Well! Download Hearthstone and get on the journey of winning eSport games online now. There’s no tomorrow. 


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